Phonak Roger MultiTalker Network: Roger On VS Roger Table Mic II

I have been using the Roger Table Mic (first gen) for a while now and I am having to return to the office for face to face work and have enrolled on a training course. With COVID, training is happening in bigger rooms than pre-pandemic. Whereas I found 2 Roger Table Mic OK before, I am now struggling and therefore looking to add more Roger devices in a MultiTalker Network.

I am looking at the Roger On which I understand is better for smaller groups but then can be linked and controlled independently from the MyRoger App whereas the Roger Table Mic II is for bigger groups but does not have the use of the app.

Does anyone have any experience of those two Roger devices in large groups? I’d be keen to hear your opinions/thoughts.


2 x Roger On can’t be used both in Table Mode.

1 x would have to be in Lanyard Mode and 1 x in Table Mode.

Phonak stopped it from working so you would have to buy the Table Mics.

Difference between first generation Table Mics and Table Mic II is huge!

Link is a UK link as I’m in UK but it’s a USA seller. Very good price.

You would also have to have 2 x devices to use the myRoger App to control 2 x Roger On.


Hi @Zebras we can always count on your input :+1:

The Phonak user guide for the MyRogerMic app seems to suggest up to 10 Roger On devices can be connected and controlled from a single app. Or am I reading it wrong? (I am suffering from an extreme bout of listening fatigue and my brain is barely functioning)

Also a Roger On is paired with the Table Mic II and then locked to presenter mode, then the muting/unmuting issue should be resolved no?

Thanks for the link, I am in the UK too! I will get the mics through Access to Work!

@Demerara What HA do you have?
Have tried Roger On?

You’re right. I wonder why my friend can’t link her 3 x Roger On to the App?

If you’re getting Access to Work involved. Have you applied as they are massively far behind and the waiting time, just to be accessed is like a min of 4 months.

Try and get as much as possible from Access to Work. My friend works in NHS and she got 10 x Table Mics last week.

@Zebras have you used the Roger On? Is there a massive difference in sound quality from Roger Table Mic II?

The OP is asking about whether to get the Roger On.

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@Baltazard Audeo M90-13T


I personally don’t find any difference between the table mode on Roger On and the Table Mic II but there’s a huge difference between the first generation Table Mic.

Ask for the Roger On iN as you have the Marvel unless you have the licenses installed already?

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Yes, I applied in April and only recently had my assessment!

I have been recommended
1 x Roger On
1 x Roger Select (at my request, I will use this to connect bluetooth devices then link with my hearing aids, I think it is a workaround to the 1 bluetooth connection at a time for the Audeo M90-13T?)
2 x Roger Table Mic II Twin packs

Looks like I should ask for more lol

Yes, actually i got the Roger On iN. It does my head in, Phonak could have chosen an easier name on the tongue :sweat_smile:

Roger Select bluetooth will not work with your Aids. It makes the Aids go crazy and none stop changing programs.

That’s why the Roger Select iN and Pen iN do not have Bluetooth installed into them.


Oh noooooooooo and I thought I was being clever :rofl:

Is it because of interference?

Maybe your friend should unpair all and repair them @Zebras

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We don’t know why. People on here think it’s because it uses the same programs but I don’t understand it.

There’s been a load of talk on this forum.

You can use a normal Pen and a normal Select but the Bluetooth must be turned off otherwise your Aids will just carry on beeping.

If you turn your Aids to Flight Mode then the Roger won’t connect to your Aids. People thought it might work on Flight Mode but nope.

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That’s interesting, I also have a Roger Pen and I tried streaming music but it wouldn’t work …

My mum uses hearing aids too ReSound … can’t recall which but with bluetooth, she can have the Select then :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess all equipment is ordered then?

Your Mum would have to buy some Roger receivers to use the Select.

I would email Access to Work and cancel the Select and order 2 x twin packs of Table Mic II.

No I am still awaiting the report which was delayed because it didn’t have the Select. I won’t dare ask to remove it because it will cause further delays … They have already recommended the 2 x Roger Table MIc II twin packs. I may ask work not to purchase the Select, it shouldn’t be a problem.

I read somewhere, cannot remember where, that some ReSound HAs (and other brands) have direct connectivity with Roger … not sure if hers have though!

No brands can work directly to Roger without a type of receiver. That isn’t possible.

Resound would need a Mini Mic and a Roger X receiver plugged into it. Then she would have to carry the Mini Mic on her pocket.

As much as I love Phonak, I suspect why the bluetooth won’t work is because they have specially designed it like this.

When the Marvels came out, I spoke to some people from Sonova involved in the design of ALDs and asked them about Roger Direct, having to buy the licences and they said something along the lines of, it was a business decision … so they are balancing their innovations with how much revenue they are getting I guess.

For example, even the NHS Marvel equivalent, the Nathos Nova, doesn’t have the licences so people will have to procure separately. I am unsure if NHS provide them?