Phonak Target Software Updates

In the Phonak fitting software there is an option to check for and download updates. More specifically, I am trying to download and install Phonak Target Media and Phonak Target Sounds. The downloads complete successfully but the downloads are not installed. On the screen prior to the download, there is a message that “Installation requires specific user rights.” Exactly what is this? Are Target Media and Target Sounds necessary for HA adjustments?

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Are you setting up Target as “stand alone”?

No you don’t need the other files to use and program your hearing aids.
But as Raudrive has stated you need to install Phonak target in “stand alone” mode.


I don’t know what “stand alone” means. I have downloaded Phonak Target as an “.exe” file which I then installed as a program. The program (i.e., Phonak Target) is in the list of programs installed.


I think this is where you do this.
First page when Target is started. Bottom right area of page is a tab settings.
The set up is there.

The standalone means not using Noah.


How do I install as a standalone program? I downloaded a Phonak Target file which is an “.exe” file. Also, I think you are stating that Phonak Target has to be installed as standalone program before it can be used to program my hearing aids. Is this correct?



My plan is to use Noah Wireless to connect the HAs to the computer. How does one connect the HAs to the computer in standalone mode? Isn’t a computer connection required to program the HAs?


Noah is a client database type program for a business. Noahlink Wireless is a programming device. Terminology is important. It get easier as you learn. Use the the Target tutorials, Phonakpro and search this website to learn. Lots of information.

It sounds like you need to spend some time going through Target just seeing everything it has. You are asking questions you just need to figure out on your own. It is DIY you know.

As you learn more it will become fun and challenging.


As already stated, you don’t need those to use Target. I don’t remember having to actually install them. But, maybe you do. I just install the main update to target. They can be quite useful, since they have various sound situations that can be played to see how your aids actually do in the real world, sort of. My only issue with them is that they are rather large, and my internet fails to download the complete file. This is rather frustrating at times. There is a lot to Target that isn’t readily apparent. It takes a while to get the hang of it. After a few years, I am still learning.



Many thanks for the response. Good to know that Target Media and Target Sounds are not essential to using the Target program for tuning because I cannot download are install either Media or Sounds. On my first installation, I was able to download but not install. I deleted the program and re-installed. (I did install as a “standalone”. “Standalone” was identified as an option but there was no other choice.) On the re-installed Target, I could not download Media or Sounds. Again, good to know that Media and Sounds are not essential.

FYI, I also have internet limitations. For a download of any significant size, I perform the download between the hours of 2AM to 6AM. A PITB but that’s the way it is.


Do your Target updates.

Click “Help”-"Delete all updates… "on Phonak target, to delete all upgrade files that have been downloaded or are being downloaded and then try to download them again.
For Phonak Target Media and Phonak Target Sounds, I must save the downloaded files to the PC desktop and then click it to install.

Hey Champs,

Any idea how to download/get a fresh copy of Phonak Target Software

If you were able to get a copy of the Phonak Target 6.x fitting software could you send me the link. Thanks in advance.

Phonak Target 6.x, where i can download the Software?

When you check for updates you should get an option to d/l the media update. You should d/l that to your computer to a place where you can find it. It will be an .exe file. Find the .exe file and double click it to install. If that doesn’t work then you have a problem that’s beyond my ability to help.

Thanks for the input.
The following is a description of my situation:
I open Phonak Target and select “Updates”
Three updates are listed for Download:
Phonak Target 6.2.6
Phonak target Media 6.1
Phonak target Sounds 5.0
When I click any one of the three downloads, nothing happens, no download.

Again thanks for the input.

Al G

Target usually says the PC needs to shut down to update/load the updates.
Are you getting anything similar to that?

I get absolutely no message of any kind. No nothing. I have tried the updates with my anti-virus disabled. No change. Sometimes in the past I have received a message that “Installation requires specific user rights”. That’s it.

Have you shut down all programs and restarted your PC?
Then load Target.
Then do you see the highlighted little icon in the update window? Curious if target recognizes a need to update.