Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



So I’ve had my Marvels for several months and only recently bothered to schedule an adjustment with my audiologist. One thing that is bothering me is that louder high pitch sounds “clang” in my head. I’m wondering if I should try new domes, or ask to have my high pitches turned down a little. I have small ears and use the Marvel domes in their smallest size. Should I ask the Audi to do REM?

Also, if I’m sitting in my leather recliner and one of my teens yell, the sound bounces and reverberates in my ears/head. These seem a little more noticeable than my older Phonak V90’s.

One other thing I hope to do is have the audi lower my streaming sound so that I have a bigger range to turn down. I’m often on the lowest volume setting on my iPhone and wish I could turn it down more.

Overall I’m thrilled with the Marvels (save the single device issue that I’ve complained about upthread).


Phonak is looking for feedback on the Marvel. If you wear Marvels, PLEASE consider taking this survey. Your feedback will feed directly back to Switzerland, and WILL have an impact on the future evolution of these devices .

Take the survey here:


Resolves the problem? Maybe - Maybe not but at $700 $800 plus it’s a very expensive option.


Or about $100 on ebay.


For clarity sake: My marvel 90r’s stream in both ears. However, there have been a couple times where the right HA (in my setup, this is the primary BT connection) does not stream to the left HA on a call. The fix was to power down the HA’s and power back on for them to BI-Stream again.

I do not think this is a BT to phone issue as it is more a primary HA to secondary HA streaming issue.


I don’t trust ebay when ordering HA devices. Because its “buyer” beware.


It might be worth having custom molds made. I worked hard to find domes for each ear that would be pretty occlusive (improves speech clarity, reduces feedback). In spite of finding pretty good fit domes, when I just got my custom molds (yesterday), I find the fit superb and I opted for silicone select-a-vent, and decided to pick the smallest size vent insert (~1 mm hole). According to the ReSound feedback analyzer, the custom molds just about eliminate feedback. When using the Music program at a loud volume and wearing headphones, I used to get a little bit of squeal on certain high notes or rubbing the headphones against things like wool scarves. The custom molds have virtually eliminated feedback and they are very comfortable to wear. No pressure or anything opening and closing mouth, chewing. I read what other folks on the forum said about molds before deciding to give them a try and I am glad that I did.

On a humorous note, one of the more influential posts that I read was Doc Jake scorning Don when Don was trying to help someone find the best fitting domes. The Doc said something like “quit wasting the guy’s time and encourage him to go straight to molds as that’s the best option in the end no matter what” - or something to that effect. As I endlessly debated the “worth it or not?!” question, Doc’s vituperative words kept ringing in my head.


Sorry for being shallow, but are the custom domes visible when one looks in the ear? I like my invisible domes


My silicone ones are so translucent that when my wife looked at the side of my head straight on, she claimed that she couldn’t see them in my ear canals. My molds are the “in-canal” type but they come out to almost the surface of my ear lobe. I think the relative shadow of the ear canal opening helps hide them. They are a bit harder to insert than domes. For me, it helps to gently tug up and back on the ear lobe when inserting and removing them.

From reading various forum posts, some custom molds are made with a satisfaction “money-back” guarantee. My audi said nothing about that to me but at $100 a pop for custom-made ReSound molds, one would hope one could get that sort of guarantee. I think some folks have mentioned with their audi’s that custom molds, if desired, came with the full-service deal of buying HA’s at a $6K to $7K price. Since I got my HA’s at a cut-rate TruHearing deal through my local audi, I didn’t mind paying extra for custom molds.

Since Phonak makes a great HA in the Marvel, I should imagine that custom-made molds by Phonak would be equally as MARVELous and come with the select-a-vent option and all that.

Edit_Update: Link to Dr. Cliff video on optimizing vent size in custom molds. Dr. Cliff says well into video that the whole is video is sponsored by Phonak but he also says that optimizing vent size (or venting) is one of the most important things that you can do for HA use. Bottom line: he’s big on Phonak custom molds with an optimum vent size calculated for you based on shape of ear canal, degree and nature of hearing loss, etc.


There are reviews you can read from people who have bought similar items from that seller.


They usually go in about as far as domes and are about the same size, for canal molds. There are bigger half shell and full shell molds. Hopefully I will never have to have those.


Good video; I guess I missed this one. My audiologist mentioned she might want to put me into a custom mold for my right ear with my Marvels. I’m thinking if I wind up going that direction for the right ear, why not both ears?


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I’ve heard Phonak has a reputation for making excellent custom molds. What should I expect to pay for a custom mold from Phonak?


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Mine have slimtip acrylic molds. They are at least semi-custom because my audiologist made impressions before ordering them. These are the first Phonak I’ve had, and the first with that style of mold. They are a little challenging for cleaning the interior part sometimes–I’ll have to see if there’s some trick to it when I go for more wax guards.


My custom molds with phonak are great. Much better than ReSound. Not sure how to report on them other than they sound amazing and are very comfortable.


Do you mind telling me how much they cost?


I’ve had a wide range of custom molds from relatively low power to high power from both oticon and phonak. They are both fine. If I recall correctly, they cost around $100 each, but actually never paid for one, so I’m not sure. Ask your audiologist.


Like to see a picture of the slimtip mold you’re using. In the past I’ve paid $100 for a HA mold - or maybe $160 for two. The mold itself is peanuts - but the receiver inside is what you pay for.