Question - What is new in the phonak marvel firmware update?

What is new in the Phonak Marvel firmware update?
Did the AI engine get updated?
Did they fix the random event where the hearing aids are unable to turn back on unless you do a certain sequence?

How recent of an update are you talking about? By AI engine, are you talking about AutoSense 3.0? If so, I don’t think so. New Paradise aids use AutoSense 4.0. By the random event, are you talking about something specific to the rechargeables? That is one plus of disposable battery models is that they have a near bullet proof reboot process by opening and closing battery door.

Yes, I was referring to the AutoSense AI engine. I was hoping they would update the AutoSense instead of having us buy new hardware.

I use this video tutorial Phonak Audeo Marvel (not charging) - YouTube to reboot my Phonak Marvels.

It would be nice if Phonak provided a changelog for the firmware updates.

The random event you speak of is basically the nature of computers with software glitches. The holding of the power button for 15 seconds is basically a way to reboot the hearing aids. With disposable batteries, the same thing is accomplished on a daily basis when battery doors are opened and closed. Unless one is building critical mission hardware and software (and even they have problems) one is going to on occasion to reboot an electronic device. Turn it off. Turn it back on again is the keypoint of electronic troubleshooting. Firmware updates are usually to resolve technical issues. It was a pretty rare event for hearing aids to get a Firmware update like Marvel 2.0 that improved functionality. They don’t want to keep improving older models. They want you to buy new ones.

One of the updates did mention this if I remember correctly, not sure which one.

As far as firmware updates some manufacturers seem to have more updates than others. The Phonak Marvel 2.0 update was an answer to a bunch of complaints. Other Phonak updates are usually from new models coming out, like the Marvel Bolero or Naida aids.

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Good catch. Yes, that was a while back. Discussed in this thread. Phonak Marvel Firmware Update