Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



Hey now! :slight_smile: That’s quite an assertion to make. :slight_smile: Thems fightin’ words.


No - not looking for fight. I just want good reliable connectivity with my iPhone on my next pair of aids without having to compromise on comfort, fit or sound. Hopefully My current aids will last until the HA manufacturers get it sorted.


A point I would like to discuss is that Marvels use classic Bluetooth not LPBT. So, would Apple have done something with classic BT other than just support it? All other streaming is fine, just not the outbound portion of the phone call. And, I have verified that classic BT works on my XS with other devices. Food for discussion. I hope Phonak is reading these!


Are you connected to you phone AND tablet? I was told by a Phonak rep that the Marvels could not be connected to two things at once and would have to be unpaired and repaired, but that seems like it shouldn’t be the case.

That being said, try unpairing from the tablet before pairing with the computer…


You correct. This device can only be paired to one device at a time. This is classic Bluetooth.


Okay, so help me out here because I am the furthest thing from a wireless guru. Why can my car bluetooth be paired to multiple devices? Further, given the different bluetooth options, could the hearing aids be paired to one of each type at the same time (obviously not streaming at the same time, just retaining the pairing)?


I’m not sure your car is actually connected to more than one device at a time. Multiple devices can be paired to the car but only one of the devices can connect at one time.


I think I see where I might have confused the conversation. You can pair your Marvels to a hundred different devices, but you can only communicate with one at a time. Does that make better sense?


See, this is what I expected. This is good. The rep told me you literally had to unpair and re-pair every time you wanted to use a new device.


They are absolutely incorrect! When I move from my iPhone to iPad, for example, all I need to do is turn off my iPhone’s BT. The iPad automatically connects with my Marvels. To go back to the iPhone I would do the reverse.
It is too bad that BT technology doesn’t allow for more than one connection but it’s what we have right now.


Excellent news, thank you.


I’m most interested in how well the mics work for phone calls via BT (i.e. true hands-free) The B-Directs weren’t very good at this unless it was in a very quiet room, which was a big negative when I was evaluating them.


Since I’m having problems within calls on my iPhone XS, I did try out making calls on my wife’s iPhone 6s and it was a fantastic experience. Very clear and no popping like I experienced with my Widex Beyond Fusion 2’s with MFi. I’m hoping Phonak can find the solution for the iPhone flagship…


This is the most important new feature to test!


My audi just told me that I’m getting the “M50” technology level. Does anyone know what that means? I can’t seem to find any technology level info on Phonak’s website.




Outstanding! Thank you!


Do you have Bluetooth in the car and does the phone connect to the car instead of the aids when you get in the car? I actually prefer that - with my Linx and Linx2 trials the car Bluetooth viewed the phone Bluetooth signal as stronger and took over. That way the stereo/radio automatically muted when I took a call.


I tried unpairing from the tablet. I’m not sure if that made a difference, but I wanted to remove that variable first.

Unfortunately, I still can’t connect to my PC. When I went into Bluetooth settings and selected “Add a device,” it eventually found both hearing aids and named them correctly. They showed up as paired, but as “Other devices,” not “Audio devices.”

My old Oticon streamer is still listed as an audio device. I turned on the streamer and clicked on it in the list and two buttons were displayed: “Connect” and “Remove device.” I clicked “Connect” and it connected just fine.

When I tried the same thing with the Marvels, though, I got just “Remove device”; no connect option.

I wonder if there’s a Windows app similar to the Android Remote app that I need to run to get them to connect.


I played a couple of songs by the Beatles, as well as Blondie and the Beach Boys, and it definitely sounded like stereo, but I couldn’t hear a clear switch from left to right.

However, I looked up a stereo sound test online and tried it. Clicking “Left” definitely gives me a tone in the left hearing aid, and both “Right” and “Center” work as expected, as well.

So yes, I would say that they do have stereo capability!