Possible to use several Resound Micro/Multi Mic at the same time?

Hello everyone.
I’m new to this forum but I’ve been reading it for a while, it’s been really helpful for me so thanks for that :slight_smile:
Some background info about me: I’m 23, I have a severe-to-profound loss in both ears and I’ve been wearing hearing aids since I was 5. Now, my current hearing aids are the Resound ENZO 3D and so far I’m pretty happy with them. The ability to stream audio and configure it from my iPhone is really neat.

Of course, I still struggle in group conversations, especially when there’s some background noise. I bought the Resound Multimic to help with that, but sadly it doesn’t really help when placed on a table. However, I’ve found that it works really well when clipped on a jacket.

So, simple question: is it possible to use several of them at the same time ? And by that I mean, I don’t want to switch programs in my hearing aids for going from one mic to another, but actually I’d like all sounds from every mic at the same time.

I think Phonak does that with their Roger system but considering that their devices are outrageously overpriced and not even that good (I’ve tried out the Pen and the Select, their performance were on par with the Multimic and yet much much more expensive…), it’s not an option for me.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s not possible to stream audio from multiple microphones simultaneously. Only one mic can be active at a time. You select the one you want to listen to by using the hearing aid pushbutton, remote control, or phone app.

i am in an almost identical situation. i used roger system with my phonaks. i could have a microphone at 3 diff places. it was great.
I actually at one point wore 2 diff HAs hooked each to 2 diff microphones… I totally get it. :slight_smile:
i now have resound. i am limited to the multimic. the HAs will only do one at a time. i did get better results by adjusting the angle it was sitting. apparently the multimic has some sensor that allows a broader range of sound pick up when laid on a flat surface vs turned when clipped on.
another trick i use is to mute my HAs and just focus on the sounds from multimic. good luck.

Thanks for your answers !
Too bad it seems I can’t get the best of both Phonak and Resound worlds for now…
Well, I could in a way (I tried the Roger Select with its receiver plugged into the Multimic and it did work) but considering Phonak prices relative to their underwhelming performance, I can’t justify buying several of their microphones.

And yes, I know that trick :stuck_out_tongue: used to do that with my previous FM system, I’ll try doing the same with the Multimic and see if it helps.

And your solution of wearing 2 different HAs made me think of a possible workaround. Mabe I can set the program of my left HA to Micro A and my right to Micro B ? On my iPhone, it looks like I can set up programs independently for each HA, but sadly whenever I do that, it switches the program of the other HA too… :frowning:
Is it something that my audiologist can configure ?

Regarding Roger: I know it’s been mentioned elsewhere, but some people pick up the Roger mics for great prices on ebay.

I got ALL my Roger equipment including 2 x receivers on eBay for around $300, all 2017 serial numbers as well.

If you still have the Roger system, get the appropriate fm receiver from Phonak to hook to the multi-mic.

It looks like this is an old post, but I have to add this: my Resound hearing aids can each connect simultaneously to different multimics. I don’t know if more could be simultaneously connected, because I only own two. But two is good … I don’t have to switch back and forth via my phone app.
I don’t know the correct way to set them up … I just experimented by turning only one HA and multimic on, pairing them, them left them behind (still on) and went outside and out of range, then turned on and paired the other HA and multimic. When I brought them all together, I could hear both the multimics simultaneously.

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I’m not going to run out and try this - but I’m curious. Normally, a Multi Mic shows up as an option in the Smart 3D app and when you select it to use it, you’re “locked” onto that channel. So do your two Multi Mics both show up in the Smart 3D app and how does selecting them work? When I use my Multi Mic or TV Streamer 2, if I don’t select it in the 3D app, nothing goes to my HA’s. So since the choices in the 3D app are one item or another, I’m baffled as to how you get two Multi Mics to work at the same time (it’s been a while since I’ve used my Multi Mic but I’m relying on my more recent memory of using the TV Streamer 2 on Friday). I would naively expect two Multi Mics to show up in your Smart 3D app but when you selected one or the other, whichever one was selected it would only stream sound to the HA that you paired it with.