Phonak Roger Select iN defective

I have a Roger Select iN that has gone defective.

I purchased this new in June 2022 and unfortunately the warranty expired February 2023. I found out Phonak began the warranty clock in November 2019 when they sold it to the retailer. I guess the fact that this device sat on the shelf for 32 months is of no importance to Phonak. I reached out to the retailer and was told it would cost $250.00 to send to Phonak for repair. There was nothing else they could offer since it was out of warranty.

I took the device to a shop that repairs cell phones, laptops, tablets and other small electronics. By removing 3 rubber plugs on the back and 3 Torx T-5 screws he disassembled the unit. I believe the battery is defective however I am not able to find a replacement.

The battery is from Intellect Pioneer Battery Technology model IP423030 3.8v 400 maH.

Last week I reached out to Phonak via the customer contact form and 2 social media platforms. I have yet to get a response.

I have a QuickSIN of 12 so I depend on this every time I go to a bar or restaurant.

Has anyone had success dealing with Phonak and an out of warranty product? So far I would have to give their customer satisfaction a zero.

My experience with Phonak support, for both in and out of warranty items, has always been very positive. And, any charges have been very fair. I am surprised you haven’t heard back from them, they generally respond within a day. Keep us posted.

Also, not sure what kind of. "retailer " you bought from but warranty should have started when you bought.

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I don’t wish to name the store chain, but it’s a hearing aid chain of stores owned by Sonova. I also think the warranty should have started when I purchased the device.

I will post an update if this gets resolved.

I have the Batteries for the Select… it is necessary to solder the plug to the new battery .
Some have the 423030 battery other have the 503030 (it is .8mm thicker than the 42) which will fit into any of them.
contact me if you would like one . Or send it to me and I will replace the battery for you.


Hi, just coming on here because my select has not been working. I think it’s the battery due to it not turning on when unplugged

You are probably correct … bad battery .

As you can see from the picture the batteries that I have do not have the plug on the wires .
You would have to somehow solder the plug to the wire.
When I do it I unsolder the wires from the new battery and old bat. and attache the wire with the plug to the new battery (very carefully :wink: )

You could also solder the wires together .

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Did your Select flash at the power button end red and then all lights turn green, then go back to flashing red just at the power button end and then back to green all over?

I bought a brand new Select iN for £65 but I can’t get it working.

Can’t find anything on line to tell me what the colours mean when they flash. It doesn’t equal to anything.

Can’t take it off charge which makes me think battery but then I can’t even turn it on when plugged in.

Thats similes to what mine does


I can’t even turn it on when it’s plugged in.

I can reset it but it’s just turns orange and does nothing else until I unplug it and then I replug and it goes back to the red flashing to green flashing.

Dos yours work plugged in?

No it doesn’t. It will blink red but when I plug it in it will either turn orange and blink a little then turn completely green but turn off when it’s unplugged.

Have you managed to get it to show up on the Roger Upgrader software?

Free to download and only need a USB cable.

Mine doesn’t show up.

Are you sure that the cable you are using is a data cable and not just a charging cable.
some cables are only two wire.

Same cable that shows up my other Roger so definitely the right cable.

@DeafAntifa I have some batteries. Will send you one if you have someone to do the soldering/installation or want to do it yourself. I was/am planning on playing with a dead Select but my hands are too shaky to to be responsible for someone else’s device. :frowning:

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There is a 52 page Phonak .pdf document online that discusses everything about the Select iN

Here is the link ===>

I’d like to buy a battery or two. Raylock1, still have them to sell? … soldering is easy for me!

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I only have a couple, pm your address and I will send them to you. I gave a couple away, but I still have two left. Not for sale, will send free. Glad you can use them.


Hope I PM’d correctly. Thank you, they will be going to great use by two seniors!

PM was good. will mail tomorrow,

I would need 423030 battery to replace it on Roger select, it doesn’t function when the charger is unplugged. I followed this forum and came to know that the battery can be replaced.