Phonak Marvel sound quality issues during phone calls

Hey Guys.

New here. I’ve never needed to access a forum to figure out hearing aids. I’m fairly technically savvy (younger ish) so I have some resound linx^2 (model just before quattro). They’re sick, work beautifully. My mom has 10 year old aids. I convinced her to upgrade, we got her on the quattro BTE (really bummed they’re not rechargeable) but she had a terrible time trying to hear voices and high pitched tones. Audiologist decided to switch it for the newest Phonak BTE.

So the phonak BTE is alright. I like the app, its not MFI but still seems to work alright. Here’s my issue, my mom is not very technical but I’m helping her through it. We cannot figure out the Bluetooth phone calling. Every time she gets or makes a call it jacks the sound up on the aids and you can hear everything under the sun including yourself! Sounds like the caller is in a tin can, the person on the other end sounds good through the aids. We need to figure out how to adjust the microphones during the call or save a new preset. I’m rather frustrated though because the app disconnects from the aids every time we make a call so I can’t adjust the settings! And since it’s not MFi I have no other way to access the settings in the aids. Anyone else have this issue??

FOR THOSE WHO HATE READING: Phonak Bluetooth BTE aids during a phone call jacks the noise way up and makes the caller sound like their talking in a tin can and “echoey”. During the call the app loses signal to the aids so I can’t adjust any settings. Anyone figure this out?

I think you’ll need to go back to the hearing aid fitter and have them adjust the phone streaming program. I don’t have those aids so others may have more insights.

I think you may be right. took me a while but I found one phonak FAQ that states the app will not work while the phone call is active because it’s two different sources of Bluetooth which cannot be run at the same time. IMO this is bogus, resound aids are way more useful on an iPhone than a true BT aid. But alas if we can dial in the call setting these could work…

BTW something I came across a few days ago (never occurred to me all these years) my mom likes to listen to the TV via headphones, the roku device will stream audio directly to your phone which will stream to a Bluetooth head set such as your aids. Wicked cool, she can literally what anything on roku without needing to buy the TV streamer!! Downside right now is it’s private listening only.

Try to take notes about what your aids are doing, good and bad. Share these notes with your fitter.
I have the Audeo M RT aids. They do wonderfully on streaming and phone calls but they have to be set up correctly. Every program on those aids is very adjustable.
Lots of information on this forum about this.
Using M or P receivers give the best sound quality. Running the feedback/real ear test is important too.

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Phonak Marvels solved all my phone problems. Prior to the phonaks I had just about given up on phones except for messaging and emails. I even tried a few different caption programs. With Phonak BT I hear perfectly and unless I am in a noisy environment others hear me perfectly as well.

Yup, can confirm this. Phonak automatically generates other programs from base one, but they are based on average not your specific situations / ear.

Notes, especially if you can remember if there are some specific sounds, phonemes which are crazy wrong, that could help.