Changes to our shop for COVID-19 times

Just a quick note that I have approved an expansion of our hearing aid battery shop to cover some of the more essential products, that might be required while we all go through self-isolation.

Here are some of the categories we’re in the process of building out:

As you’ll notice, we don’t have a lot in these categories yet, but we are adding more over time. I more or less have access to almost any brand’s accessories, so really just wanted to know from the community here which products are in highest demand so I can get them added. Thanks!


Just added cleaning wipes to the list above. Sprays on the way soon. Also added Cerustop Wax Guards for Phonak, Unitron, Widex, and Oticon Hearing Aid

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Forgot to update this. We added a couple clear masks too. We have disposable and re-usable options, but the disposable ones are only sold by the case due to higher demand.