Question about Jabra or Resound With M&RIE

I have had the Jabra’s from Costco for a few days now and like them much better then the Philips I had for a few weeks before that. They are Almost perfect. The M&RIE receivers occasionally have feed back or make my voice sound modulated. I’m using them with a medium closed dome. I’m Considering trying the regular receivers but was wondering if there is a fitting setting I can try that would essentially Turn the M&RIE receivers into the regular Receivers, in other words turn off the mic in the ear and only use the 2 on top. If there is a setting, would it be identical to using the Receivers without M&RIE or can that only be accomplished by using the non M&RIE ones? Ultimately, I’m Curious if I can see if I would like the NON M&RIE ones better before asking to switch them. I have the capability to program them. Thanks

I believe they sound a little better when the environment Im in causes the in ear mics to turn off, but I’m not certain.

You mention a couple of different issues actually so I’ll try to get them one at a time - I use the jabras, like them quite a lot, and know some of the issues you are having.

Re the feedback - when you are fitting you will see a button on the bottom, towards the left, that says calibrate dfs. Sit in a quiet room and run it. That is how it adjusts the feedback.

Re the m&rie vs not. I have my all around program set to m&rie (it’s in the fitting advanced section I believe - not sitting at my computer ;). It is by default on all around. Using the default uses the mics on the behind the ear (bte) piece and occasionally the m&rie. The m&rie setting uses primarily the m&rie and makes for exceptional wind noise reduction. However, watch the results in the calibration as if it goes too far into the gain levels it’ll stop being as effective. I know this is a long thread but lots of good stuff on the jabra and m&rie.

Re the streaming audio - when you stream it turns off the m&rie and goes to the mics in the bte. In the settings by default it lowers the mics when using them. I changed it to stay the same, but that’s a personal preference.

Re turning the m&rie off - the normal setting doesn’t use the m&rie much but I don’t know of a setting to turn it off.

Good luck!

Thanks for the information. The audiologist did do the calibration. Not sure if it was the DFS calibrate you are referring to or if it is different. Guessing the same. The graph did come back showing a pretty high feedback risk. He said he normally likes to see a bigger space. He tried many different domes with no change. I haven’t connected them to my computer yet because I wanted to give the Audiologist’s settings a try first. I go back to see him in a week and was really wanting to start self programing after that. I love the sound of the m&rie and the feed back is not all the time. I noticed today that when Im in the car with music playing the M&RIE’s are off, sometimes one sometimes both. it seems to work the way it should with all six mics turning on and off as needed. When I watch tv at night the M&RIE are on and never turn off, and the other mics never turn on that I can tell. The watching tv at night is really the only time I get feedback and my voice sounds robotic sometimes. Ive read about DFS Ultra 3 and think maybe that could help. When I look at resounds website they talk about the DFS Ultra 3 but don’t say exactly where to find it in smart fit. All the screen shots they use never show it. I think that might be the first thing I try to adjust when I start programming. It’s weird how the feedback and my voice sounding off only happens at night watching tv. Im guessing it has to do with the sound directly in front of me and quiet everywhere else. Either way I really like the sound and could live with them the way the are but I plan on trying to make them perfect.

Be careful about the perfect thing - I’ve only had HA for about 5 months and am finding there really is no ‘perfect’ ;).

As to hearing yourself - you will not sound the same to yourself as you did before HA. I believe it’s just the way it is going to be. That is something I’m just getting used to really…

Point taken, I should say as perfect as can be, which I would think there should be room for improvement from the first fitting. As far as my voice sounding different, it actually sounds the same to me most of the day unless Im getting feedback. At least I think it’s feedback. In a feedback situation, which almost always only occurs in a watching tv situation, my voice sounds modulated like if I were talking through a harmonica if that makes sense

Yeah I think so. May well be feedback. Your loss in the upper region is pushing the limits of the m&rie.

I think you will find DFS Ultra 3 is enabled all the time unless you turn it off and you set the level you want it to work in the advanced settings screen (it’s easy to find anyway). The recommended setting shows in bold but you can turn it up or down if you like.

Thanks, since I haven’t used the software yet, I was curious how easy the DFS setting would be to find. Sounds like it’s not hidden andI should find it no problem thanks. Maybe turning it up will help, but I fear I’m most likely going to have to switch to the standard receivers.