Phonak Marvel battery life

I didn’t think to “update” on this until just now. I was on vacation a few weeks back. Since I was driving from Tucson, AZ to Wichita, KS and back–and I was traveling alone–I loaded my phone up with plenty of Old Time Radio. Under the circumstances I was streaming audio several hours more than usual and did not see a significant decline in battery life on my M90 Rs. (Which makes me wonder if streaming from “the cloud” would be different vs streaming directly from the device.)

I always listen to downloaded podcasts. You can do the download over Wi-Fi beforehand and then you only have the phone battery cost of BT streaming. If you stream to your phone via cellular data and then BT stream to your HA’s, the phone battery takes a bigger hit plus the podcast can turn out crummy if the cellular data connection doesn’t hold up.

Shouldn’t make any difference in hearing aid battery consumption, right?

I find that very interesting.
I feel very certain that the source (cloud vs on the phone) would have nothing to do with battery life in the aid… the phone’s battery sure thing…but bluetooth is bluetooth.

I would have thought that what you stream might have an impact though… streaming something wit very little sound turned way down low… like calm talking at low volume would require driving the speaker a lot less than complex loud music cranked way up.
since you saw no noticeable change with a significant bump in streaming music, then maybe not?!?

Hmmm–it does seem logical that music, especially with singing, would require more energy than a radio show that’s mainly human voices and a few sound effects.

Bluetooth streaming from a file on the phone will impact it less than streaming across cell towers into the aid and out via bluetooth… In the 1st case you are loading up one transmitter/receiver. In the second case, you are loading up two.

I can see it’s been a few months since the last message was posted here, but I’ll give it a try.
I have just signed up in this hearing tracker web forum because I have spent my last 2-3 days wondering what would be the best option for me:
I’ve been a Widex hearing aids user for the last 10 years, well, since I started wearing HA, but now, what I want the most is my phone to directly stream to my HA. My actual HA are the Widex Evoke Fusion 2 440 (already a year with them) and you know an iPhone is needed to stream directly to these Widex HA and I’ve been always an Android user.

I’ve never tried any other HA brand but knowing that the Phonak Audeo Marvel can stream directly to Android too and you don’t even need the phone near to your mouth to speak in phone calls, that just looks fascinating to me and it feels like it’s what I need.

So, I know maybe it’s more about a personal decision but…
1- Would you recommend the Phonak Audeo Marvel M90 over my actual Widex Evoke Fusion 2 440?
2- Then, depending on the first question, would you first get the Phonak HA to have direct stream to an Android or would you get an iPhone to have direct stream to the Widex HA?

I feel like I’m going a bit crazy these last days because I’m afraid whatever decision I choose, it would be the wrong one.

Thank you in advance for your help :).

Assuming you like your Widex hearing aids (they’re great aids), I’d just get an iPhone since you’re willing to consider it. (There have been quite a few comments on the forum that once used to Widex hearing aids, it’s more challenging to get used to another brand) That way you just have to learn a new phone instead of going through getting used to new hearing aids.

if you like Widex why not get the latest Widex moment models, they are supposed to get/have android ASHA support for BLE bluetooth streaming.

Thanks for your quick reply and your opinion, I think you are so right, I just loved the fact you can talk during the phonecalls without needing the mic of the phone to speak to it, because the Phonak HA use their own mics! :slight_smile:

Hi @tenkan
Thanks for your quick reply too! I know about the ASHA support for Android and the BLE of the last Widex models but, could it be right that it would only be available,at least for the moment, only for the latest Google Pixel phones? I mean, sounds like a few months of waiting before other Android phones brands release the ASHA support too. Am I wrong?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Also, I thought the battery should have a better performance using Widex BLE than using Phonak standard Bluetooth, but some comments in this forum topic say that although Phonak Audéo Marvel HA use standard Bluetooth, the battery performance is great!

I get 6 days use with occasional streaming with a Marvel and a 312 cell.

Cells are $22 for 80. So $0.28 each. And less than $0.10/day for both ears. $0.15/day if you prefer to change every 4 days to avoid going-flat at a bad time.

Considering a smartphone can cost $0.10-$1.50/day ($50-$600 for a year or two including accidents, not including cell-plan), I don’t see how battery cost is any issue.

I’m speaking from what I’ve read from others–not personal experience. The Marvels using their own microphones on phone calls can be both a blessing and a curse. Sounds like in quiet situations it works pretty well. In noisy situations, not so much and there is no easy work around that I’m aware of. Regarding battery life with Marvels–there seems to be a lot of variability, but if you have a notable loss and/or stream a lot, it could be as bad as 3-4 days on 312 batteries, probably close to a week with 13s. Cost isn’t really an issue with hearing aid batteries as long as you shop a bit (don’t go to your local drugstore and buy a 6 pack) It can be a convenience issue though if you’re use to doing it every week to week and a half and are all of a sudden doing it every 3-4 days.

