Phonak Marvel Firmware Update

My audiologist contacted me a couple of days ago and asked me to come in for a firmware update for my M90R aids. Apparently there has been a problem with an aid “falling asleep” shortly after being placed into the charger and the result is that aid doesn’t get charged. I have noticed on occasion my left aid (the dominant one) has not been charged when I take it out in the morning even though it was blinking yellow when I placed it into the charger the night before. I’ve also seen some comments on this forum indicating others have had that problem. Anyway, this firmware update is supposed to fix that problem. Good to see Phonak is responding promptly.

Mine got updated last week. No issues with this firmware that I have run across.

Is this the “Marvel 2.0” update or something after that?

No this is a very recent firmware update release. Marvel 2.0 was a number of months ago.


I just updated my firmware a few days ago and the most recent firmware version is

I believe this update was only for the rechargable models. There was a bug during charging that caused them not to wake up when you removed them from the charger. I myself never had this problem on the old firmware.


Good catch! Kate and I both had that happen a couple of times with our rechargeable M90-R’s. :nerd_face:

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How do you know what firmware you have? The phonak app shows a completely different version. Checking their faq’s, I did come across the following info, but, it’s not much.

For Audéo M hearing aids purchased before September 2019, a firmware update of the hearing aid is required for making the advanced settings visible in the app.

May be conincidence, but I didn’t see this problem in any of my patients until after the 2.0 update.:thinking:

Got my marvel 70R’s in February and experienced the problem 3-4 times prior to 2.0. My Audi installed the update today.

Is there any further information on this firmware update?
I have Phonak M-RTs that I got in October. I’ve had mine go into ‘sleep’ mode and I’m hoping this fixes that. Do I need to go to my audi to figure out what firmware version I currently have?

great question!
I’d also like to know if there’s a way to stay on top of when the updates are pushed… do you just have to wait till the next audiology appointment and hope that they know about it?

To see what firmware you have in your Audeo Marvel’s they need to be connected to the Target software.

As far as keeping up with updates, the members here on the forum appear to see them as quick as anyone.

Does anyone know what the release date was for I picked up M90-RTs in mid October and I’m wondering if they have the new firmware.

I’ll answer my own question. I contacted Phonak and they said “Hearing aids that were purchased after September 2019 should already have the newest firmware installed.”

I also suggested/requested that the firmware version be available in myPhonak. They said that was conveyed to their development team.