Phonak Marvel PartnerMic

Anyone familiar with this device?

I didn’t see anything about it on Phonak’s website. Certainly a lot cheaper than a Roger Pen.

no information on price

Thanks for the link, that was helpful. I don’t know why I couldn’t find it earlier.

Anyway, anyone here have any personal experience with this?

Following seeing that I am getting new aids this summer and I am leaning to Phonak Virto Marvels.

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I’m thinking about one.
For one on one it should be great. They are available on eBay.
The Target software does show them with the Audeo Marvel aids. It appears the remote mic will need to be set up in the software like a Roger device with tuning parameters.

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Where is the mic on eBay? This is a brand new device, I haven’t seen the marvel mic or Marvel remote on eBay.

I ordered a phonak marvel remote control today from this same seller. Apparently ships from Canada so it’ll take a bit longer to receive. Their prices are good. The remote would have cost me $200 at my audiologist, $125 on Amazon.

Of note, the mic can be paired without an audiologist. As with roger devices. They can be tweaked in Target, you’re right - but how it automatically populates the fitting into that program has been more than adequate for me.

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I did a quick search on ebay and found some. Of the top of my head, one had sold for $200.

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I have to eat crow. I am not seeing them now either. I probably am mistaking them for the remote control. I have been looking for both recently.
Sorry about the confusion.

That’s what I remember too. Just not seeing them now.
I am searching remote mic. They are PartnerMic, thats why I didn’t see them. 3 of them on eBay now for $200.
Brain fart.

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They are nice. Much better sound than the old remote mic. Directional. Really only good for one-on-one.

And yes they can be paired directly by the user. $200 off the internet is a good deal.

They’ll definitely be more from the audiologist. The “mark-up” also covers audiologist time. We like to bundle pricing into the devices and pretend that we work for free, but our time is expensive. What do Americans pay their primary physician for a 15 minute appointment?


If looking for the remote - not sure you’ll beat this-

Phonak Marvel Remote Control


Thanks for the link to Amazon.
That’s a decent price for something that new and just out by Phonak.

I recently got a set of Audeo M90 RT aids. They are working out great so far. Wondering if I will even need to make changes on the aids at this time.

The aids are so small and the toggle even smaller. Do not want to pull a phone out to make changes.

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They really are great aids. I have the 90-13T. Sometimes wish I got the 90-RT, but maybe next time. I just ordered the remote on amazon and expect it mid Feb. I need mine for the OR to press through surgical gown. happy to let you know how it goes.


Not sure if the question at the end was rhetorical or not, but likely billed at around $150. There is tremendous overhead in any kind of small professional business.

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That remote looks awesome! Thanks for that link. That’s the one thing I’ve been missing since getting rid of my Siemens EasyTek. The EasyTek’s bluetooth connectivity was horrible, but I loved the remote control functionality. I work in a cleanroom and have to wear a hood over my head. And my phone is in my pocket which is under my smock. Volume changes can be very difficult. I’ll probably get the remote before the PartnerMic now.

So here’s my use-case: I was in a group training the other day. It’s in a cleanroom so everyone is wearing a hood, only the eyes are showing. So my hearing aids are under the hood, the trainer’s mouth is under a hood, and there is machine noise all around. It’s a struggle at best, but when the trainer turns his back to me to do something on the pc terminal, then I can’t hear him at all. So I thought if I could clip the PartnerMic to his smock it might help. The really big question is: will it work in the noisy environment? And will I still hear the others in the group normally, or will the aids mics be shut off?



Adjustable in the software.