Phonak Marvel: Nobody can hear me on the phone

There is an alternative way to select Acoustic Phone program on Phonaks. You can use the button the HA to cycle through 3 different programs, the Auto Sense and 2 of your choosing. Make one of them the Acoustic, and turn Bluetooth off on the job. When you answer the phone, cycle into the Acoustic program with the button.

BINGO! You nailed it in a much easier, more understandable way than my longwinded explanation above. I used to be in fear and trepidation of turning Bluetooth OFF on my cell phone. But it’s much easier to just keep that OFF if one is at work and then use the aids to get into Acoustic Phone program when answering any landline call! :smile:


i want to use smartphone’ mic with KS9 HA during the phone call as you do.
have you solve the annoying problem?
do roger pen or roger select could use with ks9(marvel 9.0) with roger’s mic during phone call?

Marvels and paradises by design only use aids mics for bt calls.

Way around it is to use phone as regularly and use acoustic phone program. If it’s too noisy around you, it probably won’t be a good solution either for you or your partner.
Or use telecoil if your aids support that, directly on the phone, or maybe with neck loop and holding phone in front of you (but you need an app which splits the signal and forces usage of phone mic). Problem here is buzzing from environment which can make calls incomprehensible.

Roger mics won’t work as mics for phone calls on marvel and paradise platforms. They come in two flavors - regular and iN version. Regular has BT and that won’t work with P and Ms. BT from mic kills bt in aids. For aids before M platform it indeed works as a mic, but it also carries whole phone call, since aids aren’t able to connect directly to the bt on the phone.

iN version is made for M and Ps, it does not have a bt, and cannot be used as a mic for calls.

So far, only working option is a cable contraption - use splitter on phone output, to split mic and audio. Use wired mic and a device to get the audio in aids, again, connected by wires.

Device is either tv connector (needs power supply or power bank that is able to continuously give power and not shut off)
Or roger mic that’s used as an audio streamer.

Android phone does not allow splitting the bt call signal and redirecting mic portion to phone built in mic.
However if you plug in telecoil loop, then you can split the signal.

So for phone calls in really loud environments, M and Ps are not suitable.

However, shopping mall type of noise can be successfully resolved by increasing noise block for bt calls, assuming you wear occlusive molds/domes with just a small vents and not open domes.


I really appreciate Blacky!!!
And I have some questios below to ask for Blacky kind help.
1.I am trying to use cable contraption(use splitter on phone output, to split mic and audio).
Tv connector used as the audio streamer powered by smartphone power bank. But once the tv connector jumps into power saving mode automatically ,the power bank turns off the power supply.and then the tv connector could not work until i unplug and plug the charging there any convenient way to solve the problem.
2.when i use the cable contraption,the hearing aid is connected with the smartphone by Bluetooth?or disconnect with smartphone? Can I hear the call ringing the same as hearing aids in bt call mode?
3.Is it possible to make the contraption for convenient portable use? audiologist told me " Decreasing noise block for bt calls" is the right way to solve the problem.
I am confused by “Increasing” noise block for bt calls or “Decreasing” noise block for bt calls. which one is the right way to adjust? and what is the side effect after increasing or decreasing adjusting?

thank again for Blacky and everyone !!

Happy new year!!!

I have used the same setup on a landline. If you use a power bank that has a remaining power indicator pressing the button to ‘check’ the level wakes the battery up and turns the TV connector back on.

My procedure when the phone rang was to hit the button on the power bank and then the answer button on the phone. A bit cumbersome but it worked. I was not able to find a bank that would stay on all the time.

Not really which is why I discontinued using it at work with the landline. There are some very small battery banks that would help, but I have not tried those.

Increasing the noise block, eg decreasing the noise.

I have no clue why fitter said the opposite, but since most fitters don’t wear aids themselves and don’t even try features, it can also depend how they understand what hints in the sw mean.

When I started DIY, I invested hours in understanding options first. By adjusting and testing back and forth.

One possibility is that increasing block to some point brings improvements and then not. In my case, going up from the default brought clarity for the both sides. For that I’m sure.

However, in my last tweak (after my last post) I think I’ve maxed it and got the comment when I was on noisy street that it was too noisy. So, I have to pay more attention what exactly happened. I’m too lazy to recreate same environments many times to be able to do some proper scientific approach, so it’s more like ‘aha, so more tweaking sometime in the future’.

Anyhow, it’s worth testing and taking notes. Cumbersome but only way to find out.

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