Phonak Naida M70 & My Phonak app

I have recently got these with a custom mould, and found overall much better then previous Quattro’s.
On the app side of things, is it possible to turn down the notification tones in app or is it Audiologist to do?
Just dong volume up/down it the alerts are super loud to me.
When streaming music or on a call is there anyway to lower volume of surrounding noise? or is it a case of lower volume of them before making a call or streaming music?

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It’s on your phone.

I have my volume set at 0 but still plays in my ears. Also turn off notifications that aren’t really needed. The only ones that play in my ears, are text messages, phone calls and FaceTime.

Audiologist can set music at -10 dB and phone calls at -6 dB max.


Thanks, ah I was meaning the actual noises the aids make when like adjust volume with the rocker switch on the back, I have notifications turned off to aids.
I guess what ideally like to do is mute or lower what the mics pick up when streaming, i guess on a call it be tricky as mics pick up my voice to!

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Yes the loudness and frequency can be changed but that it.

When I say frequency, it’s just Low, Mid or High to choose from.

Can’t remember off hand but I think the audiologist can set the Mics off for music but definitely not for phone calls; as you say, it’s because they need to be live to pick up your voice.

Lower for music? As I said earlier, the max is -10 dB for Mic.

This might help you?

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Thanks again, will ask Audi next time see to reduce the volume tones on aids.
Will ask about other things to, did think not much else can on app oneself.

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Please advise if the Phonak Sky M70 M can use the thin tube to dome.
According to Phonak, it is suppose to,but I search Phonak web and cannot find the thin tube part P/N.
The Sky M70M uses the HE11 earhook, whch is the same one for the Bolero M-M and Nadia M.

is this the correct one to get " Phonak Slim Tube for Marvel and Paradise Series"?

Yes it can, all it does is unscrew, so unscrew the earhook and then you screw the slim tubes on, easy enough.

It seems your picture or link doesn’t show up?

Phonak SlimTube 4.0

No they don’t look like it,
Let me see
Otherwise @Zebras or @kevels55 will know where in the UK to get them.

Actually it clearly says for Marvel and paradise, funny they seem to have changed the style back to an older type?
Best wait for the others to respond to be 100%

Yhis page in the details for the Sky M, it indicates:
" Open fit tubes & domes SlimTube 4.0"

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Yes it’s quite clear,slim tube 4.0 you’ll have no problem buying from Connevans, they’re quite a well known company.


SD4 ones work with Sky Marvel M and Bolero Marvel M. They are identical.

They also work with the other Bolero Marvel and the other Sky Marvel and Naida Marvel plus Naida Paradise.

Interesting, I guess would need SDS4 thin tubes for my Naida M70?
Though reading on it, its not a case of just swapping over, Audi needs to make adjustments or can I just try see if they work ok for me?
Mine are NHS to, so will take for ever to get seen to again to ask if can try thin tubes. Would like to have option of thin tubes/domes to.

Yeah you need to have them reprogrammed to suit the acoustics, but no harm in doing it yourself and trying it out.

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Thanks yeah might be worth a try anyhow, a had domes before on wired RIC ones and were powerful enough for sure.

Mine SKy M70M arriving soon, there seems to be 2 programming software:
the iPEG2.6e and PEG_8.6c_SlimVersion.
Why one to use for to program the SKY?

For what it’s worth, I use Phonak Target to program my Naida M50 SP aids. I do not beleive iPEG2.6e and PEG_8.6c_SlimVersion will work for you.

for programming the Sky M ( Marvel ) you need the Phonak Target fitting software.

Target is for platforms: Lumity (L) , Paradise (P) , Marvel (M) , Bolero (B), Quest (Q) , Venture (V) etc.

Marvel platform including: Audeo M, Naida M, Sky M, Virto M