Phonak TV Connector causes hearing aids to chime frequently

I’ve read past posts/problems (2020) with Phonak TV connector but would like updated guidance to correct constant chiming. A week ago I purchased version 2 TV connector and it paired immediately with Phonak Niada UP aids. For a day it seemed to work as advertised and then things broke down. I can handle a TV connector jingle if I walk away from TV or re-enter TV room, though I doubt aid connector is set up that way. But lets cut to the chase. With the TV turned off and the TV connector showing no power/off I’m getting TV connector chimes inside and outside the house. Walking up stairs my HA chimes, with TV/Connector turned off. So I reset TV connector and still have problem. I also turned TV connector off, opened HA battery doors and then turned aids back on. Problem still persists. This is with TV off and connector displaying no lights, since the connector turns off when TV turns off.

I used the toslink connector for audio and the USB cable for power on and off, when TV goes on and off. I can live walking various distances from on TV/on connector and still hear TV, though it seems I can be several rooms away and still hearing TV. Can live with that but the constant chiming, jingle I get many times a day with TV off, connector (on lights on) off is maddening. I shouldn’t have to repair my aids for this issue to correct though as I said I’ve done that already with no success.

So is the Phonak TV connector faulty or the stream connection faulty, since I don’t believe this is a HA problem. I also should mention I have no other streaming devices/BT devices in home - just TV connector. I also should mention that many times now I walk away TV after turning off - yet sometimes my aids still stay in TV connector mode and don’t revert back to autosense. In fact many times now I’m not even sure if I’m in autosense mode or TV connect mode - with TV/connector turned off.
I have also gone into iPhone phonak my-connect and silenced the (speaker icon) but that just turns off all incoming sound from TV. So I see no way to turn off or eliminate TV notification chime.

The TV connector works pretty well when watching TV, though there seems to be some serious sound changes (louder or softer) when changing channels. But that’s probably due to the channel/show I’m watching (volume setting) versus the connector or Phonak aids. But when I turn TV off I want my aids to immediately revert to autosense and not stay in TV-connect mode. And I also want my aids to stay silent with TV off, versus 50 to 100 TV-connector chimes a day. Any assistance is Appreciated.

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This almost sounds like some sort of notifications coming from the phone as well as the TV connector. Some sort of Bluetooth signal over riding the AutoSense.

You have a fine set of aids, I really doubt they are the issue.
You might try going through all your phone apps and see what’s actually sending notifications. Close unused apps. Minimize the apps to only the ones you really need.

Your aids can be set up in three TV connector modes. Two are manual and one is automatic. I preferred the manual.

Good luck

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Hi @stevemink, I have the exact same set up, including Naida Paradise BTE, I have 2 of these TV connectors, 1 on my iMac :desktop_computer: connected via the 3.5 audio out plug, and the other to my TV via the optical out… If I forget to physically switch the TV connector off, even if the iMac or TV is off, via the button on top of the connector, it will continue to chime away at me, you must physically switch it off! The TV connector light glows green when streaming audio, it has a faint white light whilst awaiting a signal, hold down the button until the the light goes off, you will hear the chimes in your aids, that’s it off, I hope this helps, cheers Kev :wink:

No unfortunately this is 100% related to installation/operation of Phonak TV connector. I did not use iPhone for phone conversation and receive very few text’s. My phone over the last two days (I’ve used the TV connector received zero phone calls and two text). Oh also have zero Apps on my phone - so that really simplifies things other than MyPhonak app.

I just sat outside today on deck which is probably 12’ or so away from interior TV. First time sitting outside with Phonak TV connector installed. So while talking with my wife my aids chimed/jingles 5 times. And that’s being outside with TV off - TV connector supposedly off. And I did check iPhone - no calls - no text.

Oh I’m pleased with my new Phonak Up aids but not pleased with the erratic notification connection between TV connector and aids. Question - can I go into my iPhone Bluetooth setting and some how silence warning sounds related to TV connector? Using “MyPhonak App” to correct this ongoing problem does not seem possible since I don’t see any source to silence all these repeated warning sounds.

In any case others in 2020 had serious complaints regarding TV connector continued warning chimes. Also I’ve been wearing new aids for six weeks with zero chime warning sounds, other then when changing different programs, turning aids on and off and maybe a text notification. But after connecting Phonak connector to TV - its ding, ding, ding all day/night.

Also when I walk some distance from TV (TV off - on - either way) my aids are chiming when I get outside the BT or TV connection limit. Like I really need to know I’m outside TV sound broadcasting limits - when TV is off. And like I said earlier - sometimes you don’t know what program your in since TV-connect program does not always transfer to Autosense when TV is turned off.

Question Raudrive - Not sure how exactly I switch to manual - but are you saying I need to click on my aid rocker switch to go back and forth from Autosense to TV-Connect? Why go that route since the whole idea spending $200 was to have Sony remote control activate TV which activates TV-aid-Connect. Then when I shut off Sony TV - aids should revert back to autosense immediately. I’ll spend a few more day/week working on this but if constant chiming does not stop - TV connector is heading back to Phonak for a full refund.

