Phonak Target Software... Last try before I give up


Is there anywhere to get the Target software? I have tried torrents, and everything I can think of with no luck… I already have an iCube, just want to make 2 small adjustments…

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Haven’t seen anything yet. My Audi, while a nice person, is terrible when it coems to knowing the Target software. I sit there and tell her what to click on and what to change. She gets annoyed at me sensing her own ignorance.

Without a doubt, if I had the software and the iCube, I can truly maximize these Phonak Aids. Right now, I feel I’m only getting 70% of their true potential.

For now, I’m resorting to making appointments at the audi when the Phonak rep is there.

Wow! Good idea to have the mfg rep there during an appointment.

Better late than never…Link

I’m just getting used to my Phonak Audeo Smart V’s. When I had my first adjustment visit, my audiologist wasn’t sure about exactly what changes would best fit my issues and called Phonak twice during the visit. She had no trouble reaching a support person and working thru everything. At least in the US, this support service seems very accessible even without a rep being in the office.

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Cheers Kev.

I too would love a copy of Target 1.2 software for my Phonak hearing aids and bluetooth. I just got my hearing aids about a month ago from the V.A. I love them but would very much like to fine tune them.

My audi spent THREE month messing around with my Audeo S Smart IX. I suggested the Phonak rep but she never took me up on it. Wasted 3 months and then I returned them to try Widex Clear 440 with another audi. I still think that with the correct software version and technical knowledge the Audeos would have been a better bet. Why do Phonak have to make it so difficult and why can’t they insist that the people who sell their products know how to do so?

Aye pbs

To the uninitiated and inexperienced Audi, Target can be a little confusing! Everything is in the initial set up and certain procedures must be followed or you are… up sh1t creek with no paddle:D

Cheers Kev.

Kev, you are absolutely right. When I had a Smart IXs and my initial audi was on holiday I went to another audi - also a Phonak agent - and he spent 4.5 hours - UNPAID! - trying to reset the IXs. He made a slight improvement but the basic problem of losing the focus if there was a second sound source behind you was still there. He got me to try the Widex Clear 440. They are a great improvement. He subsequently had a meeting with the Phonak rep about my problem. In his words “The guy would have made a good chewing gum salesman!”. It would seem that the problem goes right up the chain!

LOL:D I like the chewing gum salesman quote!

Yeah pbs, thank you for the kind words:D These aids are excellent, but getting a good Audi to fit them is nearly as rare as “Hens Teeth”… which is a crying shame and Phonak want to get their finger out! For my money, giving Audi’s little or no training, especially if they are not very computer literate is a recipe for disaster! My last Audiologist was excellent and a very genuine person, qualified in everything, including Speech Therapy, a Tinnitus Councilor and an expert in Cochlear Implants, but was frightened of computers and was unable to transfer all that wealth of knowledge to the business end, so I ended up having to show the Audi what to do! Suffice to say, this is one of the main reasons why I program myself!

Cheers Kev:D

Hi Kev,
I am computer literate - ran a large IT group for many years - but how do you get hold of the software? Don’t the mfgs restrict it to qualified audis?
I agree with you about extracting the digit. A pair of top HAs are pretty close to the cost of a small family car and how many cars would you sell if only few garages knew how they worked? At least the car companies give you a proper handbook! The downloaded user manual for the S Smart IX told you how to switch it on and off, change the battery and then 3 pages of identical diagrams showing how to insert the aids with different pods!

Aye Peter

I would not say I’m completely computer literate or anywhere near that, I learn something new everyday! I can and do build my own PC’s, but that is fairly simplistic stuff, the real clever guys are the software programmers, IMHO! For me and BTW I’m also dyslexic and a one fingered typist:D a PC is just a very simple tool and it is very difficult to break as mostly everything you do on any PC can be undone, the trick is knowing how:D

There are ways and means of obtaining Target, you just have to ask the right person;)

Cheers Kev:D

Hi Kev,
I had a meeting today with my 2nd audi - one of the Clear 440s was playing up. This is the guy who tried to undo what the 1st audi had done to the S Smart IXs. Anyway, out of the blue he announced that he had ordered another pair of S Smart IXs for me! He got the bit tween his teeth over the problems that I had with the Phonaks and just took it on himself to try the Phonaks afresh even though I was quite pleased with the Widex 440s. It will be very interesting to re-try the Phonaks set up from scratch by an audi who seems to know what he is doing.
Sooooo, my friend, I might just come looking for that Target software!!!
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So does anyone know where to get the Target software without paying the big bucks? I tried torrents and just looking through the web to no avail. That is how I came here.

Legally licensed? No.

Illegally? :slight_smile:

No one advocates the theft of software BUT, if Phonak don’t pull their finger out and either be more selective of who they chose to sell their product from the point of view of them being able to understand and USE the software properly OR, make the whole thing much simpler so that more professionals can use and understand the application, then disappointed end users, having spent a lot of money, will go looking for their own copy of the software and believe me, if enough people are looking somebody will supply it!!
My first audi was - and still is using version 1.0. My second audi called in the Phonak rep who was equally useless at even being able to discuss the problem in any depth. You simply cannot sell kit at these prices without proper technical support.


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Cheers Kev.

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This is really distressing, and indicative of why I want to try to set up my own aids. If the audi doesn’t know the software, it means, one, she doesn’t know the instrument’s capabilities; two, she doesn’t know how to make those capabilities actually function; and three, she isn’t up-to-date on the technology and its interaction with audiology. Why spend umpteen thousand dollars on sophisticated hearing aids if the person you depend on can’t make them work without calling tech support? You could do that yourself, in theory.

This is like being some kind of supposed expert on an area of IT without knowing how to use the software.

Sorry to be harsh but the audiology business is a mess.