Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



Which Note 5? Samsung, Infinix, Xiaomi, Coolpad? They range from 4.0 to 5.0
Looking forward to another data point.


It’s cerushields in the receivers. Unless you order a custom tip, then you should be able to request a cerustop.

It looks like they might be phasing out the smartguard. Thank god.


Yipes. I’m hoping to get in for a trial of the Marvels next week - this with my Samsung Galaxy S9 Android phone. As it is, my mom swears I sound tinny and my voice fades in and out using the Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids. I’m wanting this bluetooth streaming to work perfect! That’s the whole reason I’d trade up to the Marvels - to replace ONE ear only streaming with stereo.

With all the fanfare of these new product releases, it seems that basic user group testing is simply NOT carried out in advance of the release. Instead, companies rush to market to yank in the bucks and we become the frustrated guinea pigs to sort it out.

Does anyone here even know if Oticon, Phonak, et al have user groups to TEST these things out in all situations?



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Yes, they have field trials with patients before they do a ture release, generally.

I have 10 Marvel trial demos sitting beside my chair at work now, but my days have been so busy that I haven’t even been able to open them. :cry:


It would appear the Samsung Note 5 is 4.2.


WOW - TEN Marvels to trial!! If I was my aud-guy I’d mug you in a dark alley for at least ONE of them - for a very discriminating, articulate and bothersome customer of mine. :smirk:


Which is good, right?


You (we) shall see!
I seem to recall something about 4.2 and the Marvels. But maybe I’m hallucinating again.


I would expect that any Android solution is going to have plenty of glitches. I don’t hear that an iPhone will solve all problems, but it is a much more developed and tested solution.


Agreed…for mfi. Phonak is trying to be a little less constrained which I applaud them for. But sure…there will be glitches along the way…as there will. As we’re already seeing with non-mfi to Apple.


This appears to be an iPhone XS and Max issue as the iPhone XR doesn’t have the issue. We should hear something soon. On the bright side, I’m extremely happy with sound quality all around.


Sorry. I guess I missed the post that said the XR worked fine.
So I went looking for some commonality.
I thought I was following closely as I’m very interested in how this product pans out.


You will probably be ok as it seems just to be an issue with iPhones rather than other brands. They are fantastic aids though and good luck with your trial.




Hope this will put me in the correct position in this thread…

Wow! It looks like today is the day! Suddenly a flood of messages. I got my trial Marvels today, too. I can’t give any feedback on the iPhone issues because I have an Android phone – a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

FINALLY – after these years of waiting – something that actually does Android streaming! I spent several hours today streaming both music and voice, and it worked perfectly!

I haven’t had a chance to test phone calls yet. I have my fingers crossed. :smile:


That phone is apparently bluetooth 5.0. So yes please do try phone calls with it and report back. We’re all waiting. :slight_smile:
Were you able to test if it was truly stereo like say with old 60’s far left/right stereo or later 60’s interesting music :slight_smile:


Hmm… Sounds like a good idea to test stereo capabilities. Do you have some good examples of music to test?

I did forget to mention that I have a bluetooth connection to my Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet as well, but haven’t yet been able to get it to work with my Windows 10 PC. I tried googling it but haven’t been able to find any help.


Any early Beatles stereo where certain sounds are far left or right. Just about any Floyd where stuff goes back and forth left/right. Why I wonder is that maybe it only copies a mono-ised sound to both sides. I doubt it but actual testing would be nice to confirm.


I assume you mean Pink Floyd? I’ll see what I can find.


Considering they are not MFi aids there is no reason to expect less problems with iPhone use than with Android - probably more because iPhone users are more likely to update their iOS more frequently and Apple have no reason to adapt to the needs of a nonMFi connection which they have no input into or perhaps even knowledge of. I think they have to work fairly hard to keep the MFi aids connecting.