Phonak Nathos Nova for NHS?

Hi does anyone know if the phonak nathos nova is based on the bolero marvel platform or audeo marvel and would it be compatible with a clip on mic or would it have to be the partner mic? If anyone can help i would grateful


Based on the Bolero M70.

If you get the loop program, your myLink will work.

Ok well i’ll give that option a think about but I’m not sure as part of me wants to stick with my cros aids because i feel i have a lot better understanding with the benefits that offers but I’ll give it a try i can keep my cros aids as well I’m not sure about how well i will get on with just the one hearing aid again even with the clip + as it never really worked to well in the past with one hearing aid as I could never make out clearly what someone on my left was saying and it only really worked well if i was in a non noisy environment with one person

@Zebras sorry but does that mean the clip on mic will work as well as the mylink or would I have to get the partner mic? Because it says the phonak bolero marvel is compatible with the partner mic but mentions nothing about clip on mic


It won’t mention anything with the Clip On Mic as that is really old now and the Partner Mic is new.

Clip On Mic works in various ways but for you, you need the loop program.

Ok thank you I’ll find out more when i hear when my appointment is. If it can be used with my current mylink and clip on mic that would be great as it would save me paying out for the partnermic


You say, if it can be used……

It can be used with the Nathos Nova as long as you get the loop program installed.

@Zebras Ok thank you thats what i wasn’t sure about because when you look on the phonak pro website it says the bolero marvel that are based on is compatible with the partner mic but mentions nothing about the clip on mic

Unfortunately it’s looking like my appointment to get this sort out is not going to be until April but at the minute the appointment they have sent is on a day that i can not do I’ve emailed him to see if he can get this changed as Wednesday and Thursdays are best for me


The Partner Mic works completely differently to the Roger Clip On Mic.

The Roger Clip On Mic came out in 2013 so they wouldn’t keep mentioning it with new Aids as it’s an old Microphone.

Hopefully they will change your appointment to a day you can do.

EDIT - just be aware that a lot of people with rechargeable Phonak struggle to get the hearing aids out of the charger. There’s been quite a lot of posts on this issue.

@Zebras thanks for this i am aware of that being a possible issue and the person did say i can keep my current cros aids in case the rechargeable option doesn’t work out so if there is any problem like getting it out of the case then at least i can say I’ve tried it and that i have my cros aids to go back to if i need to. I hope that they can sort out the appointment for a day i can do i was really hoping by the way the person was asking when I’m available that the appointment would be sooner but i I’ll accept what i can get as long as it is on a day i can do

@Zebras sorry just had a thought would the nathos nova require a different type of mould as i have new ones coming for my cros aids and don’t know if they would need a different type of mould because i know nothing about if it has a different style dome or if it is a power dome or anything like that


No you won’t need a new ear mould. They’ll just attach an ear hook and you’ll use your ear mould.

@Zebras Ok thank you how easy would it be if i decided to go back to my cros aids to say change it back myself so as the mould is back on my cros aid?


Just pull the tubing from the ear hook and then swap over.

Ok thank you so much for your help

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Don’t need to actually change your tube but this shows how to disconnect and reconnect from ear hook.

Thank you for that video it will be something i have to give a try when i get the nathos nova but it could also be something that i struggle with when it comes to putting it back on


A tip.

If you keep your tubing new and not very old, they are a lot easier to take off the ear hook. The older the tube is, the harder it is, like really hard to the point, sometimes you need a knife.

I change my tubing every month.

@zebras thank you for that info they changed the tubing last month quick question do you know anything about what options are available for the nathos nova as I’m wondering what to ask for when i go to pick them up in april


What do you mean ‘options’?

If you have tubing, ear moulds and ear hooks already then that’s what you’ll need for the Nathos Nova.