Remove hearing aids before panoramic dental x-ray?

Should you remove hearing aids prior to having a panoramic x-ray done at a dentist office? I’m not taking a single x-ray or bite down x-ray which I assume has no impact on hearing aids. But a panoramic x-ray might be a different story. Of course you never see any signs in dental offices to removes aids when x-rays are done of any kind.

I had x-rays done at the dentist this last fall, and I asked the same question, and was told there was no harm in wearing my aids, so I did and there was no issues in doing so.


Had one done with phonak hearing aids in. ruined the hearing aids they had to be replaced. They said there would be no effect but they never worked correctly after the xrays… I always take them out now if they want to xray.

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I take mine out for X-rays, metal detectors. I’d rather be safe than sorry & need to replace them.

I have never taken mine out. In fact it never even occurred to me until I saw this post. I did take them out for a head MRI and that made for a difficult test because they had no plan B for communicating.

Don’t know, the hygienist doing that at my dentist talks so much she gives me a headache. I take them out and just nod knowingly at everything she says.


Was required to take them out for mri. Never take them out for xrays.

I have no idea if it’s necessary or not, but I do it on the better safe than sorry theory. It’s not as if taking them out is difficult or time consuming - I pull them for haircuts, gun range.

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My take is xrays shouldn’t hurt a thing. MRI would be a big no-no.

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Yep. I killed my first aids when I forgot to take them out for an MRI.

I used to have to do MRI’s, CT’s and X-rays for an injury I had a while ago. Techs knew I had a hearing loss and made sure I took out my hearing aids so I wouldn’t damage them. Unfortunately, not everyone cares much about you.

If you think your hearing aids could be damaged, it wouldn’t hurt to remove it for a procedure and know you’ll have them when you’re finished.

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A while back I had the panoramic X-ray at my dentist’s office, and they had me remove my hearing aids.