Purchasing older apple phone to pair with Jabra enhance pro 20

I’m a long-term Android phone user but find the blue tooth connection with my new Jabra enhanced pro 20 to be wonky. The Costco representatives indicate that the Apple phones provide a more seamless experience for the Jabra blue tooth. If I wanted to purchase an older Apple to save money, what would be the oldest version that I should consider?? How hard is it to teach an old dog? New tricks. Apple is a totally different operating system than what I’m used to and I have liked my Android phones.

Any model iPhone from 6s onwards, with bluetooth 4.2 running IOS 15 or later.

iOS 18 will be released in 2-3 months. Some new features will not work with older iPhones. If I were you, I would try getting an iPhone 14.

I was an Android follower to death; however, since I discovered I am deaf and have to wear haids, my research concludes Apple is the most friendly for people like me. It is undoubtedly expensive, but in the long run, it makes my deaf life nicer

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As a 12 mini owner, I agree that the 14 would be the way to go for a new phone as Apple will be updating it for more years. If money is the issue maybe a 13 or latest SE would work.

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… or you could try another Android phone. You have hearing aids that are compatible with LE Audio. LE Audio is supported on some Android phones now. Better support is due to come with the next Android version due soonish. Medium-to-long term, that might be a better option.

Some people take the “iphones have better Bluetooth” mantra as set-in-stone gospel but I seem to see a lot of people complaining about connectivity with their iphones as well.

I doubt you’ll have problems adjusting to an iphone if you decide to go that way.


Jabra Enhance Pro Compatibility

Try internet searching the above.
There you will find good facts about your hearing aids.
As mentioned, both android and iOS will give a excellent service with the correct phones.

Jabara uses Mif made for iPhone protocols and I have used several iPhones with my Bernafon also Mif aids back to the first gen Se to now my 14 pro. All have worked great. But if you want to use Bluetooth LE I would go with the 13 or newer. Or the current SE model. I currently have KS 10’s that use basic Bluetooth and will be upgrading to something using LE soon

The Apple iPhone SE second edition (sometimes referred to as SE 2020) is likely to be the most affordable one that remains supported. If you can spend a bit more, you could go for the SE 3rd edition (SE 2022). If you keep an eye on ebay you can find a good deal, but be aware that the second and third edition are quite difficult to tell apart and sometimes sellers make mistakes.

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Have you tried Swappa. I’ve gotten some good deals on there.

Here’s an Iphone 11se unlocked good condition for $176


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This is a two tiered question. If you want to hope Apple adds Bluetooth LE (Auracast) then iPhone 14 or newer so it has Bluetooth 5.3. If you only need mFi compatibility, then any recent iPhone will work. However, there’s a list of phones that will get iOS 18. Most of the oldest phones on that list may not get iOS 19. So it’s up to you to decide what you want to spend and how long you want to try iPhone before needing to buy another one so you can keep getting iOS updates. Generally Apple supports iOS updates for about 5 years, sometimes a year longer. You could also wait until iOS 18 is released to see what Apple does about Auracast. By then iPhone 16 should be out and the 14 will become less expensive.

What Android phone do you have? I have a Galaxy S23 and the ASHA protocol works great for me. I turn LE Audio off. I will turn it back on once One UI 7 comes out with updates to it

Then pixel 7 and 8 are known to work also. You minimally need an Android phone that supports the ASHA protocol.

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I have the Resound nexia 9 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and I work wonderful.
Not the cheapest , but the best phone I have ever had … Love it :smiley:

Comms WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6e, tri-band, Wi-Fi Direct
Bluetooth 5.3, A2DP, LE
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I’m another vote for swappa. I think they’re much better than, say, backmarket - devices in better condition at lower prices. My reco is to stay away from the SE 2020 or SE 2022. I use no cellular data most months, and I have to recharge my SE every other day. Also, after an update, I usually have to reset so that cellular data turns off.

I’m on IOS 17.3 with Jabra Pro 10s. My iphone is far from perfect. It loses the connection with the HAs at least once every other day. It separates the controls from one slider for both aids to 2 sliders. The mute buttons sometimes don’t work. But it’s way, way better than the Jabra or Resound app on my Samsung S20 5G.

Iphone purchase update. I now have an Iphone 14 and I no longer have the disconnects I had with my android pixil 6a. For you veteran Jabra iphone user, I have a few questions:
I am unable to answer a phone by tapping my right hearing aide. Is that only available on newer iphone models?
When I get a phone call, the caller’s voice comes in on my hearing aides, it is ear drum piercing “loud”. Is there a way for the phone to automatically change modes when a call comes in?
When attending a play or musical have you been able to connnect the hearing aides to the venue’s blue tooth? The last musical i attended, even with the hearing aides, it was hard to understand the words in the songs.

Thank you all for your very helpful advice.

Just to mention here that no iPhone yet announced supports Bluetooth LE Audio or Auracast. Several Android phones do though.

Also don’t forget that Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Low Energy Audio are two completely different things.


Used the volume control in the iPhone to lower the sound. I think you Jabra is set in loud so you have to use the iPhone to control or you lower the volume in the HA.

Using the volume control when a call comes in doesn’t alter the volume of the call. It alters the volume of your surroundings. You can change the setting of the volume of the incoming call in SmartFit, in the streaming tab.

Where is the smart fit tab? I don’t think it is available in Jabra 20 enhance pro?

I purchased an iphone14 from Costco offering a truely great deal, to see if the Jabra hearing aids would stop disconnecting. While the hearing aids, no longer disconnect, sound coming into the hearing aids is very shrill. When I switch between saved settings programmed by audiologist, by tapping on hearing aid, phone calls disconnects.

I am a long-term android user and I find the iphone functions to be very less than intuitive.
If I decide to give up on the jabra hearing aids, can you recommend a hearing aid that would stream more seamlessly with an android pixel 6A. I do not feel that the jabra hearing aids improve my hearing beyond that provided by my seven-year-old hearing aids. However, parts for the old hearing aids are no longer available so looking for replacement options. I know they will be more costly .

SmartFit is the software used to program ones HAs.