Phonak Roger NeckLoop Option for Speech to Text

Would I need to use an App like this for the Speech to Text Option to work?

The PDF from Phonak doesn’t state an App is needed but I can’t see it working without.

I know I can use the App without the NeckLoop but the Roger will be closer to the person speaking and the phone will be nearer to me so seems ideal.

I haven’t bought the NeckLoop yet so I can’t test it out.

I hope it doesn’t need Data / Internet as it would mean I could use my old iPhone specifically for this situation.

Right at the beginning it says you need a third party app on phone or computer, don’t know about data usage though.


Oh dear. I missed that part. Thanks for pointing it out. Hopefully it’ll actually work.


Altho apparently this adaptive works and doesn’t need to charge / use a battery.

Works for Speech to Text with a Roger X receiver.

Struggling to find it tho on the internet.

Turned WiFi off on old iPhone and it does work Altho I’m not trying it via Roger but I can’t imagine that’ll stop it from working without WiFi.

I’m happy that there might be an option for me.


Can,t find it on the web, noticed it says Oticon on it. What does it do exactly?

Where do you see Oticon?

It works the same as the NeckLoop but it’s better as the Roger X takes it’s power form the computer where the NeckLoop you have to keep charged.

This is for Speech to Text Option.

Check the last photo, its on the inside of the socket.

Oh wow, you got good eye sight.

I think I know what’s happened then.

A long time ago, I had a Oticon CI adaptor that used a size 13 battery and could attach a Roger X but I used it with an old recorder that hearing people could place near the person speaking.

Stupidly I sold it because I then couldn’t make out what people were saying on the dictate phone thing.

I had the CI adaptor way before Speech to Text Apps were around.

I wonder if this is a work around that doesn’t need a size 13 battery.

I’ll investigate more.

Glad to help. I did various searches using Oticon but got nowhere.
No doubt it takes power from the usb socket.

I am confused… Are you connecting it to the computer or the iPhone? It is not likely to work on the iPhone… You need a computer to take advantage of the audio input capability in the USB. The problem is iPhone only support USB flash drive if you use lighting to usb adaptor. the only mic you can use BT externally…


I want it more for my iPhone as when I use Teams for work, it has captions already. My work is 100% on Teams and not in person.

I would like to find a way for a Roger X to work for the iPhone tho as eventually the NeckLoop will fail over time.

May never find a way for the Roger X to work tho. Just thinking out loud.

In our R&D lab, we looked into this actually :slight_smile:

You really can’t do that with an iPhone but we have prototype for Android because we can modify the OS component where we send outgoing audio to a caption services and speaker.

Do you mean the Roger X and cable?

If so, I guess my only option is the NeckLoop.

i am not sure why you think having a neickloop would work…


As per my first post, Phonak says it’ll work with a smartphone and talks about lighting adaptor.

What lighting adapter?

It’s in the link in the first post. It’s works on a camera lightning adapter.

“Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter”

As far as I’m aware, Lightning is only iPhone?

No, it’ll not work on iPhone… It only supports PTP and mass storage devices unless i am missing something.

I might not be understanding but the PDF is in the first post.

They don’t say it won’t work on iPhone tho.

It talks about smartphone with lightning and what to do if your smartphone has USB C.

It talks about both.

But I might be missing something as well.