Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



Did you try speaking in to your phone Mic just to see if they could hear you?


Thanks Zebra for the suggestion however since in iOS the call routing is set to “Bluetooth Headset” the phone mics are muted by default.
Another interesting observation has popped out whilst testing this. The caller can hear me say “hello” then the stream is cut off and they can’t hear me any longer.
Maybe some kind of timer issue? Really not sure.


Aw okay. Hope you can get it sorted ASAP.


Seeing this in the features of the first post in this thread, the muted HA mics seems wrong and the source of the problem, unless I’m not understanding something else.

  • Built-in microphones allow completely hands-free phone conversations from both iPhone and Android devices while the conversation is heard in both ears


So there’s no misunderstanding, I’m referring to the mic on the iPhone as being muted when changing the call routing to “Bluetooth Headset.” The mics on my Marvels are alive and working fine during the call. For some reason, the caller fails to hear me after about 20 seconds into the connection.


You likely have tried this already but, if not, try doing a full restart of your iPhone. If that doesn’t solve the issue then unpair/repair your HAs with your phone using the “forget this device” selection. . .


Thanks! Yes, I’ve gone thru the steps several times. We’ve even change the dominate ear from left to right to make sure it wasn’t a HA issue.


I havent seen a set yet Neville, but am intrigued about your wax guard comment - can you please describe it for me?


It’s sort of reminiscent of the H3/H4s in that you have to spin the circle on top to get to a new wax guard, but to do it you have to pinch it between the thumb and forefinger of either hand and then shift the top with your thumbs. Maybe the one I had was broken, but it was REALLY stiff–like, stiff enough that I had a little bit of trouble sliding it despite having no fine motor problems.

The actual wax guard itself is very similar to the cerustop, but larger. There’s a little garbage can hole on the wheel to dump it into and then you press the receiver into the new wax guard to pick it up. That seems fine.


I’ve gone to ordering everything with cerustops where possible to minimise the inventory needs for other HA. Oticon being the only exception.


So, my original audi never explained anything to me about wax guards, I think he just changed them out himself during quarterly visits. My current audi gave me a set with the Starkey I trialed, and showed me how to change them. I see people discussing them here on the forum, but my knowledge is minimal. Reading your comment, I googled “cerustop” and it appears to be a Phonak product. Are you saying you can use this on most any brand of aid? Why do you prefer this? And @Neville makes it sound like I won’t get cerustops with my new Marvels. Can I, and do I want to, request them?


Widex, Resound, Phonak and Unitron in RIC form - Almost all manufacturers in ITE. You can usually select when you order ITE aids.


I am trialing the Marvel aids and have exactly the same problem when making calls using iPhone XS Max. I can hear the caller but they can’t hear me and I have to switch to the phone to continue the call. Very frustrating as otherwise excellent aids.

Tried all the suggestions to repair connections but without success. Can’t work out if it is a Phonak issue or Bluetooth iPhone problem. You would have hoped that consumer testing would have identified the problem earlier with such a premium product.


Interesting. As more and more people are getting these…I wonder if the fact that the iphone 8, X, XR, XS have bluetooth 5 that these phones aren’t compatible. 7 and older have 4.2.


I’m hoping they are backward compatible.
It sounds like the microphone(s) are not ready for prime time. I’ve also have read this is a problem for the Belong Direct.


Yes bleutooth 5 is backward compatible


I know. I’m just goin’ hmm. Two people. Two iphone XS’s. Pattern?
Obviously we need more data points.


Thanks for the reply Mark. As I understand, this is only happening on the XS and XS Plus. Phonak is aware of the issue per my Audi. We are waiting for an official response from them.


I haven’t tried the Phonak CeruSTOP’s on my Quattro receivers yet (replacement only due in another month) but according to the following UK hearing aid accessory site, Phonak CeruStops work on any HA using the CeruSTOP brand:

I’ve received the order of 10 8-packs for $25.99 from Amazon and will try them out, update post in due time.


Interesting that I consistently hear “get an iPhone and your problems will be solved.”
Can’t wait to see how well they work with my Note 5. We’ll find out this Monday. Keeping my fingers crossed.