Phonak Marvel mini charger compatible with Paradise P50s?

Hello, All,

New to the forum, and I’m still getting used to my new Paradise P50s, which, so far, are absolutely phenomenal. (Old HAs are Liberty units with 13 battery…still have them and they are certainly still suitable, but I like my new ones MUCH better)

Like others have posted, I have found myself with “range anxiety” due to the rechargeable batteries. Now, truth be told, I haven’t had them die on me even after a full day of extensive use, including a lot of streaming. However, I would very much like to snag myself an extra charger to keep in my truck or laptop case for when I travel or am out in the field for a long time (without having to remember to bring my standard bedside charger all the time).

I have looked online and there are sellers on Ebay selling used chargers, which is no issue for me, but I want to be 100% absolutely certain they are compatible. My main question to this group is: Will the Marvel mini charger work with my P50s? Some sellers say they will. If so, that would be the one I’d get because, well, it’s smaller and more portable.

Thanks, and I’m very glad I found this forum.


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I’m in the UK but according to this link, yes they are the same.

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I have the KS10 from Costco and the mini charger works like a charm :slight_smile:
Purchased in Canada from Omni Hearing for $99

You can jump here to see discussion about the mini charger. There is a link to the ebay source I used.
I asked if this works with the Paradise line (I have the Costco variant), and the answer was yes. At my urging, they updated their listing to include Paradise as it only said Marvel when I bought.
I see the price has gone up now to $65 (in US).

Thanks, everyone! Once I was sure it was compatible, I found one at for $50 with free shipping and no tax. So, that’s been ordered and it will find a new home in my travel bag or truck glove box.

Appreciate the replies!