Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



Less able than what? The Phonak or everyone else. My AuD did say that in her opinion Phonak had the best feedback management in the business enabling her to do more in the upper registers. I had one of the AuDs here say the same thing in a PM.

Have you been fitting the Evoke?


“I mean, any hearing aid will be tinny if you program it to have a stronger emphasis on the higher frequencies.”

Of course, I’ve seen that with the Alta2s that I wear. But according to her most of her patients moving from some other brand to the Phonak find the sound to be tinnier, brighter, a bit more harsh and it takes a bit of time to get used to the difference.


Phonak for sure, but others too.

I haven’t fit as many as I’d like. We don’t have great pricing on the 440s right now, which makes it hard to justify recommending.



I have my original Phonak V90s and they have worked well to pick out music and switch to the music program. I have not needed to switch manually. The newer Phonak aids will have an updated autosense but it should work at least as well as previous versions. I have enjoyed strings concerts and orchestras as well as other live performances (my daughter likes to compose and play) with my V90s. If you do not find what you are looking for with your current trial the new Marvel range would be worth a try.


Thanks for the reply. I think I’ve made up my mind to try the Marvel out as a matter comparison whether I like the Evoke or not.


Somewhat related; Target 6.0 is available as of today.


I find this to be true with my Widex Dream type. Widex is known for feedback from gain levels for high frequencies.


If that is true of the Evoke it’ll never make the end of the 30 day trial. I found that to be a concern with my last adjustment of the Alta2s that I’m in. Much more sensitive to feedback now.


I live in Sun City Texas and we have been working hard to get all of our larger meeting rooms looped. Your “direct connect” will not help you hear a speaker in a large meeting room unless you give them a remote mic. The loop will connect everyone in the room who has a T-coil directly to the Audio System.
Likewise many of our churches, the Palace Theater and other venues here are looped because of our active, older, hearing aid wearing population!!


Thanks for bringing us more news on the imminent release of the Phonak Marvel HA. Dr. Cliff, AuD does a fine job in interviewing the Phonak Rep for the overall summary of the new features.


I found out today that my Phonak Audéo M’s were shipped last Wednesday. I’m hoping to get them fitted this Thursday. I will let everyone know my first reactions to them…


“I find this to be true with my Widex Dream type. Widex is known for feedback from gain levels for high frequencies.”

Other than getting a bit in my left ear if I get it too close to the seat belt when in the music program there is no feedback. And in the music program feedback cancelation is turned off. In universal I can place my hand over my left ear with the double dome and there is zero. If I do the same on the right with the round double vent it is barely perceptable and immediately suppressed. Now perhaps my loss isn’t severe enough that the gain causes problems but it is better than the Alta2 pro.


Also, for some people, the domes are just a really great fit. You can fit quite severe losses with domes if the person has just the right ear canal.


So far so good. I know I told you that the double dome was a single vent but it’s actually closed. You probably knew that already. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Has anyone noticed how long it’s taking for December to get here?


We got our first set in today. Haven’t had a chance to set them up yet. The new button is nice. The new wax guard system seems attrocious, but one presumes they MUST have done some consumer research on that, right? So my first impression must be wrong.:confused:


Only Dec? Lucky you…
Some of us have to wait additional couple of months


Maybe we could start a support group?

Dear Lord, please grant me patience. And do it NOW!


I was fitted with my Phonak Audéo Marvels M90. Everything is excellent except for the fact there seems to be an issue with using them with an iPhone XS. When I either receive a call or initiate a call, I can hear the caller but they can’t hear me. All settings and pairings are correct. If anyone has heard of this issue, please let know. Much thanks!


That looks promising. Perhaps the new Evoke platform is better for feedback. Closed domes should help as well. Good luck!