Re-pairing an Cochlear N7 and a ReSound Quattro to iPhone

This might be a two part question. Since upgrading to iOS 14 on iPhone, has anyone not been able to streaming to both ears with a Cochlear N7 anf the ReSound Quattro? It’s wierd, but my ReSound hasn’t been picking up diect sound to my HA ear, but I’m getting direct sound in my implanted ear. The only way to hear sound in my HA ear is to re-boot my phone. When I do that, I don’t get sound in my implanted ear.

That is what is causing the other problem. I decided to try to re-pair both the implant and my HA. Both the aid and the sound processor where listed at left and right hearing devices in the Settings/Accessibility/Hearimg Devices section. I can paieach to my iPhone, but only the ReSound OR the Nucleus N7 show, not both at the same time as was paired by my audi. I’ve seen only one post simiilar to mine on the pairing, but no solution to the issue.

Any ideas howvto fix this on an iPhone?

Maybe @Deaf_piper could help? :slight_smile:

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@debbie_o are you pairing your 2 devices simultaneously? This is all I can think of. I can’t pair mine at all, I go into the CIC to get mine paired as I have a 3 way pairing with the phone clip. As yet I’ve not upgraded my iOS to 14.
Sorry I’m not much help with anything IT.

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This attachment might help you.

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You need to have the audiologist pair the n7 and quattro as one system in Custom Sound.

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This may be off topic but I’ll ask anyway. I am newly bimodal. My android phone is old and will be replaced. I will probably buy an iPhone. My question is: are both processor and hearing aid controlled by the same app or does each require its own app?

Nope, different apps…

The CI and aid were functioning properly until the iOS update.

I’m running iOS 14 right now. I can verify that it is working fine…


Your photo looks like both processor and HA are on the same app? Am I missing something? I have Nucleus 7 and Resound Enzo Q.

It’s not an APP. It is built into the OS. This is iOS snd called MFi (made for iPhone).

Thanks for the explanation. I have never owned an iPhone so this is all new to me. I appreciate the help.

I haven’t seen this. I went through my manual and other paperwork provided with my processor when activated, also tried Cochlear and web search. Thank you for providing this. I’ll try it later as my processof is still in the dryer.

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The right and left were linked together after I installed iOS 14 under accessibility, hearing devices, which is what I’m trying to get back to. However this is a good point from ReSsound and might have something to do with the original issue of calls and streams not streaming to both ears at the same time. It does seem like I was having the streaming to both ears problem atvthe end of last week before I updated my phone to iOS 14.

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Exactly, until you unpair them.

Exactly, this the way mine looked before I unpaired them. This screen is found when you triple click the side button.

Custom sound Pro 6.1 has a new firmware version for N7 processor . Maybe they fixed the bluetooth pair issue in that release and that what i’m running right now…

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@ssa not everybody gets that on the iPhone… I don’t, simply because having a hybrid attachment I don’t have access to the master volume, bass & treble for some unknown reason… Which really frustrates the bejeevers out of me.

@debbie_o the master volume needs to be activated by your Aud, along with sensitivity, forward focus & Telecoil. Mine weren’t activated until about 4 month mark…

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Oh that interesting, Cochlear probably disables a few features in the hybrid mode to be on par with acoustic hearing component.

Bass , treble, and master volume is probably controlled by electric hearing.