Phonak Roger On™ iN – Microphone Transmitter

Anyone have actual usage of these ?. are they any good ?

I think there is a general consensus on here that they are very good. Particularly for people with a severe loss and beyond.

In situations where you give the mic to your partner they are outstanding.

In situations where one uses them in a group setting with lots of background noise, the results can be mixed. Some report that the background noise gets amplified. Others have said that it depends on the balance of their hearing aid mics and the Roger On iN mics. If the hearing aid mics are switched off then the Roger On iN filters out background noise better.

I have a pair and can say that the integration with my KS10s (Phonak white label) aids is really good. When you switch on the Roger, the aid automatically jumps to the Roger program. There is no need to fiddle around and switch program.

I can also testify that the Roger has made conversation audible in a few situations where previously I could understand little. I would hesitate to say that it’s a magic device that enables you to hear every word in a difficult environment i.e. noisy restaurant + background noise with multiple speakers, but it does improve matters.


I am trying one out at the moment. I have the Select iN, but really need something that can help with the ‘party’-type situation, i.e. standing around talking to different people. The Roger On has a ‘pointing’ mode which I had hoped would go partly towards solving this issue. But as @glucas says, there’s no magic wand for people like me with severe loss.

So far, I have found it to be just as good as the Select in ‘table’ mode and ‘presenter’ mode (being worn by a partner in a one-to-one situation). I have been disappointed with the ‘pointing’ mode so far. I think, for me, the problem is one that @glucas also mentions … it amplifies too much of the surrounding noise. I will persevere for a while longer though, and adjust some settings in the Target fitting software.

The unit itself is a great piece of engineering, in my opinion. It is user-friendly and discreet. It’s easy to lock in whichever mode you want, and easy to carry and hold.


Yep, I have to agree with both your observations, @glucas & @Mike59 … Table mode is excellent, Presenter mode is likewise… Unfortunately, Pointing mode sucks! I suppose, “2 outa 3 ain’t bad” as Meatloaf so eloquently put it :grin: But, who said the life of “We” HOH, was ever going to be easy… Cheers Kev :wink:


@kevels55 I wonder if presenter mode works as a pointer? Probably not, due to the limited range (which itself is probably the problem with pointing mode … it having too great a range)

I suppose I have to decide whether the ON is worth keeping for its other attributes, or whether I should just stick to the Select. The ON is much easier to use, and it can be used in conjunction with the Select (as long as the ON is worn as a presenter by one person, and the Select is in table mode). Just thinking aloud, really … :thinking:

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I think ON and Select both go into presenter mode when used together. My understanding is that the only way to use mutiple devices with one or more in Table Mode is with the Table Microphone (Table Mic 2)


In truth, @Mike59 I have never tried my select, and the Roger On simultaneously… I also have 3 Roger Inspiro’s, alongside the Roger Touchscreen, it may be worth a small experiment at some point, I will wait until I have a few folks over for dinner, and link them all up, and see what what transpires… Cheers Kev :grin:


I’ve recently sourced both a Roger Pen and subsequently a Roger On. I’ve not used either in presenter mode, as I don’t really want to draw attention to myself.

They’re both “ok” in pointer mode, but better in table mode. Initially, I connected them via a Roger Neckloop (using the Telecoil), but for convenience, and further expense, I’ve installed Roger receivers into the NHS HA’s (not needed with iN version). I have to say, however, that the sound quality isn’t massively improved, so a standard Roger On with Roger Neckloop is a decent cost effective option for those who’s HA’s have a Telecoil.

The Roger On has an app where you can select areas of the room to be either heard, or not heard. This improves clarity and reduces Echo. The hearing aid volume changes to a balance between Roger On & HA microphones. Up gives you more Roger On and less mic, centre is a pretty equal mix with down more HA and less Roger.

Generally, in speech in noise situations, I find it is an improvement. However, it becomes challenging in a busy pub/restaurant, but as my wife says, that situation is challenging for everyone.

I feel I have to constantly adjust both my hearing aids and the Roger On to get the best, and I still miss a fair bit. Overall it’s worth having, and it goes in my pocket for the walk down the pub :slight_smile:



Many thanks fior all the info. Obviously not worth buying without a trial first but having difficulty obtaining trial.

@briangwest I’m not sure where you are based, but if in UK, then you can get a Roger ON (or ON iN) from F M Hearing systems ( They are very good company in my experience. Excellent customer service and they offer a 30 day money-back return. I am trialing the ON at the moment, and have a few days left before I need to decide.


Thanks Mike, looks likeyou have a good supplier, being resident on the Costa Blanca, Spain, it’s unlikely they can assist me. I will keepresearching.


Only really tried in the Dining Room, on Table Mode, with moderate noise. Works like a charm even with 6 to 8 people at the table.

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Like others have said, in a noisy group environment the noise can be overwhelming, But in medical environments, like my doctors office where masks are still mandatory, using the pointer works well. Without the Roger On I would not have a clue what my doctor is telling me as I rely very much on lip reading. I always explain why I am using it though. ( no I’m not taping you! ) Eve


I work part time in a woodworking store that is normally pretty noisy. It helps me with customers, but I always explain why I’m pointing something at them. It works great. I’m glad the VA provided it for me. There is no way I would have one if I had to buy it though.

So, I got my Roger ON IN and transferred the software into my Paradise 90s. Quite impressed so far and reasonable amount of reveiws and guides on Youtube. One concern is how to recover and transfer software if I upgrade to new aid’s. Anyone done this ?


Searching the forum shows you the answer.

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I am extremely grateful for your reply and the information therein. I have a need to return my right aid to Phonak for repair and am concerned that they may somehow delete the licence thats installed. I will remove it prior to despatch. Again, thanks.


Definitely remove it as then you know it’s safe.

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I can confirm what @Zebras has said. I took the 03 receivers out of my old Phonak Marvels, and put them into the Roger. Then transferred them out of the Roger into my new Lumity aids. Whole process took about 3 minutes.


Have followed advice and done so. Many thanks.