Thank you so much @PRR and @MDB for your last replies!:blush:

I think that my decision will be to get an iPhone (as @MDB told me) because my actual phone soon needs to be replaced and I’ll take advantage of that.
Also because it’s been just a year since I’m wearing the new pair of Widex HA and I don’t know what kind of financial plans do you have here in your countries, but I’m from Catalonia, Spain and the hearing care center offers a 3-year plan where you get your new Widex HA + 3-year free 312 batteries + all kind of maintenance + wax filters replacements for these years, all that paying monthly about €180 ($200) for the high-end Widex HA. After these 3 years, you can get the newest Widex HA 3 years after and continue paying the monthly fee with all its benefits or pay what’s left to pay from the ones you’ve been wearing during the last 3 years and stop paying monthly. I guess getting the new ones with new technology improvements is a great option. So, that being said, I still have 2 years ahead to finish this 3-year monthly fee financial plan and it’s the other reason to go for an iPhone and I’ll wait and see if Widex release some exciting new features or technology that I can get 2 years later or I’ll think about a HA brand change because of any lack of technology in Widex. :blush:

Again, thank you so much for your opinions and excuse me for my long post, I almost don’t get noticed and I’ve written some of my life’s chapters!:laughing:

Best regards!

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I had windex dream HAs a few years back, but had problems with moisture in the right one. They required a streamer which I never got. I used resound linx2 with iPhone. Streaming was great indoors; not so hot outside. I’m sure technology has improved since then. My issue in that combo was the phone.
Currently I’m using an LG G6 with Phonak Audeo M 90 Rs. For me the combo has worked so well that I’m hesitant to try any other phone! To be fair though, I have had a great experience using them with my Samsung Galaxy A 8 tablet. Streaming is awesome even outside! And voice recognition is outstanding!

Hmmm–I haven’t been on for a while. Guess I’m a tad too late. But I do wish you the best of luck!

The low energy bluetooth streaming ala ‘Made for Apple’ and some of the the newest Androids is better than standard bluetooth. The energy consumption is less. I find it more stable. I tried Marvel and went BACK to Quattro…but to the BTE Quattro. For me, RIC/RITE aids are a needless pain in the rear. Receiver durability was absolute crap. …both Resound and Phonak. Earmolds last and last.

I havent tried Widex, and I will not be for now. Resound’s accessory line works perfect for me.
Phonak’s Marvel is a wonderful hearing aid…don’t get me wrong. Oticon, Phonak, and Resound are all right there together. All make great hearing aids. I have been wearing them for 43 years.

Marvel does stream standard bluetooth and does it very well. It does use the hearing aid microphones as your ‘earpiece’ mic when you are on the phone. In a quiet environment is is awesome. In noise, it is utterly useless. I use Resound’s phone clip for my 2 way radio at work. It works well with the phone clip acting as my radio microphone…as long as it isn’t too noisy. The Phone Clip microphone has issues with loud noise…not automobile noise…which the marvel has a hard time with…but factory…wearing earplug type noisy environments. So I simply use a regular microphone on the radio. The Radio allows me to select to use the bluetooth mic or the radio mic…I use the radio mic…by extension the wired external mic.

As for batteries… I got into the rechargeable side with Quattro RIC and Marvel…and I liked it. Oh to be free of changing batteries!!! However, while Resound handled my 12 hours of streaming in a shift plus about 6 more hours…Phonak Marvel…not so much… I went back to Resound but to the BTE version of the quattro which didnt come in a rechargeable…I was SOOOO sad. UNTIL!!! Batteries are so cheap now!!! Then even with 48 hours streaming a week…my size 13 is lasting 8 days!!! I pop a battery in and go!!! I felt absolutely liberated. I found that rechargeable in a hearing aid is a hassle…but Resound is better with their rechargeable system. They use a compact inductive charger… Phonak uses a charger with contacts. Folks - Induction charging is what you want. No physical contact parts to wear out. I use wireless charging on my iphone, my Apple watch, and I wish it were available for my iPad Pro. The charge port has historically been the bane of every rechargeable thing…the smaller - the more so…


Marvel battery life… if you stream…six hours a day and charge nightly…you will be fine.


Since you asked, I wouldn’t get an iPhone if my life depended on it. But that’s just me, YMMV.

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Hi, I will have to put on my hearing aids but for the moment everything seems stuck.