Replacing wax guards every few days

I brought this up a while back and the response was spot on, because of the shape of my custom speaker, its difficult to insert without scraping along the ear, picking up wax. I am therefore getting wax into the guard and having to replace very often, sometimes two a week! By contrast, the right custom speaker doesn’t have the length or the hook and I replace the wax guard there about twice a year, no kidding.

Here is the left speaker:

Does anyone have tips on a way to insert (using Oto-ease solution makes it easier but doesn’t change the situation with the wax guard getting plugged up) that might make this less tedious?


have you talked to your Audi about doing a new impression and getting the mold redone. I wear Oticon OPN1 ITE hearing aids, I change my wax guards on average once a month whether needed or not. I have the tinny little wax guard pros and it is very hard to put the new ones in my aids. I have found that I can remove the wax gaurd from its applicator and place it on my finger and get it in my aids easier. The applicator will not release the wax guard in my aids.

Might try cleaning your ears really good before putting the aids in.
Root cause.
As cvkemp mentioned, the receiver could be moved in a new mold.


You may want to have your ears checked for wax build up and if there is wax have it removed. Some folks have faster wax build up then others but if you are changing your wax guard weekly have your ears checked for wax buildup. My audi told me that I should be changing my wax guard about once a month,
even if I do not seem to have issues with the sound.

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Thanks all. I want to reiterate this is just the left ear, and it is because the mold is shaped this odd way. When I had a more normal left speaker, there was too much feedback. Except for this issue with the wax, its working really well, comfortable and no feedback.
I have no issues with the right side, and my audi has remarked at the dearth of wax, so I am sure its just the scraping of the canal on insertion, don’t know if there is a workaround here.

Ask about have the ear mold redone. I know now is not a good time but it may help later.

Just want to say that wax filters can be easily cleaned and reused by soaking in peroxide overnight. I know a lot of people just throw them away when they’re clogged.

The ones in my aids are so small I wouldn’t be able to see them to reuse them

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I jodivac mine, try to do it before they get plugged.


I suggest cleaning your left ear before each insertion with a tissue wrapped around your pinky finger. This way you can wipe away any excess oil and wax from the ear canal wall and reduce the amount that is scooped up by the wax trap. You can also look into a consumer hearing aid vacuum such as Jodi Jr. to clear out the wax trap so you wouldn’t need to replace it as often. If you are having problems with excessive wax build-up, I suggest you consult a specialist through tele-health services. They can give you better advice after meeting you.


I also have a lot more wax in one ear than the other. Every time I shower and/or wash my hair, I have to be scrupulously careful to dry my aural canals very carefully. Every 6-8 months I put a wax softener in both canals for 4-5 nights. Then I need to visit my GP for an ear syringing.

Many people build up cerumen. I have very little wax but a good deal of skin flaking. Flakes are probably a little easier to remove from the molds than wax, but they can still build up and block the receivers. --Steve

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I had molds for years. They made my ears hot and that generates wax. The aids were changed and I was given a double flange bud. Much better comfort and less wax. Wax would firm on the back of the flange and could be picked off in the morning. Tubes were smaller and picked up wax but that is different.
Now I have new phonak aids with similar size double flange buds but all one size. No feedback, no heat, and much more comfortable.
Good buds get the sound well onto the canal, better than molds.

These are also known as power domes or double domes.

I have ReSound custom silicon molds. I have lot of wax in my ear canals. It hardly ever enters the receiver opening bores and almost always does not go very deep into the openings if it does. Any wax is easily sucked out with a (consumer) Jodi-Vac. I change my wax guards once a month but they always look clean. I found periodic treatment with a mild acetic acid solution (a prescribed medicine for a previous ear infection) loosens accumulated wax and causes most of it to come out within a day or two of treatment as a glop adhering to my molds (and sometimes clogging receiver openings 'til vacuumed). I will add links to this post or a further reply shortly when I have more time. I used to wear open domes, power domes, tulip domes, etc. but those did get regularly jammed with wax upon inserting perhaps because the flaps can be deformed, allowing the receiver opening to plow along close to the waxy ear canal surface. Since my molds are pretty rigid and the receiver opening bores are positioned at some distance from the circumferential surface in contact with the ear canal, they are very hard to clog, except when loosening wax with (in my case), a prescribed ear medicine.

Here’s a link to the medicine I was prescribed for a previous ear infection. I use it once every couple of weeks now just as a “ear conditioner.” A single bottle on my medical insurance cost $10 and retails for $38. There are probably similar over-the-counter ear treatments. I think it’s the polypropylen glycol base that’s having the wax loosening effect and also probably causes the liquid to adhere more to the ear canal surface and not just run out right away.

Usually things that require a prescription have the possibility of side effects, etc., so it’s probably not good to overuse anything like this and consult your own physician, etc., before self-medicating, etc.

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My left ear produces much more wax than the right.

I clean it out the old fashioned way which is no longer recommended by hearing professionals.

Before showering I fill it with hydrogen peroxide and let it bubble for two minutes then drain it out on a wad of toilet paper. Once in the shower I rinse the ears out with an ear syringe to flush the loose wax out.

It worked for me before they started recommending different methods, but since it doesn’t hurt me (YMMV) I figure if the method isn’t broke, why try to fix it?

Of course do that at your own risk.


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Think about it. Wax slowly works its way out of the ear. And everytime you put in your aids you’re shoving it right back in. Life is hell. But changing the wax guard every few days is excessive

After about 10 days I lost hearing in one ear. I thought it a bit soon for a filter change. I looked at the dome, two small holes, both blocked. Cleared that and job done.