Phonak Target Software... Last try before I give up


zebras what’s the code? Isn’t the code for the software. I can’t understand why the NHS and Specsavers lock hearing aids, to me this is unethical behaviour. I wonder who they are protecting, themselves or the manufacturer when they do this?



Themselves, as in the chains.

The manufacturer such as e.g Oticon doesn’t lock their aids, but when a rebranded Audika aid reaches you, a brand of the Dutch retailer chain van Boxtel, IIRC, they have a lock. Somehow, they have to be very discreet when handing you that serial code. So it isn’t the audician, but the one who is going to give her grief.

On the bright side: Specsavers in the Netherlands never locked any aids I trialed with them.

It could be that it is a requirement of rebranding: That Oticon will not have rebranded products that are cheaper than theirs posted all over the internet as being the same? I remember that the Audika G500’s that I trialed got the chain more money and were cheaper than buying the Oticon OPN1 through the chain. However, buying the OPN1 at another chain still saved me 500€.

(In the end I ended up buying used Phonak Bolero B90’s for 320€. The retailers can’t beat those prices, however, it was originally bought at the same chain.)