"Reasonable" cost range for Audeo S Smart IX's?

Is there a legitimate place to search for hearing aid costs? I’m interested in what the “average” cost range is for the Audeo S Smart IX’s. I know my mileage will vary, and I’m willing to pay a little extra with a good audi, but unwilling to pay more with average help. HearingPlanet shows $2,899 and I’m looking at $3,100 from my audi for the aids alone (with free batteries, and regular visits, etc, but no peripherals). I just want to know if this is in the ball park.


Jim K.

Depends where you live. Are you in the US? Canada? UK? or elsewhere? In Canada, they cost me ~$6200/pair (~$3100/ea) and included the basic remote, iCom and TV link plus 2 months of batteries (4 packs of 4 batteries), a bunch of misc supplies (filters, cleaning spray and tools, 2 cases), 3 year manufacturing parts warranty and 1 year damage warranty.

Yes, sorry, I guess that would have helped. I’m in the U.S. Since the conversion rate is pretty close between Canada/US it sounds like I’m not too far out of the ballpark. Although, the remote, iCom and TV link are not included… Curious to hear from others in the US as well. Thanks for the reply.

Jim K.

I googled and found online price of $2300 / ear with local representation (audi connections). For that difference you should do some online searching.


Wow. My hearing aids come in on Wednesday and now I’m thinking twice about signing anything. Not that I’d expect to get that price, but it seems like there should be a little more room to work with. But then again, the other audiologist I am working with (I’m in Pa.) charged $2,999 for the Dual V’s which I believe are the lower end of that particular line and certainly not at the level of the Smart IX’s. I’ll check around and have a conversation with the audiologist on Wednesday when I go in. Thanks.

Jim K.

Now you’ve got me thinking about this. I hadn’t considered online given the heavy dependence on an audiologist, but it seems like there is a referral system or something in place? I just did a search and I can see some options out there. I don’t know how comfortable I would be with this though. Is this a route that many have tried here before? Any successes or known traps? I guess I should now go do a search in the forum on this as well…

In California I paid $2970 apiece for the Audeo Smart X IX aids. Remote and iCom were extra.

The audiologist working out of my ENT’s office in West Virginia charged me $2700 each and gave me a free PilotOne remote. My local independent audi in Ohio just gave me a price of $2200 each plus $200 for the remote. She claims that is her cost from Phonak with no markup at all. I actually argued with her a bit because I think she should make money for her services, but she insisted that she could sell them to me for that price just for the experience and training credits. Needless to say, I’m going to return the ones to my ENT and buy from my local audi to save $800. Finally, here’s a link the lowest online price I found http://www.expresshearingshop.com/phonak-audeo-s-smart-ix-p . They are $2245 each plus a free PilotOne at that site. You might have some luck printing out that page and taking with you when you visit your audi. Ask them to match that price.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I feel a little better prepared going into the conversation on Wednesday…

Jim K.

i just recieved a quote from my audi here in canada. For the IX the price is $8K which includs all accessories, for the V the price was $6K and did not include the TV link which is $250. I think its pretty hard to justify the IX for an extra $2K!!

NJ area $5,500 for the Phonak Audeo S IX with MyPilot, iCom, TV Link and 1 year worth of batteries.

I paid $6,500 for the IXs in Canada. This included the hearing aids, iCom, myPilot remote, TVLink and a 3 year unlimited service plan. This means that all visits to my audiologist are free for 3 years.

Sounds expensive but it is worth every penny!!! These are awesome hearing aids!


Er, sorry no.

You either misheard this or it was deliberately misleading. Phonak don’t charge this for any single aid.

In Australia the wholesale is MUCH more than that and our dollar is stronger than the US$!


You need to get a better deal on that: they are taking the mickey.

Just to add to the discussion. My audi is charging $3250 for the IX and $2200 for the V. Is there enough of a difference to justify $2100? Has anyone tried both the V and the IX?

Not worth the difference if you get just one HA. Many features are only available with two aids.

So worth it if you’re getting two?

The 4 primary features that a 9 has over the 5 are Duophone(hear phone conversation in both ears), Stereo Zoom( ability to focus sounds from both aids coming from a single speaker in background noise) auto zoom control (focus sound tracking without need to face speaker), EchoBlock ( improves sounds in large halls ect).
I have the 5, so maybe someone who has trialed both can answer if it is worth it. My audi quoted a price of $700 more for the 9 over the 5, so you may have room to negotiate if you pick the 9.

I’m in Southern Calif. The Phonak Smart IX HA’s cost $4400 and the iCom & Remote cost $398. The Starkey Wii’s cost $6,000 and the SurfLink & Remote cost $500. The audi says this is his price for the SurfLink & Remote. There is a 2 year material/workmanship warranty. There is a loss or damage 2-year warranty for the HA’s, one-time replacement with a $300 deductible per aid. In other words it cost $300/aid for a one time replacement due to damage or loss during the first 2 years.

There is a 6o Day trial and full service, no batteries. COSTCO sells 30 batteries for $3.40, so if I use 2 batteries a week that’s about $12/year for batteries.

There is an audi in my area that advertises 1 year full service then $125 per visit. He sells the Phonak IX for $3950 and the Starkey Wii for $4092. These prices are about what I’ve seen on the Internet without service.

All these prices are for a pair.