Phonak Marvel - Phonak TV streamer v. Costco TV streamer - my experience

I bought the Phonak TV streamer before I read here that the Costco TV streamer worked with the Marvels and is only $99. I was still within the return period for the Phonak streamer, so I went to Costco and bought theirs.

Bottom line: They look identical, but the Phonak one has a greater range. I put the Costco streamer in the same location, and it would cut out when I was in the next room - the kitchen - behind the wall separating the two rooms.

The Phonak streamer keeps the connection unless I’m in a room at the end of the house with two walls between me and the streamer. I can go outside to potty the dogs, and it doesn’t lose the connection unless I’m more than 10 feet from the house.

I decided to keep the Phonak streamer for the TV, and the Costco streamer for my computer.


Thanks for sharing.

The Costco connector serves it purpose as intended for me. I kind of like the shorter range.

I’m sure it serves the purpose for the majority. I listen to music through the TV connector while I do stuff around the house and it’s impractical to have my phone in a pocket (if I’m even wearing something with a pocket), so the range was important to me.


Some newer TV sets come with bluetooth built in. Will a Phonak Marvel connect to them w/o a TV streaming device?

Yes they do but it would then be one of the two Bluetooth spaces taken.

Please explain. Wouldn’t the bluetooth TV adapter do the same thing?

No, it is a different. It uses a proprietary wireless that is not part of the standard Bluetooth for the phones, laptops etc.

Try searching some of the Bluetooth threads. We have members who explain this very well, I am not one of them.

I have a Samsung OLED TV. I’ve paired multiple bluetooth headphones and speakers to it, but I had a really difficult time pairing the Marvels. I was finally able to pair them after deleting all but one of my other bluetooth devices, but the sound kept cutting in and out. I gave up and bought the TV streamer, which ended up being a better option anyway since I have two Android devices - phone and tablet - to pair with the Marvels. The TV streamer is separate from the two bluetooth devices I can pair with the Marvels.

Thanks. That is helpful to know. I think I’ll buy the Phonak TV streamer.

Will Costco sell this $99 TV streamer to anyone??
What is the exact model number and name??
Or only to people who also buy/bought hearing aids from Costco??
Is it only sold in stores??
The range is not an issue for me…
Thank you, Tom

I have Ambra aids and Compilot with FM reciever plugged into bottom and use with a Roger Pen. This is my “TV” streaming solution, just put the Roger pen next to TV speaker. I bought these items off ebay for cheap, as they are expensive new from regular channels. Cannot function without this system, so much that I have back ups for all. The Roger pen is great for meetings, omni pattern when flat and you can point it to speaker for high gain.

You can check out Ebay is where I brought my TV streamer.

@johngo57: What is the exact name of the item you bought on Ebay?? There’s a million different ones offered. Ideally I’d like one that’s compatible with both Phonak Marvel AND Starkey Livio…I’ll check for Roger pen too.

@tom12010, I don’t know if you have to be a Costco member to buy it, since I’m already a member. I asked for the TV streamer compatible with their KS9 aids. I don’t see a model # on the box, but the receipt says Item # 1266799 with the description Assistive Listening Device: Phonak TV Connector Brio/KS 9.

Do they just keep them in stock, or must it be ordered?

I’m a member too but I was asking if one must buy the hearing aid to be able to buy the tv connector. However, now that you’ve explained what the model etc. is, I can decide if I want to travel 2+ hours to try to buy it. It’s not shown online so far as I can see.

@gruuvinrob, the Costco by me didn’t have them in stock and had to order it for me. Took about a week and a half to get it.

@tom12010, the woman who was at the hearing aid counter asked for my name, intending to look me up in their computer. When I told her I didn’t buy the aids there, she seemed reluctant to help me. I said to her, “Unfortunately, I can’t buy them here; you don’t carry what I need.”

I suspect her initial reluctance was because if I was in the computer, it would have shown her exactly what TV streamer to order for me. She had to - gasp! - go out of her way to look it up a different way and confirm with another employee that it was the right one.

If Costco is 2+ hours away, I’d call to see if it’s in stock. BTW, I had to pay for it when it was ordered.

Same here. Had to order the TV connector and came in about a week later.

If a person knew exactly what you wanted and walked in and asked for the KS9 TV connector, I bet they would order it. A simple phone call would also answer your question.

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You just have to be specific, as you say, @raudrive, that you’re looking for the KS9 TV connector.

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