Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids



I think we need to wait and see what the major update that’s coming out the week of Feb 25 looks like. I do know that it addresses the iPhone XS hands-free issue. I also saw that there is work being done on the remote app. I’m remaining positive…


Also March 27- AAA 2019, the Academy’s annual conference and exposition. Hope we get some positives.


Since I’m retired, it’s not really a big negative to me as my Pixel 3 XL is my only phone and everything works just fine phone-wise. I do, however, share your frustration with having to un-pair re-pair to change to my PC and un-pair re-pair to change back to my phone. I too am hopeful that we will see this fixed and working the way Bluetooth Classic is supposed to work.


hi all.

I put the ReSound Quattros in some of the most difficult of environments (hospital setting where patients speak softly or not clearly, face masks in the OR with lots of machine like noise, tons of beeps and lots of people… sometimes in wide open environments and others very close together). I’ve been wearing them for about 6 weeks. The Quattros have been incredible, however sometimes speech clarity has been difficult. I use the Quattros with a multi-mic, Roger X receiver, and 4 roger pens in the operating room (don’t use Rogers outside of there usually due to a fast paced, changing environment). My experience can be found more in this thread: ReSound Quattro's + Multi-Mic & Roger X + Roger Pens

Why am I posting here? Since my hearing is so mission critical to my career, taking care of patients, and learning as a resident physician (I’m in my late 20s, my career is merely just beginning) - I want to make sure I am making the right decision. My audi put on order Phonak Marvel 13T with ultrapower receivers today. Size 13 batteries due to amount of streaming I do and sometimes long stretches of time (30+ hours) awake without ability to recharge. The 13T’s were available for pre-order as of yesterday. I plan to get a Roger MyLink telecoil to bridge the Roger gap until RogerDirect is activated this fall. I have an iPhone XS, so it’s game on, Phonak! Show me what you’ve got! Haha, I’m kidding… but if they can do better than the Quattro’s hearing wise, I will give up the Quattros’ incredible 3D Smart app and seamless connectivity with my phone for them.


Definitely curious about how it goes. I predict that the Phonaks might offer better speech clarity solo, but you will miss the seamless connectivity.


Hello, what kind of stethoscope do you use with your loss? Also, how will the Phonak Ms work with that.


My field doesn’t require too much stethoscope use thankfully, but when I do need it I take my aids out. Auscultation sounds are very low frequencies (< 200 Hz) and my hearing is largely preserved there. If it goes south, I have a ThinkLabs One.


I have the Cardionics version and connect to a streamer as I am afraid to lose my HAs taking them out. I’m a paramedic so
not in the best settings at times. My low
frequency loss is moderate but I have a closed fit which makes this work.

If I go with the new Phonak Marvels, I lose
the streamer. I would use headphones instead.


Intreresting that you just posted this as Dr. Cliff Olson just put up a You Tube Video this morning on the question of which is better, the Quattros or the Marvels. Bottom line is he said impossible to answer without clarifying five key points he uses from each individual. I can tell you I have the Marvels and they are outstanding. My audiologist fits Resound, Widex, Phonak, and a couple of others. Since the Marvels became available in late November, she has switched two of her patients from the Resound Quattros to the Marvels and they were much happier with the Marvels. She personally wears the Widex Evoke aids but she told me at my last visit she has been wearing the Marvels to get a better first hand understanding of how they work and she has been very impressed thus far. The Quattros have a much more interactive App so if you like to make tweaks to your hearing aids yourself or set up special location based programs, then the Quattros might be a better choice. For music streaming and speech in noise the Marvels have a strong reputation. There was a poster on this forum, Warneral, who switched from the Quattros to the Marvels and she gave a very detailed description of why she switched. You should be able to do a search on her handle and find her posts on this subject. Being as you are already invested in the RogerDirect devices the Marvels might be the better choice but you will have to wait until the Fall (?) for the direct connection. It will be interesting to hear how your evaluation turns out. Please post your impressions/results.


Did you try the Enzo?

Be aware that you can probably expect a slightly poorer streaming quality when connecting via the t-coil.


Saratogaleft - you said “Being as you are already invested in the RogerDirect devices the Marvels might be the better choice but you will have to wait until the Fall (?) for the direct connection.”

What do you mean by direct connection versus how the RogerDirect currently works now? And come fall/2019 do you still have to hold the RogerDirect pen in front of someone to take advantage of it? When one pays $4000, $5000 plus for HA’s is it really fair to ask someone to shell out $700 plus for the RogerDirect or more? I’m starting to feel some of these expensive accessories popping up (battery rechargers, RogerDirect pen, neck loop, remote control devices, etc.) are just ways for HA manufacturers to add to their piggy banks. Could we see some day a combination of HA accessories that cost more then the HA itself? One has to wonder.


Well…they are in business for a reason. :slight_smile:
But absolutely. This is why many of us want the all in one solution like these Marvels are close to being. I would certainly rather not have to pay for and carry around another device (other than the phone itself).
Hey there now…a cellphone enabled hearing aid. Hmm electro-magnetic radio waves practically inside the brain for many hours. Maybe not.


I am really hoping Phonak updates their app. As it stands now, it’s truly pitiful in comparison to Smart 3D. I saw a screenshot of an updated version (I think earlier in this monstrous thread), and if that app update somehow comes at the same time that the iPhone XS update comes, it may be a match made in heaven. Hah! I really hope I can experience Marvels with the updated app.

In regards to me being invested in the Rogers. Yes, I am - but it’s a nonissue. I’ve got a receiver that works with my Quattro’s. I actually have to pay more to keep using them with Marvels - the RogerDirect activation fee later, and the MyLink cost for now.

@Neville - we have discussed the Enzos. Right now, it is clear to both of us that I have enough power via my ultra power receivers except for 6-8k frequencies in my left ear. I have severe tinnitus in my L ear, so it’s a question if gaining just a bit more in those frequencies would really help me. We’ve done a cost/benefit ratio, and think that sticking with the Quattro’s over the Enzos is best. Now the discussion is Quattro’s or Marvels.

Question: does anyone know if Marvels can be programmed via NoahLink? I assume that they can, given it is industry standard. Reason I ask is because I’ve made subtle changes with my Quattro’s with my NoahLink IN the actual challenging environment, and it’s made a significant difference.


All models Noahlink Wireless yes.
Some models Noahlink and the same HIPro.


The Quattro supports more bandwidth (khz) than the marvel. How much would I miss out on sound quality (music etc) if I’d go for the marvel instead of the Quattro? (See my audiogram in my profile).


What are you basing this on? Receiver bandwidth from datasheets? If so I think it’s irrelevant.


Quattro has more khz bandwidth to offer. They claim it’s good for music. I wonder whether it’s true and what else I’m missing if going for the marvel and not the quattro?


It’s one of the “breakthroughs” of the Quattro’s, heavily emphasized by resound. On their website: “An extended bandwidth to 9.5 kHz means patients will hear a larger range of sounds and will have access to nuances in tones that were previously unavailable to them.”


Is that true? Also for my hearing loss? (See my audiogram)


I don’t think you or gsl are going to hear 9500 hz.