Problem with Phonak Charge Ease

Good morning everyone,
yesterday I received my Phonak Lumity L90R devices for testing and I immediately encountered a problem with the Easy Charge charger.
I state that the automatic ignition is activated so the devices should switch on and off by inserting and removing them from the charger.
The problem is that these turn on as soon as the power fails (removing the plug from the socket) and start whistling like a wonder (obvious feedback problems).
If the power fails at night I would wake up with the aids completely discharged …
Is there any way to fix this without turning off auto power?
I’m afraid that having to turn them on and off with the push button the device may have a short life …

@filippo_s. : Yes. Use a battery to power the charger. I use a “brick” that gives me more than 8 days’ worth of charges before it needs to be recharged, itself.

Yup…this is a known issue. You either have to turn off the Auto-On feature or charge with a battery pack. Wish they would release a charger with a battery built in. Not sure why they skipped that.


If you use a battery pack, run a test to be sure it doesn’t shut off because the power draw is too low when they get charged, or else…