Phonak Marvel battery life

Got 5 days down from 5.5 on my M90-13T with ultra power receivers, but one of those days was 20 hours long and a lot of streaming. Non BT side went first again. So really, no change. 5 solid days - I’ll take it.

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When you say 5 solid days, do you open battery doors during sleep or do you just let-er-rip for 5 solid days?

I put them in a dryer every night. Solid day meaning 5 days (usually 16-17hr) without interruption and no thought of restricting my use of them (ie as much streaming as I want or that life allows/calls for). It’s on day 6 I need to switch.

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When my Marvel Rechargeable’s aren’t in my ears, they’re in the charger overnight.

So, I’m guessing the use of a dryer with Marvel’s with rechargeable batteries is out of the question.

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Hopefully you have the omnicharger which has the built in compartment for the desiccant capsule. I know others on this forum are pushing the separate dryer but I’ve now had two different audiologists tell me it is completely unnecessary and the desiccant capsule is more than adequate. According to the audiologists many users don’t do anything and their aids have not had any issues regarding moisture. Of course, this area is not overly humid.


I was told by my audiologist that rechargable hearing aids are fully sealed and require the dryer even less, but also mentioned how hearing aid chargers are available with desiccant capsule so a dryer is overkill apparently :thinking:

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I was just fitted with the Marvel 312T’s. Is there a way to find out the % battery usage with the non-rechargeable batteries?

I don’t know. Have you looked at the app? Other manufacturer’s apps usually have some sort of battery charge indicator. However, in my opinion, they’re pretty much useless as zinc-air batteries have a very flat discharge curve and in many instances read “full” until just a few hours before they die.

I haven’t found anything in the Phonak Remote app that shows battery level for my 312T’s. So far, I have sensed a short chime when the batteries are about to go. This happened on day 5. So I guess all the reports on % battery usage are from the rechargeable models.

Absolutely! With my hearing loss, I can not be without spare batteries. When I travel I also take spare aids.

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I keep a card of batteries in my wallet

Anyone notice that their phone uses more battery when connected to the Marvels over a typical made of iPhone hearing aid?

Battery life on my Android seems to be better with streaming with my Marvels than when I use my Jabra Bluetooth Earbuds.

Hmmm, I don’t use iPhone. I have an LG G6. I haven’t noticed any more battery usage with the Marvels than would be explained from the fact that I’m listening to music more often than I used to.

I’m using Marvel 90 rechargeables with a Google Pixel 2XL phone and I definitely see extra battery usage from streaming (mostly podcasts). In fact, the left ear Marvel that’s assigned to do the BlueTooth-to-phone part runs down faster that the right ear, as shown in the Phonak app. Some days when I stream a LOT, the left goes from 100 to dead in about 12 hours, and the right follows fairly soon thereafter.

Does the 312 battery perform ok on the m90? I know the 13 would do better, but would like the smaller profile of the aid on the 312.

well Dr. Cliff doesn’t think the size difference between 312 and 13 is significant at all: check out this video, he references both.

my audi and i were both shocked by how small the 13 size Marvel is - we both expected it to be bigger. it’s about the same size as my ReSound LINX (original, with 312 battery). It’s a small HA, i would recommend 13 over the 312 any day. go to about 4 mins in the video if you want to cut straight to the chase.

I am in a trial of a M50 in my left (better) ear and do very little bluetooth with it. I get 3.5 to 4 days from a 312 battery. I have a much older Micropower V in my right (worse) ear as I am considering a CI in that ear. The Micropower which requires more gain, gets 7 days from a 312 battery. Also interesting note, I can take a battery that the M50 considers dead and put it in the micropower and it is good for another 4 or 5 hours. I found that out when I switched batteries between the two when the M50 went silent and I found myself with out a spare.

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just another data point…M90-13T
1S receivers, “light to moderate” loss
7-8 days solid…Saturday to Sat/Sun

wear roughly 16-17 hours a day
open the battery doors at night, and most of the time when taking them off for showers, etc. but that’s not much time…
connected bluetooth constantly, so streaming all the beep form messages received throughout the day, occasional driving directions from the map app, occasional calls, etc… a fairly light to almost ‘medium’ smartphone user. I stream music when I go for my run on average 2-3 times a week for roughly 20 minutes.
With PowerOne batteries from my audioligist, the low battery beeps started the early morning of the 7th day (Sat to Sat), but they lasted till evening. Repeated over several sets of batteries.

With Amazon brand batteries I’m lasting Saturday through to the next Sunday pretty solid…but with these batteries when the low battery beep comes I have only minutes till they die.

That’s fascinating. I’m using Costco batteries. When they go low, I get a two warnings and then they’re dead.