For what it is worth… I also have the Phonak tv connector. It is connected via the toslink cable. It is also powered from the wall wart … so I leave it on all the time as it uses very little powers when idle. When the TV is turned on it automatically starts streaming to my Paradise 90Rs until I later turn the TV off. I get no chime at any time and if memory serves, whether you get a chime or not is configured by the audiologist in their fitting software.

This all works completely seemlessly for me with no hassle.So it can be done! Good luck.

Kevel - thanks for suggestions. Now when I turn off my two year old $$$ Sony TV the “rear end of the TV connector” shows no lights on. Also I hear no tone warning in my aids when TV is turned off.

Now when we say “on and off button” for the TV connector - its really not a button but a diagrammed small circle you press on. Rather odd since there is nothing to depress but “you’re saying” push down on the connect/disconnect location (center of connector) and that should end all this crazy ding, ding, ding. So now (unfortunately) its turn TV off with remote control and then walk over to TV and physically depress connector to shut off.

So next question. When I want to turn TV on and listen to sound, do I also have to push down on TV connector button to restart? Something is starting to tell me physically pushing down on TV connector day in day out every time I turn TV on and off is going to wear out this little piece of plastic. Oh well thanks for advice and I’ll probably go the route you suggested to quiet things down.

Thanks for the reply.
Most who have the TV connector really like it. I suspect it may be faulty.
Ask your fitter about the different TV connector modes and how they work. As mentioned, I preferred manual. You may too.

You are welcome @stevemink… Yeah that is exactly the method I use, hold down the circle to switch off, hold down to switch back on :wink:

Guys - just to make sure if I go the manual route. Should I be pushing down on the power button which is located on top of the TV connector or should I push on the connect button which is on the side of the TV connector?

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Does this USB port stay powered up all the time? Mine powers down when the TV is turned off.

Correct @stevemink :wink:

Mines stays on unless I physically switch it off @Raudrive :wink:

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Gee can’t answer that except that I spent $2000 on this Sony TV and its top of the line. When I went to connect the USB cord there were two slots - both not used. I picked slot A. Then I connected the toslink connector in its own special slot. Phonak manual or should I say previous posts for 2020 said simply turn TV on Turns TV connector on - Bingo. Then turning TV off - turns TV connector off. Sounds great. But for some reason my TV connector is still alive and sending me (sounds) when it should be dead and sleeping or something. I chose not to use the power adapter since it seems the TV can provide power through the USB port. Thanks again for all the suggestions.


Yeah @stevemink, I have my TV Connector wired vie an adapter, and not physically attached via USB to either my iMac or TV, this is for my own personal preference, I watch a lot of sport on both, and most of the time I prefer to watch in silence, as some commentators annoy the hell out of me :rofl: if I want to listen I physically switch on or off… Your actual TV must be still running your USB live whilst it is on standby mode… But, hopefully you now have a workaround :wink:

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I set mine up for manual. I wasn’t crazy about it automatically taking over.

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Don’t worry. This is a touch-button. It is not working mechanically. Therefore there will be no wear and tear at all!

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Thank you @sterei for that information, I was physically pushing it :rofl: :upside_down_face: :joy: I suppose it makes sense that it’s a touch button, not that that occurred to me :rofl: much obliged…… Cheers Kev :wink:

Your tv connector is not powering off. It could not cause a ding without power. Many TV USB ports keep power on even with the tv off. I worked around this by using my Amazon Echo eco system with a smart plug to turn off the connector. I use the same routine to power the tv on and off using Alexa and it turns off power to the smart plug turning off the tv connector also. Works for me.

I had basically the same problem, if I walked more than about 5 feet away from the living room it would chìme and the again when you walk back in. To fix it I had the fitter disconnect the auto-connect and make it a manual selection on the hearing aid. My major problem was all the noise or hissing on the TV Connector when watching TV or listening to music, it was much more noticeable during a somewhat quite music passage or simple conversation on the TV. With your new TV does it have Bluetooth as most newer one do nowadays, if that’s the case you may not need the TV Connector and just pair your HAs to the TV. Just a though, but my 12 year old TV didn’t have that back then.
Good luck and let us know if you were able to get everything to your liking and how it was done.

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There is probably no concern about leaving it powered on all the time, but I am semi-religiously averse to constantly leaving power on to an electronic device for fear that eventually some component will fail. Therefore the wall wart power supply for mine is instead plugged in to a remotely controlled switch. I bought it on Amazon for around fifteen bucks. It’s simply a power socket with a short cord that plugs into the AC socket, instead of the wall wart being connected there directly. Then there is a small remote control for the switch; click one button and power is on, the other and it’s off. I do that at the same time I turn on the TV. Works for me.

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