Programming the Phonak Audeo

Scroll down to see all the steps for programming the Phonak Audeo Yes.

>>Links-for-Hearing-Aid-Self-Programming<< may answer questions you might have.

This is my USB Hi-Pro. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My Hi-Pro is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My Hi-Pro, without me, is useless. Without my Hi-Pro, I am useless. :smiley:

Cable to connect USB HI-Pro to your PC

Phonak hearing aids use special cables (CS44a, not the standard CS44 cables) because Phonak has pins 3&4 switched for some obscure reason. I used the standard CS44 cable with this special >> DIY converter <<.
Standard CS44 Programming Cable (shown below, same as Oticon Programming Cable #3)

Closeup of [FONT=&amp]CS44 Programming Cable[/FONT]

Using DIY Phonak cable converters connected between the Hi-Pro and standard CS44 cables.
If you have Phonak CS44a cables (instead of standard CS44 cables) then don’t use the DIY converters.

The programming cable just plugs directly into the Phonak Audeo Yes.

Happy programming…

Just curious, do you have to use Target, or can you use iPFG to program those?

I programmed these older Audeos with iPFG.

Cool. Thanks for the info.
I’m considering getting a Phonak Audeo Q90 that’s been offered to me for super cheap. They were used for 2 hours, then the original owner (friend of mine) got something different from the VA. I wouldn’t mind having a backup set, and something that can help with my tinnitus…

I’m not sure if iPFG will work for the Q90s?? I believe the models in my example were older model Audeo Yes IXs that worked with iPFG.

Since I haven’t worked with Phonaks for several years I haven’t kept up to date about which models may need Target fitting software.

Update: I just read the >>Audeo Q Product Information PDF<< which said Fitting Software Phonak Target 3.1 or higher.

I’m probably going to jump on this pair of Q90s. If I do, I’ll post back for anybody who may want/need to know in the future.

I updated my post. You need Target 3.1.