Replacement Domes? Where can I get them?

I am new to having hearing aids. So far my audiologist has done all the wax filter changes and dome replacements at my follow up appointments. I was scheduled for one last week but it was cancelled because of the corona virus stay at home orders. The domes I have have disentegrated. I didn’t notice it until today. I am hoping the pieces aren’t stuck in my ear! Anyway, I have tried to get in touch with the audiologist but haven’t heard back. Where can I get replacement domes? I have Phonak Marvel m70s. Thank you for your help!


If your Audiologist will not provide them look on Amazon and also check the shop here on this forum. Tap the SHOP at the tool bar on this page

Click this link.


Try this link

Phonak Hearing Aid Accessories

I wear Costco KS8’s with power domes (closed double domes). If someone could point me to the correct brand to buy, I’d appreciate it. It looks like Oticon and Siemens both sell double domes. Yes, I need to figure out the size, but that’s a different problem.

Hearing Aid Accessories

They have accessories for GN, Phonak, Siemens, Starkey, Unitron, Widex, and Oticon Hearing Aid.

Yes, thank you, but they don’t tell me what kind of power/double dome I need for my KS8’s. Siemens? Oticon?

Phonak Marvel M70’s may be similar enough to Costco KS9’s that a Costco Hearing Aid Center may be able to provide a set of replacement domes. It’s worth asking.

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If you are handy, and your fitter is taking phone messages, you should be able to get domes either set on fitter’s doorstep or mailed to your house.

If your fitter is totally isolated—

We NEED a size-chart!! My domes come Small Medium Large. The fitter has a box of all sizes and it is easy to know one from another. (say) I only have one size in hand(ear). How do I know if it is S M or L?(*)

Other styles are sized 4, 6, 8, 10. This is probably mm. In many lands this is an easy measurement. In the US, some houses don’t have an mm scale in the top drawer. And a ruler is not a great way to measure a dome.

(*) Actually I have tried a S and an M, so I know what I want. But many-many HA users are now self-buying and need to know their sizes.

Something I did was buy a variety pack of domes. This enabled me to see what fit best and what size it was. Ordering was easy then.

I created and sell a 6,8,10,12mm dome on Ebay for air tube (not RIC) BTEs. They are listed as NoSlip domes. $12.00 for 10 domes. They are designed to stay on the tubes better than existing domes that can slide off with body heat and oils. Here is a link and everyone stay safe, Domes- Hearing aid open ear, Unitron, Widex, ReSound, Starkey, Oticon, Phonak | eBay

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Enter… ‘Phonak hearing aids domes’ in the Amazon search bar. Brings up pages of options most with pictures.

I have used and liked these in various sizes and depths, etc.

Actually find them better than my $80 custom Phonak molds which slip out after about 15 minutes in cold weather whereas these stay put yet are very comfortable.
And since we live in an area under stay-at-home orders I am glad to be able to resort to these without leaving the house.

Not in canada :frowning: but i found for 5$ 10 pieces plus shipping 5$. So i ordered 3 :slight_smile: