Phonak Marvel vs Phonak Paradise


I feel a little confused about the options I have.
In my country each region has a procured range of hearing aids that you get for no cost, just the visit ($10 ) at the audiologist so you can´t choose exactly what you want if you want it for free.
They did have the Phonak P90 but only in a rechargeable model which is a bigger size that I want my HA:s in and I feel unsure about how the rechargeable will work with my life. They did have Phonak M90 with batterysize 312.

For the moment I have Phonak Audeo V90-10 (only one left because my puppy had a “good” HA meal).

How much improvement have the different HA:s gain from my V90:s?
How much improvement is it from M90 and P90?

I am in my mid 30:s and have a lot of activities, demanding job with a lot of meetings and then I want to hear my little nieces that don´t talk so load and clear. So I have quite high requirements on my HA:s.
I haven’t felt that my V90:s is a great fit but they did the job.

The Marvel and Paradise aids are both a very nice step up from your Venture aids. Pending on your hearing loss the newer aids can be an eye opener to better speech understanding.
One thing I really liked was the move away from an intermediate device for Bluetooth, not everyone likes that but I sure did.

The battery/rechargeable debate can go on and on. Moving from the size 10 battery aids that are very small I can see how size matters to you. If the Paradise tap feature is something you want you have to go with the rechargeable aids.

Do some searches about your questions. Huge amounts of information available here on the forum.
Good luck

A big difference between Marvel and Paradise is ability to pair and connect to Bluetooth devices. Marvel can pair to two and connect to one. Paradise can pair to eight and connect to two. If you’ve got a ton of bluetooth devices you want to connect to, Paradise could be very convenient. If just a few (like me), Marvel can be quite adequate.


Well I also think the paradise has a clearer sound than the marvels. But the 90s version might be more aid than you really need

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Thanks for all the replies! :cherry_blossom:

@Raudrive - Yeah, I have always been vain about my HA:s. Unfortunately, my ear canals are too small for CIC:s. So for me it was a big step only to go for a RIC-10. Do you have a Marvel or Paradise yourself?

@MDB - I need BT to my mobile and my PC, will it be enough then with the Marvel? Is the pairing seamless, if i go from a meeting from my pc to the mobile?

@hass5744 - Why is the 90s version more aid than I need?

I’m not convinced that Bluetooth is ever seamless! :>) You should be able to keep your hearing aids paired to both the phone and the PC with Marvel. I would expect the phone to work pretty smoothly. Many have had issues with PC (including me). This applies to both Paradise and Marvel. Sometimes it just takes playing around with settings. Sometimes getting a new Bluetooth dongle helps (that worked for me) When I use PC, rather than the hearing aids just connecting, I typically have to go into Bluettooth settings and click connect. Once I’ve done that, they work well. Zoom meetings can be a challenge though. In short, if you’ve just got two Bluetooth devices you use, I don’t think you’d be giving up much to get Marvel and it would give you the option of the smaller model.

I wore Venture and Marvel aids, now have two cochlear implants.
The Venture Compilot has its advantages but it’s something else to carry, charge or wear around your neck not to mention lose. The Marvel and newer Phonak aids use classic Bluetooth which can be very flexible pertaining to different devices they can pair with.

Is the pairing seamless, if i go from a meeting from my pc to the mobile?
If this is important you need to understand the Bluetooth devices you use for meetings and your smart phone. Lots of discussions about Zoom and other office type communication on the forum. Are you an iPhone or Android user?

Never had problems with either the marvels or the paradise when it comes to blue tooth. My Phonak app always seems to have a delay. You shouldn’t be vain about your hearing aids. I understand the reason but I’m also well aware of the fact that when in reality, most of us think we hear better than we do when in reality we’re fooling no one. Rose, your hearing loss is mild to slightly severe in the higher frequencies. The model 90 is for severe to profound loss which is probably more aid than you need based in your audiogram. Check out my audiograms. I wear 90s


The 90 model is not just for severe to profound people.

My friend who is profoundly deaf wears 2 x Phonak Sky V70 UP hearing aids.


I don’t quite understand what that means. Your friend is using a less powerful aid for his or her loss when I’m saying the op may not need such a powerful aid for her loss and may be able to save some money. Apples and oranges. I don’t know why your friend went with the aids he went with. I admit I went with the marvel sp aids because that’s all Phonak had. When I tried the Phonak up aids there was a huge difference. More power clearer sounding seemed to work better. We choose what’s best . Most don’t want to spend the extra money for more powerful aids if they don’t need them. Your friend purchased less poweful aids. If they work for him great. But that’s not what I was telling the op

The P90 means not more power. The receiver you choose defines the maximum power
P90 has more features. See here for comparison



Why would an Ultra Power hearing aid be not enough power for a profound loss?

