Phonak TV connector not working with new Audeo L-RL aids

For TV use I switched from RogerDirect Mic to a Phonak TV Connector but no sound is coming to my new Phonak Audeo L-RL aids. I tried all the options I could find here and elsewhere: my aids are paired and connector is getting audio (green light) but I get no sound in my hearing aids. I’m baffled. I’m also very old and only moderately savvy with technology. The RogerDirect Mic worked fine with these aids and I successfully used a Version 2 TV Connector with previous hearing aids. Stumped I am.

Firstly, have you paired the new aids the TV Connector? I’m sure we can sort this.



And turn the volume on the TV streamer.
This got me when I first got the TV streamer.


Do you still have the V2 you mentioned? Are you connected by 3.5 cable or by optical? Is this the same tv as you had before when it worked?

I have the TV Connector v2 and l have an optical cable from the TV to the Connector device.
Has your audiologist add the TV Connector in Target software?
It’s possible that the TV connector is not set to automatic.
I have me set to automatic.

What program does the app say your aids are in when trying to stream? And is there a tv connector + mics program available to switch to, when trying to stream, assuming you’re still in automatic??


Hmmm. Maybe we’re on to something here. What App would that be? I don’t have “a tv connector + mics program available to switch to”, like I do with the RogerDirect mic and its corresponding Phonak App (there are actually 2 Apps). I did successfully use the same model Phonak TV connector for two years with Costco hearing aids, but I can’t remember whether there was an accompanying App. That’s because the little gremlins that infltrated my hearing also left some holes in my long term memory.

I’m not sure about this question. When I met with the VA audiologist this week she said she should change my phone from automatic to manual (to solve a problem with it flipping back and forth continuously from automatic to TV when I left the TV room–that’s why I asked for the separate TC Connector so my wife could wear the RogerDirect all the time and I could have a separate TV device). I know the Audiologist fiddled with my phone settings, but when I got home the RogerDirect mic worked fine just as it has for two months. When I replaced the RogerDirect mic with the Phonak V2 TV Connector and paired my hearing aids, I got no sound despite the green light on the Connector indicating it was receiving an audio signal from the TV.

It is a brand new V2 TV Connector that I got from the VA this week, same as I used successfully last year with a older pair of Costco hearing aids. Same TV with connection by optical cable. I tried two different cables with no success and both cables work fine with the RogerDirect mic.

The voume button on the TV Connector has no impact.

The TV Connector does have volume up and down buttons but they have no impact. The lack of sound in my aids does suggest that the volume could be on zero but, as I said, the volume button doesn’t impact the sound.

Yes, they are paired. I get the little jingle when I do the pairing procedure.

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Does your tv have a setting to control volume of the optical out? So you had a V2 before? Does your tv have a setting to send Dolby out the optical out? Do you still have the old Connector? Might it work? Is your tv on mute?

MyPhonak app where you see what program is active


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A couple of things.

The audio format from the optic output may need to be changed to PCM on your TV, or at least try that.

The MyPhonak app will show the TV Connector +mic as an option, when it connects.

I have all my aids set to “manual + beep” for switching (telecoil, RogerDirect, TV Connector). I hear a double tone, when one of them connects, but I have to scroll through my programs (long presses of the rocker switch) to get to it. Your aids can also be set to just “manual”, so you don’t get the notification, but you may be connected.

Good luck

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I’ve been trialing Lumintis for a few weeks now. I had similar problems at the begining: the HAs had to be repaired to the TV-connector each time for use.

I think this was solved by adding the TV-connector to the list of addional devices in Target (your Audi needs to do this in his fitting SW)

It connects seemlessly since I did that.

I’m not sure its exactly the same in your situation but it may help.


And while there in Target it would be a good time to set how the TV connector activates in the aids.
There used to be 3 choices on this but not sure with these newer aids.

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From memory:
Manual with beep (2-tone sound)


Don’t have old connector and TV is not on mute. The TV has sound settings including “optical” but selecting this and other settings does not solve the problem of no audio to the hearing aids.

I don’t see any optic output on the TV settings that says “PCM”.The MyPhonak App shows five options at the top: Automatic, RogerDirect+mic, Restaurant, Music and TV. There is no “TV Connector+mic”, though that might be the problem here. I think my aids were changed this week by the audiologist from automatic to “just manual” to solve the problem with the RogerDirect mic that continuously swtiched settings when I left the living room without turning off the TV. That’s the reason I got the TV Connector, plus my wife could start wearing the Roger mic on a lanyard.