Resound 3D/Beltone Legends or Costco KS6 or Resound Cala

Hey Kenji why gala first?

Sounds like his family could use volume relief and he could do hands free cell (like required in most states).not to mention any BT device with the ks7s.

Well there are more ways than having your necklace to get hands free. My car does it fine. Lifestyle may also minimize the impact. It is certainly something you are right to point out. Then, he can decide.

I do have hands free in my car which works very well, I can normally hear the sound clearly, so that I don’t have to worry about the vehicle

Well shit fire kenji as always you da man! Well an oz necklace or have an iPhone up your ass all day without 1/2 the functionality frankly i could give a rats ass which way they go but the company I would want squeezing me would not be Apple.

Well, I’m not an Apple fanboy. But they have the phone that works with aids. There is a simple, low-tech way to use it hands-free. It is called a shirt pocket. I suppose one could attach a lanyard to it and hang it around their neck. But then it’d resemble your setup. :slight_smile:

How you figure to listen to BT devices PC, tabs, mp3, etc. Any chance Apple might be behind the Android hold up? Tapping my necklace and saying call Kenji with the phone in the console or on my coffee table sure beats the shit out having any cell phone in the shirt pocket… Plus if the TV isn’t to my liking I can go to youtube, prime, xm or even the spectrum app and watch the games.

Well, I do have a Phone Clip but I haven’t used it in months. I got it when I had an Android phone. I tried it with the TV and my sound bar (with a feature called Clear Speech) give the same understanding at 70DB. I don’t stream so the PC+ is mostly worthless.

I don’t think Apple can be blamed for Android being behind. They did buy a company that does the hardware and did it early for the interim spec for BT 5. But the BT5 release certainly eliminate the advantage. What they do have is a mostly closed system. I don’t particularly care for that but the contrast with Android is there. Android provides the base software. Vendors revise it and install their own drivers. It is an unfortunate situation that leads to lowered user satisfaction and infrequent or never updates to the phone owned.

One can tell the iPhone to answer or call Joe Blow. I think that is a double click. I never use it. As to having to have the phone in a shirt pocket – I actually do that most of the time – you don’t have to have it there but can put it there to talk hands-free. Not a biggy.

The thing is that what you or I might think a great feature isn’t for another. So we can’t really say one way is the best way.

Where do you find a pocket protector large enough for a phone and all your pencils?


I use a garbage bag. It easily holds the phone, pencils and your posts.

I went to Costco tonight and tried the KS7 and Cala by walking around in the store. Certainly in 10 minutes trial of each HA its hard to tell, but I ordered the KS7. In 10 minutes I could not tell $900 more cost for the Cala in what I heard, but perhaps if I tried them longer maybe… They will come with a Rexton/KS mini S, 2 receiver and an open dome. The gentleman suggested that I try the open dome, he felt that would work the best for me. Being new to the whole process, I have nothing to base an opinion on.

I asked about the devise for the TV, his comment was that the KS7 had a tv program and he thought I should try that first rather than spend the $350. I have been reading on the web that moisture is extremely hard on HA and the article suggested a dryer. Costco apparently has one for $40, is that a good accessory to have and if so, is Costco’s the one to buy?

Thanks again for all your help.

Personal opinion is dryer is not necessary. Open domes sound appropriate if you don’t have much loss in lower frequencies. Trying TV program is a decent idea although it didn’t work for me.

I use a $10 dryer from Amazon. The desiccant in renewable in a microwave or oven. There are electronic ones that need replacement desiccant. Many have a UV light to clean the aids. For those with frequent ear infections it is a help. For the rest, it is likely overkill.

It certainly is a good idea to use something. If only to have a consistent storage device at night. Those in humid climates or with sweaty lifestyles should consider it a necessity.

I have purchased the KS7 and am now wearing them for the last 4 days. Obviously getting used to them and hearing some sounds that are new to me. I purchased the dryer that Costco sells which is reputed to sanitize the open domes that are used. I have experienced some itching which i understand might be normal and have started to use anti-itch cream. i have downloaded the app which serves as the remote control.
Thanks again for all your advice and assistance


UV ray is what hospitals use for sterilization, also some electric toothbrush devices like Sonicare use it to kill bacteria on the toothbrush. Don’t know if a plain dryer really has UV ray built-in or not.

Checked instructions - dryer has an UV lamp, which sterilizes (kills bacteria). Good idea.