Getting a 90 level means nothing to do with power!

I don’t think you’re fully understanding things.

EDIT - this is the fitting range for a Phonak Sky V70 UP, can you tell me how that isn’t suitable for a profoundly deaf person???


My misinterpretation. I’m actually talking about the difference between ultra power and superpower. And that although someone with profound loss can get by with a superpower ultra power may be better suited for their needs. Sorry if I caused this thread to go off course

But my point is if you compare it to the fitting range of the up paradise you’ll see that the ultra power provides better coverage for profound loss that a super power can and may struggle to do so. But again I apologize for taking things off track. My hearing starts in an area where the sky’s coverage starts to get a little thin. I don’t just dip into the profound area I live there

I think this is an area where there is a great deal of uncertainty to be honest. In the old days there was a clear demarcation - well - a demarcation in my mind anyway, between custom hearing aids and BTE hearing aids, the latter which would normally serve either a mild up to severe loss, or a power variant - usually with the letter P for more severe loss, or a superpower/ultrapower serving severe to profound losses.

Now, with the advent of RIC - well - in the last 5 years, the receiver can be swapped out to fit losses from mild up to profound. However for severe to profound losses, the Paradise or OPN is not recommended, but the Naida and Chilli or other make, with their larger or twin receivers, and other features I would imagine, such as less prescriptive compression and more linear gain. The confusion for me is at what point in the fitting range does an audiologist start recommending superpower aids and not the one size fits all RIC. I wear both a BTE Superpower Oticon Dynamo (NHS) and KS10 - white label Phonak Paradise and I can confirm that the Oticon has a smoother and more rounder sound. I do however wear the KS10s more because of their bluetooth connectivity. However I am kicking the can down the road to a certain extent and delaying the inevitable - I will eventually get a Phonak Naida or Oticon Xceed BTE SP As @hass5744 alludes , when your loss is severe/profound you start to pay attention to the aids in that segment.

The confusion/uncertainty to me anyway is rooted of course in the fact that we are not audiologists and we tend to do a lot of self classification. I have seen some people on here declare that they have a severe loss, whereas, in fact, they have a mild to moderate loss. I have seen people declare they have a profound loss - with only their high frequencies above 4hz being lower than 90db. They then believe they need a superpower or ultrapower aid. I don’t know what the exact answer is, as a lot of manufacturers will publicise fitting ranges for an aid that turn out to be inappropriate. I have yet to see any resources on here or elsewhere that try to accurately assess whether an aids fitting range is a true reflection of what is claimed, or how to properly match a fitting range to an audiogram. Perhaps it’s common knowledge and I haven’t noticed! I know Phonak Target matches aids based on ones audiogram, so perhaps it’s always done in the fitting software.

Keep in mind also that everyone’s loss is very individual. I trialed the oticon exceed and hated them. Others with a similar loss to mine love the oticons.

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Personally if I had the choice between these two hearing aids, I would lean towards the newer generation. They tend to just be a little more refined usually.
The Marvel aids are very nice and are a big jump up in hearing improvement to the older Venture aids.

You have not mentioned your hearing loss or if the aids mentioned are the Audeo RIC aids or what.

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Interesting discussion!
But as I have understood is the number 90 about functions not power.
As I said in the tread start I get my HA:s for free but I can only choose HA:s in the procured range that is in my region elsewise I need too pay a fee for them by myself.
That´s why I can’t choose the one I want that is P90-312 only P90-R that I think is too, big and therefore maybe go with the M90-312. Or is it worth to pay a fee to get the P90-312, is the difference between those in form of sound quality that big?
My dad has Oticon Opn and love them and he think I would go for Oticon, I had tried Oticon 2017 (it wasn’t the Opn, I think it was an Alta?) and didn’t like them at that time because of the sound was tinny. Don’t know how the sound-algoritm has developed since then to the More?

@Raudrive - I have an audiogram in my profile, I would say my hearing loss is moderate, in some frequencies it’s mild and some it’s more severe (thanks Zebras for notice and correct this :slight_smile: ) . The aids I wear and look at is RICs.


You’ve got one frequency in the severe range, the rest of it, is in the moderately severe range. No frequencies are in the profound range.

I would pay a fee to get the P90 in the battery you want.

@Zebras - Thanks for the advice!

The problem for me is that it´s hard to test different HAs before I decide which I will go for, therefore I feel I have 1000 questions. Often the audiologist want us to have the first they order for us and are not so willing to let us test other brands and when I was there she was sooo stressed that I couldn’t ask everything I wanted.