Phonak Roger 2 compatible oticon?

Is possible use Phonak roger 2 for oticon intent?

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Yes with the Oticon EduMic and a Roger X receiver.


It may be possible depending on the Oticon model you have. You need a Roger “receiver” that receives sound from the Roger and transmits the sound on to the hearing aids.

The three ways i know of (depending of model) are 1) a shoe for bte/ric hearing aids, 2) a tcoil loop transmitter (Phonak Mylink and there is another one.) Your hearing aids would have to have a tcoil, 3) a Phonak x03 receiver that plugs in to the intermediate Bluetooth device. I have no idea if Oticon has a device that accepts x03 receivers.

Of the three, number 2 offers the most universal coverage.

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Can the shoe be removed when not in use? Or is it a permanent fixture on the Oticon aid?

Related to this, does Oticon have a hands-free, necklace free device to stream to the TV or use like a Roger mic device? I’m interested in the Oticon Intent, but if it doesn’t have accessories for streaming like Phonak, I’d probably not go there.

Yesh, if you don’t want to use it, you can remove it.

Yesh, Not sure about their names, Oticon TV Adaptor (streamer) 3.0 and Oticon ConnectClip remote Microphone:

Only the Oticon EduMic support an Roger X Receiver

Oticon EduMic with Phonak Roger X receiver allows the sound of a Phonak Roger microphone to be transmitted to Oticon hearing instruments.


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Thats a good option, Zebras. X receivers are probably the cheapest way.