Question relating to upgrading to Oticon Intents from Oticon Reals

I recently purchased the Oticon Real 1’s, roughly five months ago, back in October 2023.
With the new Oticon Intents around the corner I’m wondering if there is a possibility to get an upgrade to the newer device.
I’m not sure if manufacturers do allow it within a reasonable time frame, maybe someone here has been in the same situation.

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Talk to your Audiologist. I had a similar experience and she worked out a deal that I could upgrade for a small fee. It was a win win.


Thankyou for that suggestion @Stargazer

I’m hoping to do that as well. I’ve asked Oticon to cough up the dimensions of the Intent because that factors in my decision.

My instrument provider just got the dimensions from Oticon, which was singularly unresponsive to my multiple requests for the information.

The Intent dimensions are: 25.4mm tall x 7.6mm wide x 12.2mm depth front to back

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I think it’s always a good idea to try to exchange a recent purchase of a HA that is about to be replaced with the new model, even if it costs a few hundred dollars to make the exchange.

The new model will pretty much always sound better and provide better speech recognition than the older one. Even if it’s only just a bit better you’ll probably keep the HAs for several years. So it will be worth the extra expense over the long run IMO.


the question is, will be possible to transfer the settings from real to intent?


??? How did you get past the twenty character minimum?

And…your point escapes me.

With genie you do have import export feature.

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I know but they are different instruments, that’s why I asked :slight_smile:

I am visually impaired (blind) it is a symbol I use to mark a conversation as interesting and to follow a conversation not sure what your point is? It translates into braille on my software and reminds that the conversion is interesting. My comment is above and was thanked by the original poster. Some people have to do things differently to deal with other disabilities than just being hearing impaired. Hope this clarifies your question and have a great day.


Welcome hopefully it helps.

My apologies Stargazer; I’m unfamiliar with that symbol. The last thing I want to do is make you uncomfortable. Please feel welcome here, despite my gaffes!


No problem how would you know. Just trying to explain so everyone can communicate effectively. :+1:


I posted this as an edit below and am reposting here as a reply for anyone who needs the information. My purchase decision hinged on getting Intent width information out of Oticon, which they’ve so far failed to do. My provider managed to pry it out of them, and the dimensions are:

25.4mm tall x 7.6mm wide x 12.2mm depth front to back

For me, this is sufficiently narrow to avoid crowding between my left ear and glasses which kept me from using rechargeable OPN S1s. I’ve freed up room with thin titanium frames and am glad I did. Once the dust settles, I’ll report on how I like the Intents. These suckers better be good!

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From what I can see, I could be wrong but just the height differs by 5mm shorter.

Oticon gives the following dimensions for the Real miniRITE-R - 6mm W x 12mm D (13mm D with rocker switch ) x 27mm L (not including speaker)

30 mm 12.5mm 8mm on Real 1’s just measured.

Yes, it is shorter, and wider than the Real model. It was the width I was worried about.

I’m pretty sure that “tall” should be “length (front to back)” and “depth front to back” should be “depth from bottom to top” or “height” or “tall”.