Phonak Marvel battery life

We’ve hypothesized that the new Marvels might have issues with battery life since they use standard Bluetooth (vs LE). What are people’s experiences, especially heavy streamers? Please include battery size. Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, but a search didn’t real anything.


I have Phonak Marvel M90’s and do a lot of streaming. I have yet to see my battery % below 50% when I retire at around 11:00 pm each night. I have had ZERO problems with battery life. This is a HUGE difference from the Widex BEYOND Fusion 440’s that had the Zpower retrofit rechargeable. They were terrible.

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I’m only on my third day and I have the rechargeables. I have been doing some streaming and phone calls and I’ve been wearing them roughly 15-16 hours each day. Yesterday when I took them off at 11 pm they both showed about 50%. Today as of 5:00 pm (roughly nine hours so far) both are showing 75% on the app. Had one 20 minute phone call and no streaming so far today.

First battery change today. Got almost exactly 5 days, right down to the hour. No music streaming, but about 2 hours on the phone every day. My app says I’m wearing them for 16 hours per day. 312 battery.


Not much in the way of data points, but two quick takeaways: 1) It seems like a lot of people are getting rechargeables and 2) battery life seems impressive for the one 312 battery report. Wonder what Phonak’s “magic sauce” is for conserving battery life with standard (not LE) bluetooth.


Curious to know if the Noahlink wireless can work with Marvel…since the same piece of hardware had been interworking with bluetooth LE HAs…

Marvel - Noahlink Wireless


Battery alarm on the way to work this morning. So again, almost exactly 5 days. There was a comment made a while back that the aid you connect to your phone will suffer more battery loss. Since my left aid has more amplification, I told my audi to connect to the right aid. Last week the battery alarm was on the right, as expected. This time it’s the left.

The alarm goes off every 30 minutes. My old aids sounded every 5 minutes.

The low battery alarm sounds like a car horn. :smile:

I’m getting seven days with the Evokes with quite a bit of music streaming. Haven’t found it necessary to have to stream the TV. Batteries are Power One.


Yes. I haven’t timed it to the hour, but I also get about five days with 312 batteries, the same as my old Oticon Vigo Pros. I wouldn’t consider myself a heavy streamer, but I stream for maybe two or three hours every two or three days. I wear them about 16 hours per day, as well.

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Just adding my own 2-cents’ worth here. I’m one full week into a trial with the Marvel for size 312 battery. I stream about 2 hours of TV a night, and only the occasional phone call - that’s pretty much it! (No streaming of music from phone or laptop, etc.,)

My 312 batteries last about 3.5 days. That means first thing in the morning on Day 4, I just go ahead and change the battery. It drives me NUTS when a battery goes dead half-way through the day - and who knows where I’ll be? On the phone? Driving the car? At a doctor’s app’t?

No, I’ll just try to make sure that never happens and have the batteries already replaced on a regular schedule. I actually keep a pocket-sized calendar in my wallet with the day marked when I change my batteries, cuz once in a while, I simply can’t remember: Was it last Sunday? Maybe first thing Monday?

As a point of comparison, the size 13 batteries on my Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids last 4.5 days. So I change them the morning of Day 5.


Your experience suggests that the Directs and Marvels are really battery hogs, but maybe it’s related to you needing more gain and wearing power receivers?

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Once I get my schedule figured out, which is looking to be 5 days, I put a reminder in my phone. Then I never have one fail unexpectedly. My old Siemens were 6 days. Considering these aids are connected to my phone all day, I’d say 5 days is pretty good.

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Yeah - you GOT IT! Grave Digger, that’s me. :smiling_imp:


That’s a GREAT idea! I have a calendar app on my phone … I just have to “enable” it by picking an app (or so my Samsung tells me).

Aside: Would the NSA then also know all the days I’m changing batteries? I wouldn’t want to get into any kind of trouble. :wink:

They know anyway. They see you when you’re sleeping. They know when you’re awake. You know the rest. And you know I’m not kidding.

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I use the gmail calendar because I get to it from all my devices. I use it for all appointments or reminders.

LOL!!! That is the TRUTH, alright. I wonder what Jake Applebaum would do IF he required aids … ! :roll_eyes:

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That is quite likely the culprit here! (or HEAR, as the case may be)

On another thread, namely Sound quality Phonak TV connector vs Bluetooth some were thinking about whether to pony up the “$200.00+ for the Phonak TV connector versus streaming by smart tv Bluetooth or a $50.00+/- streaming device like used for headphones?

One of the important considerations was Phonak’s claim that the Phonak TV Connector has “Lower energy consumption than any suitable Bluetooth classic protocol/profile”. So we are wondering just how much battery consumption savings could be expected if you stream via Phonak’s TV Connector vs streaming via Bluetooth??

Perhaps this would be difficult (or tricky) to test because someone would need to measure both methods. Just thought I would mention it here on this thread about Marvel battery life.

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