Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



When I just had my official ReSound molds made, the receivers that I had already paid for were used in the molds. My cost was $100 per ear. The cost that I am paying for is the impression of each ear, mailing to ReSound, ReSound doing a 3D scan of the impression, from the 3D scan choosing and designing and manufacturing the mold out of a different silicone than used to make the impression, AFAIK, mailing it back to my audi, then have the audi put the receivers into the molds, answer my questions, etc. Had my doubts whether it was worth effort and expense but now having done it think it’s great, especially if you can adjust the vent size to your liking with select-a-vent.


The phonak molds I’ve had are 3D printed and depending on the type, they may come with the receiver embedded inside. The oticon molds don’t appear to be 3D printed, but my mold with the higher power receiver has the receiver inside. The mold with the lower power receiver is open on the top and the receiver could be removed.


For me it was $250, but think this relies on audiologist


@youbgone These are my Phonak Marvels. I seem to recall my audiologist used some kind of tool to put the receivers in.


@dan92886 Apparently it was only taking a nap.:smiling_imp:


Thanks for picture. Guess Phonak is coming out with new receivers - along with new HA’s.


Guess Phonak is coming out with new receivers - along with new HA’s.

Newer than the Marvel? They just released T coil.


My biggest complaint about these hearing aids is that I cannot take a phone call when there is even a lick of wind. I wish I had the option of just streaming the audio of the phone call. This all or nothing is unfortunate.


That’s interesting. I take calls on the golf course with wind present and I don’t have much of a problem. Yes, the callers tell me they can hear the wind but they also can hear my voice pretty well. Their voices come through just fine to my ears despite the wind. I believe the M90 Marvels AutoSense program has a wind reduction program??


I seem to remember hearing something like that (no pun intended)


Yeah, they do … but this is about the mic that others hear, not what I hear. There’s no settings I can find that alter the microphone while streaming. (I have a noahlink wireless and target 6.0.1)


I don’t know if the “slider” adjustment I see inn the Remote App when streaming music from my iPhone to the Marvels is also available when streaming phone calls?? If it is, then you can just hit the toggle on the aids to move the slider over to the “Audio” side and that essentially cuts out the microphones. However, that will also make it harder for the caller to hear your voice so maybe moving it only a little bit in that direction will help??


The app isn’t available during a phone call for me unfortunately. That slider is still modifying what I’m hearing in any case - more of the streaming or more of my environment. Not sure we have any control over what the aids pick up as my voice during a phone call.

Edit: to be clear - I hear them. They can’t hear me in wind.


The microphones cannot be muted because your voice is being picked up by the mics.


Could it be that your hearing aids are covered by a hat, cap, etc when you’re going outside for a walk etc?



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I’m a new HA user and I’ve now had my Marvels for 2 1/2 months. I’m wondering if some of the issues some have with streaming reliability has anything to do with smartphone tower reception. I have a rural acreage next to a lake and at my house I get almost no cell tower connections. When at home, and that’s the vast majority of the time, I totally rely on my WiFi for both my phone and internet. I get a reliable connection as long as I’m within about 100 feet or so of my house and my router. If I stray further than that I will get interruptions. If I decide to walk in an area that is at a higher elevation and has good cell reception everything is solid. Fortunately most everywhere we go in the Atlanta area has reliable WiFi and good cell tower reception.

So reliability for me has everything to do with where I am and if I can get good cell reception or a good WiFi connection. I think it is probably easy to blame HA’s for poor reception when in actuality it’s often physical location that is the culprit.

2 1/2 months in now and I really do like my Marvel M90-R’s. I’ve become used to hearing higher frequency sounds that I haven’t heard for years. Tomorrow, 15Mar2019, I’m planning to have my audiologist set my Marvels from a lowered high frequency to their full capabilities. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this effects the sound of my piano and how it effects listening to music. I also plan to make absolutely sure that my Marvel’s Music Program does absolutely nothing to the sound like frequency shifting to lower frequencies. I made some notes in my OneNote app for questions to ask tomorrow. Here is my list.

  1. What is the actual warranty on our Marvels? What if the battery fails before 6 years, assuming we keep them that long?

  2. Looking at my audiogram compared with my hearing test with HA, should I get a level audiogram after final adjustment? When retested, why do I still have an audiogram that is 20 dB down from 0 (Normal)? When retesting while wearing HA’s in the testing booth, why isn’t that as good as, if not better than, REM Real Ear Measurement?

  3. What is the meaning on the audiogram of the Tymp 226 Hz Right and Left? What does a normal chart look like?

  4. Is Frequency Compression being used in my Marvels? Could this be the reason my piano sounds the way it does? Is the Music Program set to be absolutely and totally linear with nothing to interfere with the music?

  5. Is the Music Program the exact same as the Music Program that is automatically selected with AutoSense OS 3.0?

  6. Can our Marvels get the latest firmware update today? Just in case something other than iPhone compatibility was done.

  7. Is the remote update feature available now? Is the Android Remote Update app up to date?

  8. Some HA’s have a mute button. Is there a way to mute the Marvels?

I have a two hour drive to get to my audiologist so I hope I’ve covered everything.


So I was visiting my audiologist today to pick up my TV Connector and also to get the firmware update. She decided not to do the firmware update because it’s sole purpose is to create the ability to use the iPhone X/XS and I have the iPhone 7 Plus so she said better not to do it. She said she thinks another firmware update is coming in the next few months so we are going to wait and see what that one does.


Yes, there is. It’s a setting in the device options.


Sounds like it’s time for a Hearing Forum cookout.