Resound 3D/Beltone Legends or Costco KS6 or Resound Cala

I have 2 recent hearing tests, one from Costco and one from Hearing Aid Solutions using a local Beltone office. Both have indicated a mild to moderate hearing loss, particularly in the high tones. The hearing aid specialist in the local office seemed much more knowledgeable than the Costco representative, but both were ok.

With the Hearing Aid Solutions discount, i could purchase the Resound Linx 3D 7 or the Beltone Legend 9 for about $500 more than the Costco Cala and $1300 more than KS6. They also offered the Resound 3D 5/Beltone Legend 6 for $300 less than the Cala or about $500 more than the KS6.
The warranty is the same at both places, the local dealer would adjust and clean them at no cost for 1 year, as i understand Costco does that for the life of the instrument. (is this a big cost item and should it be factored into the decision?)

If possible i would prefer only using one firm to test HA rather than going to both firms.

Which one of these firms is offering the best quality, thechnology and value for the money?

Shown below are the results of my hearing tests. Thank you for your help.

250 500 1K 1.5K 2K 3K 4K 6K 8K
R 15 15 25 30 55 65 70 55 75
L 10 30 30 30 30 60 70 50 7

Nipick: Costco likely is selling the KS7. The KS6 was discontinued in Fall of last year. The big pluses Costco offers are 1) 180 day return period, 2)Warranty can be extended out another 2 years if you buy with Costco Credit card. Costco warranty includes replacement of receivers. I’m not sure if Beltone does. 3)Costco offers very good prices on accessories. Differences between hearing aids: The Costco Cala is a premium level Resound aid, but one generation older than the Resound Linx 3D 7 which is a mid level aid. The Costco one will also come with a free accessory (likely either a microphone or TV transmitter. The KS7 is a very solid hearing aid, but does not have direct streaming to an iPhone. It can do streaming, but it needs the addition of a $230 device. If you don’t care about the ability to stream to an iPhone directly, the KS7 is by far the best value. Costco continuing to do cleanings for life of instrument is nice, but it’s not hard to do yourself. Considering you could have the aids for 5 years or more, the free adjustments are nice if your hearing changes (and it likely will) My leanings would be to go with Costco. Indeed, that’s what I did. I have the KS7 with SmartConnect and Speech Connect.

Sorry, i meant the KS7. I am not sure how much streaming i would do to my hearing aids. I do like the idea of being able to change programs and sound with an iphone instead of carrying a separate remote around. Does Costco provide domes, receivers and wax guards as needed or are they an additional charge?
After the initial setup, how often do you end up having to go back to Costco for changes? Is it only when your hearing worsens? Do they do annual hearing tests at no additional charge?

Costco provides all at no charge. The KS7 doesn’t need a remote to have its setting changed. They have an app for iPhone and Android. I trialed the earlier version (Trax42) and it worked well. Sends high frequency signals to change things. My dog didn’t mind. :slight_smile:

KS7 has a free app (Connexx Smart Remote) that works with iPhone or Android that lets you change volume, tone, mike direction, etc. Most of this can also be handled by push button controls depending on how the aids are set up. Costco supplies domes and wax guards as needed. Mine suggests I come in every two months and they clean the aids and change wax guards and domes while I wait or shop. Receivers are covered under warranty. I’m not sure if all Costcos work alike, but mine scheduled a followup about 2 weeks after initial fitting. After that, it’s up to you determine what’s “good enough.” Hearing tests are no charge as long as you’re a member.

Thank you for the information. One of the things that the tech told me today was to check if the receiver is stainless steel or plastic, that he has run into ones where people did not remove the wax guard carefully enough on plastic ones and the plastic opening got to large to hold the wax guard and it got lodged in the persons ear and they had to go to the Doctor to have it removed.
Do you know if the KS7 is plastic or stainless steel or am i concerned about something that is not really a problem?

I won’t vouch for it being stainless steel, but it’s definitely metal. I’ve never heard of the issue, but I’ve only worn hearing aids about 9 months ad been on the forum a similar time.

I purchased the Costco Cala after trying both KS-7 and Cala. To me better sound with Cala. Offered free accessory of my choice. Picked Multi mic. When I arrived to pick up hearing aids was informed Resound refused to send Multi mic and sent mini mic instead. Mini mic free however kinda useless. Specialist said they are fighting to get me the Multi mic which has many more functions that I can use. That was 8/4/2017. Not Costco’s fault. they are the best!

