Question relating to upgrading to Oticon Intents from Oticon Reals

Yep. I was just pasting in the message I got from my provider. One man’s height is another man’s tall.



which location this upgraded done. I am from Asia pacific region.

I am on trial of Intent 1. I have tried Samsung S 24 Ultra and it doesnt have handsfree calling. It works one way communication. Wanted to try handsfree on Android on S24 Ultra any config options please?

As far as I am aware, it’s not set up yet on S24 but it’s in the pipeline.

What is your opinion about Intent? Is this really a miracle or an ordinary hearing aid?

Intent my personal review

  1. Bluetooth Calling and stability excellent, Never before in Oticon line (tried on iPhone 14 Pro Max) Tap to Answer Tap to End Feature. Clearity calls to caller and listener.

  2. Hearing speech is very clear sharp all depends on how Audiologist configure lots of settings. Still trying more.

  3. Battery life is good 6 AM to 12:AM continous usage still 18% Left to die. Intent size is good to hide on ears.

  4. Still waiting to try on Samsung S24 Ultra.

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I called my Audi yesterday requesting an upgrade to the Intents.
The reply I got is that Oticon Canada gives 30 days after purchase to exchange. According to the Audi it’s a no go for an upgrade from Reals.
There’s that for me anyways,

This is the text I received after I inquired about an upgrade. They mentioned sound quality as not much difference. But of course I’m looking for better directional speech comprehension.

Reply from HCP
Of course we would be willing to give a good discount if you want to get new aids. That being said, the change in technology may not be much different as far as sound quality. I personally tried the new and found the Real 1 to as good as the Intent. We are currently doing “coke pepsi” challenges to see if there is a noticeable difference. Also note the rechargeable battery is no longer replaceable in the new units (intent).

Please let us know if you want to demo the Intent to see if there is a difference for you.
(the cost on a pair of intents is $6700 for self pay) We can discuss a discount if you found them to be substantially better.


@mstrmac Is there a reaon why you went with Real or wanting Intent, when your hearing loss is outside both HA fitting range:

Oticon Intent 1 105:

Oticon Xceed:

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It’s a business I get it. But 5 months into the Reals and I received a flat out no for an upgrade option makes me happy I also have the Costco Phillips 9040 as a backup set. I can exchange to the 9050’s within my 6 month trial. As soon as Costco releases them in Canada I’ll do exactly that.

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  1. Discreetness
  2. Speech Rescue works
  3. Scratchy artifacts in the extreme highs in power aids. I forget the technical term for this. As a matter of fact imo, power aids also use 105 Db receivers.
  4. Again discreetness is important to me.
  5. I’m retired. Don’t work in communication.
  6. They work great for me. On the phone, in restaurants, in noisy restaurants I use the remote mic and can turn down background noise to almost zero. In fact it is where the companion app really shines.
  7. I am a good lip reader
  8. Sorry to take so long to respond.


  1. I believe those scratchy artifacts are called Recruitment


Got Oticon Intent 1 with 105dB microshell detect moulds (no vents) yesterday with firmware 1.01.

My initial impressions:

  1. I could hear my wife in the car so much more easily while I was driving and could hear every word she was saying without having to ask her to repeat. I suspect this is down to the 4D sensors that is new in this model as struggled a lot with Reals.

  2. LOVE double tap to answer calls and hang up! Calls much clearer including for the other person as had a lot of complaints with the Reals and people saying the line was bad.

  3. Connectivity seems far more improved, richer and fuller. Even with iPhone.

  4. Sound feels richer and fuller. Felt like instant love. It was the same feeling I got with my Opns and did not have the same with my Reals. These are the hearing aids I should have upgraded to after Opn.

  5. Very cool with the charger. First time ever I have had rechargeable and no complaints so far.

  6. Moulds. Got canal lock ones and it’s the best fit I ever have had. No feedback at all. The speaker wire is fully integrated which makes it less bulky in the ear.

Will be trying them out in noisy environments today and will provide more feedback when I can. But so far, they are so definitely worth the upgrade over the Oticon Reals in my opinion.


It could also be the 4D Sensors in combination with the extra 2 dB noise attenuation that the Intent can deliver compared to the Real. It’s been said that for each 1 dB of more noise attenuation that you can get about 10% of better speech understanding. So the 2 dB should give you 20% better speech understanding if you need the extra attenuation. And looking at your hearing loss, seems like that extra 2dB of attenuation was put to good use.

It’s also great to hear that it’s worth the upgrade even from the previous generation Real. So you opted for the disposable battery version on the Real for some reason, but now even though you don’t have a choice with a disposable version for the Intent, you finally found the rechargeable option to be not as bad as you think?


Yes I definitely feel the benefit of that extra 2dB.

So far, yes with regards to the rechargeable option. Especially with the larger battery in the Intent and the fast charging times with the new charger, it’s no difference from charging my phone every night.

I did find constantly replacing the batteries on the Reals increasingly annoying as obviously having a 312 battery, they weren’t lasting as long as I was used to coming from Opn PP and previously NHS aids that had size 13. My lifestyle means I’m never far away from a plug so it was a no brainer to switch to rechargeable and I get five years warranty as well.

I am going to request skeleton moulds though as I am used to having full moulds. Just finding the canal lock ones a bit achy in my ears and also size 1 speaker wires as feel the size 2 is just slightly too long. But the sound so far, and the performance of Oticon Intent is definitely worth the upgrade.

I wonder how much the moulds are playing into the sense of a fuller richer sound? When I got mine, it helped with this last. and when I had the right vent blocked, the basses were boosted and overall sound for music was fuller and richer.

when I moved from replaceable batteries to mu current rechargeables, I was worried. Very soon I also came to really appreciate not having to change out batteries.


Not sure as I have never had domes so can’t compare. I don’t have vents in my moulds either so that does help.

so you’ve always had moulds?

Right, it’s important to identify all of the variables that have changed.

For example, I have a rave review of the Oticon Intent 2, but there are a bunch of factors there:

(1) moving from open domes (that I probably never should have been in) to power domes;

(2) my hearing aids were programmed using real-ear measurements— the first time I ever had that done;

(3) moving from one brand to another (Starkey to Oticon) as different brands can have different sounds, and I massively preferred the sound of Oticon even on a previous model I had demoed; and

(4) upgrading to new technology after 8 years of wearing the same hearing aids— a very long time to go without upgrading. Maybe OP wouldn’t have the same reaction because they’re coming from newer technology.

Yes. Always had moulds with NHS and now privately due to my hearing loss.

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While i agree that REM is an important step in hearing aid fittings, I have had aids fitted just by REM and i couldn’t understand a darn thing said to me. For me REM just confirms that the aids meets standards and that my ear molds are possibly correct. Then the real work to adjust my aids begins. For me it took an 18 month process to finally find what I needed to understand conversations even one on one. After my audiologist finally realized what my hearing loss required he just shocked his head. Correctly adjusted aids for me doesn’t even resemble my audiogram. The one reason i have stayed with Oticon is that when I get new aids my audiologist copies the fittings from my old aids to my new ones then makes the needed changes that incorporate the features of the new aids.