Problem using land line with new Oticon Opn S1 miniRITE hearing aids

I am a long time wearer, but just recently got the Oticon MiniRITE Opn S1 aids. I have had In the ear aids for 15 years, with Oticon Nera2 for the past 3 years. Talking on my land line has not been a problem until I changed to the open fit aids. Now, even though my Audiologist has added a program to turn up the volume on my left side, I can’t comfortably hear, and keep having to move the phone around on my ear to be able to hear the caller. Any suggestions out there to make these aids work with my landline phone or aren’t they a good choice over in the ear aids? My Audi said the open fits would better serve my hearing deficit.

Ask for a duo phone program which send the sound to the other ear like a cros type hearing aid. I have it on my Signia HAs. It works great!

Thank you for your reply. My hearing in the right ear is worse, and I am used to speaking on the phone using my left ear. Having to move to a different program while being on my land line is part of the problem, as I have to make sure my cellphone is in my hand or nearby, so I can quickly change to program 3. I didn’t have to do this with my in the ear aids, and am wondering if I made the right choice in moving to the Opn fit.

Does your hearing aid have a tele-coil? Is your phone compatible with hearing aids?

Have you tried positioning the phone so the phone is positioned over your hearing aid microphone rather than your ear?

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Thank you for your reply. No, my aids do not have a telecoil. Should I have asked for this additional feature? My Audi did not indicate That I needed it. Yes, my phone is compatible with hearing aids, as I have been a HA wearer for the past 15 years, and have been wearing wear Oticon in the ear aids for the past 3 years, with no problem. These new hearing aids are my first open fit types, as all my 3 previous hearing aids have been the in ear kind. I have tried positioning the phone higher, and it helps, but find that voice volume isn’t consistent, and more cumbersome.

This isn’t the worst of my problem right now, however. I updated my iPhone software yesterday, to the 13.3.3, and now have no Bluetooth connection. This is a problem Oticon reps are trying to figure out and resolve for me, as the over phone assistance did not fix my problem. I am awaiting a return phone call about it.

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I’ve had the same trouble with landlines and wearing BTE aids (Oticon, Phonak, ReSound), at points I’ve just taken them out so I can hear better on the phone. I think the trouble comes in with the ear canal having the dome, effectively acting as an ear plug, not allowing the sound from the receiver to pass through. Holding the receiver so that the ear piece is over the microphone of the HA allows the sound to be passed through the HA receiver thereby allowing us to now hear the caller. To find that sweetspot, imo, is a PITA, where I can, I’ve taken to using speaker phone.

Thank you for your suggestion about using speaker on the land line.

Not the greatest solution, but so far the best I’ve come up with for myself.

I have no experience with it but Oticon offers a “ConnectLine Phone Adapter” that works in conjunction with a ConnectClip and the OPN aids. From what I read, the Phone Adapter plugs into your wired phone line. The ConnectClip pairs with your OPN aids and the phone adapter and the two devices effectively turn your hearing aids into a wireless headset where the ConnectClip is the microphone. Probably an expensive solution if you don’t already have a ConnectClip.
I have a ConnectClip for connecting my OPN aids to a computer with bluetooth and a Voice over IP office phone (Cisco 8851) that has bluetooth. I find the microphone in the ConnectClip is too sensitive to use during a conference call as it picks up background noise besides my voice - I don’t know if that would be an issue with the phone adapter. However, the ConnectClip works well for connecting a couple of different Mac computers to the OPN aids.

As for your issues with 13.1.3, I suggest you forget the pairing of you aids in your iPhone and/or iPad. Then stop the ON app if you have it and power cycle the phone. Then pair the aids again and see if you still have issues. 13.1.3 seems to work better with my iPad Pro than the earlier versions of 13 did. My iPhone is too old for 13 so it has 12.4.2 and that seems to work OK.

Thank you for the suggestion. Actually, I am seeing my Audiologist tomorrow in hopes of getting both problems fixed. I will ask about the connect clip.

The telecoil picks up magnetic signals rather than sound. Some telephone receivers generate enough magnetic signal that a tele-coil can provide very good sound. I suggest you ask your audiologist about testing a model with that feature. It is old tech, but with a compatible telephone can provide reasonable sound for nearly no additional cost.

The ConnectClip and ConnectPhone might be viable but it requires you to rely on additional hardware that you need to pay for, maintain (batteries and avoid losing) and control.

A tele-coil can be activated on some hearing aids automatically by gluing a small magnet onto the telephone receiver. When you place the receiver next to your ear/hearing aid it automatically switches the HA to pickup through the tele-coil and switches the program on the HA automatically.

I do not know if the OPNs support this feature.

Thanks for your reply. My Oticon opn miniRite aids do not have telecoil, but I am still in the “trial” mode, so I might seek change to ones that do.

Keep the forum apprised as to your final resolution. It is how we all learn to appreciate different solutions to our needs.

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I had the same problem as you. I was using phonak CIC and was able to hear perfectly with any telephone (land line and celular) I trialed the OPN Ric, and I wasn’t able to hear anything even if I located properly the telephone near the mic. The telecoil didn’t work properly even as I put a magnet on the telephone. Many interferences and lose connection between telephone and hearing aids. Finally after the trial month I returned the HA and still using my olds CiC. Sorry about my English