KS7… You could simply use the onboard rocker switches.

Thank you all for your help and suggestions

It sounds like you have an iPhone and don’t need the Phone Clip – so that wouldn’t be a good swap. But it is a solid device for Android and a BT transmitter attached to the TV.

If the family thinks the TV is to loud or you have a hard time with some dialog, then you might switch to the TV accessory.

The above is assuming that the right mic doesn’t happen.

I do have an iphone 6 and i am under the impression that i can use that as a remote for some hearing aids including the Cala and KS7. I am not really familiar with the other accessories you are talking about, what they do and how much they cost. Without the hearing aids i hear good with both the land line and wireless by holding the phone to my ear.

I have had several hearing tests performed including one at Costco. The HAS talked about the Cala and the KS7 but he was suggesting that i seriously consider the Cala. He made no offer for me to try any on that day, it was a Saturday and they were busy. I have talked with 2 other hearing aid offices to get an idea of what is available and the cost and to confirm the hearing test at Costco.

I have made an appointment with Costco to discuss the hearing aids they sell and the lady that i talked with on the phone indicated that i could walk around the store with them on to see what i thought. The man that gave me the hearing test said with the Cala i can stream to the hearing aids without any other equipment. of course for that benefit it will cost about $900 more than the KS7. I am not sure if the ability to stream is something i would use regularly and if it really makes a difference in understanding all the dialogue on the TV.

I have a home theater set up and my receiver has blue tooth, i have not checked if it is possible to pair hearing aids with a Denon BT receiver, i have paired my iphone and ipad with the receiver. I also have blue tooth in the car with telephone conversations coming thru the sound system of the car.

I am sure its obvious that i know very little about hearing aids since this is my first experience. While i could swing the Cala financially, i would prefer not having to spend the money if it is not necessary to have a satisfactory improvement in hearing from the hearing aids.

I had a session with a local audiologist and when they told me the prices ranging from $4800 to $7000 (when i woke up, i found someone beating on my chest and giving me mouth to mouth :):)) had i not been a customer of Costco and passed the brochure rack a number of times, i suspect that i would have just gone home and asked people to speak louder and turned up the volume on the TV.

I really do appreciate the advice and suggestions you all have been providing me

You need to do some research… For around $2100 you can get the ks7 with smart connect and tvlink. Hands totally free cell and you own volume on the TV. Plus you can BT whatever you like into the smart connect.

Do you currently have any problems hearing TV? “Problem” would include anybody in your household who complains you play the TV too loud. If no, then TV isn’t really an issue. If yes, then streaming can help. I don’t think your TV will stream directly to the Calas as the Calas work on LE Bluetooth. You’d need a device connected to your TV that would stream in LE bluetooth. The Smart Connect is a device you put around your neck that lets you stream Bluetooth to the KS7s. I think it would let your bluetooth TV stream to your hearing aids. Both the Calas and KS7s are good hearing aids. From what you’ve said, I’d suggest getting the KS7s and see if they’re satisfactory. If not, return them within the trial period (180 days in US) and get the Calas.

Everybody in my family tells me the TV is to loud, my daughter tells me she can hear it in the driveway. I am now doing some research to find out if my Denon AVR-S920W can stream the sound directly to KS7 or Cala without any additional equipment. I am searching in internet, if unsuccessful i will call their customers service area next week. My hunch right now is that the receiver can transmit, dont know if the HA’s have a BT receiver that will accept signal



Sounds like your receiver can transmit bluetooth. Issue is getting hearing aids to receive it. Calas can receive LE (low energy) bluetooth. KS7s need SmartConnect to be able to receive bluetooth. Another option that works remarkably well is called TVears. I used it for several years without a problem and have only recently switched to streaming. For me, I can’t say that streaming sounds any better than the TVears.

I would suggest try the Cala first. It will connect directly to your iPhone. As to accessories, the TV unit will also transmit directly to you aids. The mic option is good for students, seminars, talking to one individual in a noisy situation. As mentioned you have a 180 day trial; if they aren’t working out, you can try another aid.

You really don’t have anything to lose. The $2200 cost is fully refundable anytime the trial is still active.

You mentioned the Cala at $2200, i was thinking the Costco HAS mentioned they were $2600, now that was a couple of weeks ago, perhaps i misunderstood him

My understanding is that the price of the Cala is $2600, as you mentioned.

Typo or mental gas…take your pick. :slight_smile: