Phonak Lumity firmware update

How long has the Lumity software update been available? I just notice it yesterday

My Lumity’s have 1.0.5. I wish they would publish a change log so that I can figure out if it’s worth a visit to my audiologist for an update.



My Lumity have 1.0.6

I mentioned in another thread that I had been notified to upgrade to when I downloaded Target 9. There was a list of 9 or 10 improvements with the upgrade. Unfortunately when I upgraded the firmware the list was no longer available. I remember that one was improved Bluetooth stability.

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I used to ask the audiologist who dispensed and set up my Paradise audeo P90’s to check if there was an upgrade. Twice there had been; he had no knowledge of it. He did the upgrade…he would nothave known if I hadn’t asked.



JordanK, where do you see the update on your aids? Is it through MyPhonak?

I just read a thread at the DIY section on the forum that alerted me to call my audi and get in for a firmware update, which I got today. Not sure if that version would show up on MyPhonak.

Thing is, my audi tells me that Phonak has no formal mechanism for alerting the audis about the updates! I think part of it is cuz updates will only be available when there are a handful of bugs being addressed. But still. If Phonak has our serial numbers, name, where we bought device, etc., it seems stoopid not to contact us proactively?!?

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See that’s the thing. Our audis are flying as BLIND (and deaf) as we are. It shouldn’t be rocket science to have a database of customers and contact them when a software or firmware update is available.

Cuz what happens is that we limp along with all kinds of odd things happening for a few MONTHS (like aids will auto-reboot, stop streaming reliably, drop calls, not charge up, etc.,) and when we’re utterly frustrated we contact our audi, who - with LUCK - finds out if an update is available to address these issues.

Cart pulling horse (or MULE, rather).

Go into the App and select the Devices tab at the bottom. Then select the Product Information button.


Thanks for posting this, I’m going to update soon. Maybe there could be a thread on this site dedicated to firmware updates… And indeed it would be helpful if manufacturers published release notes somewhere.


ACK. I am gonna have to GROW UP and get the dang app. One more thing to spy on me and track my calls right on the phone.

I am getting in to see my audi and a Phonak rep who will demo the Roger ON in for me (WOW is that service, or what?!). With luck maybe I could get the phone app installed and be ready to roll with a Roger trial.

I will be the FIRST PERSON to come right back here and tell folks how it works out. What the sound quality is like (streaming? ambient?), how intuitive it is, what I like/dislike about it. Yeah, the whole nine yards!

YES it would be helpful … and on top of Phonak having our serial numbers, name, who sold us the device etc., MyPhonak is ONE MORE WAY they should be reaching out proactively with customers to alert us about updates.

I guess I’m just quacking in a vacuum. I simply don’t get how they let these golden opportunities slip through their fingers …



No new Phonak Audéo firmware yet, just checked in Target. Yes, pretty silly the App won’t flag at least that updates have been released- how hard is it to code that?

You or your audi (if you are not a DIY’er) can check the set up button at the bottom of Target 8 or Target 9, then check enable online services and then check “check for updates” and Target will automatically check for updates whenever your aids are connected to Target.


Yeah but that’s for software, the firmware for HAs gets a pop up when connected, but I suppose if you read through what the SW update is for, it may possibly mention that’s there’s a FW update for a certain model.

Does a firmware update for the hearing aids effect Roger ON-IN receivers? In other words, should the Roger ON-IN receivers be removed from the hearing aids prior to doing a firmware update? I wonder if the firmware update could cause me difficulty with the Roger ON-IN receivers…


I wouldn’t think so, but I have no experience with Rodgers stuff.
@Zebras and @kevels55 as they’ll know.

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All is good.

Factory resetting your Aids is also okay.

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Not sure i understand. If the options in Target have been selected, Target will check for firmware updates available for your hearing aids. For example when i opened Target and connected my hearing aids there was a pop up advising that there is a firmware update available for my hearing aids and offering to update them. Are we saying the same thing?


Yes absolutely the same, i still wish that al the manufacturer’s would offer this through their respective Apps tho, much easier for everyone.

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Just updated to (Also updated to Target 9.0.1) Improvements listed for my L90s are:

  • More reliable charging.
  • More accurate LED behavior.
  • Improved Bluetooth stability.

For whatever reason, they list everything twice…

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