Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids


Ah, sorry, I misread. Though you were asking when the Roger Direct functionality would be available.



The Roger Pen will connect to two phones at once. So the Marvel connects to the Roger Pen and it is the Roger Pen that connects to multiple devices. Similar to how my current hearing aids connect to the Compilot 2 and the Compilot 2 connects to multiple devices.



So people are bitching and moaning about having to pair/unpair/repair to set up multiple devices with the Marvels (not really an issue for me) and assuming the RogerDirect firmware update will potentially solve this issue, why is Phonak taking so long to release the firmware upgrade??? Seems to me the best solution is to release the firmware upgrade now and not wait until the Fall to do so??



Good point. It’s not really new technology.



not sure why people are thinking the RogerDirect activation will solve bluetooth direct issues. Roger is an FM system and totally different technology.

Marvels are the first with this BT technology in a hearing aid, and unfortunately I think it is reasonable to assume that this is what the Marvel BT functionality will be – one at a time. Maybe (probably) future versions will support multiple BT devices. I wonder if they’ve limited multiple devices to just one due to battery life limitations, as if multiple devices were paired, the HA would have to be in BT “search” mode more often – which could drain the battery life. Just my two cents.



The Roger Pen also connects to cell phones and other Bluetooth devices using Bluetooth. It connects to two at one time.



Yes, but that’s using the pen’s BT antennas, not the HA’s. People may be able to connect to multiple BT devices with marvels if they shell out money for the firmware upgrade to enable RogerDirect and money for the Roger pen, as well as carrying the pen with them.



Not really sure what you mean. The limitation with the Marvel is that it doesn’t connect to two devices at one time and many are reporting they have to forget and re-pair to switch between devices.

The use of a Roger Pen sounds like it will relieve that limitation, allowing 8 devices to be paired and at least 2 devices connected at one time. That is a huge improvement.



Why in the world would Phonak force HA owners to buy RogerDirect or RogerDirect firmware (which is for one benefit only) to address connection issues/one paring at a time issues? Phonak HA users don’t want to shell out more money when other HA’s don’t have pairing/connection problems to multiple device. Furthermore Phonak users need a permanent solution to this ongoing problem and not some expensive band aid. I’m not even sold that RogerDirect works as stated (have not tried) but when you have to start buying other bells and whistles to get you’re HA to work properly - then you are in trouble.

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The Marvel works directly with one device. I hope that changes but not holding my breath.

For more devices you will have to have an additional device, like every other hearing aid.

But, the Signia and Oticon devices only connect to one device at a time.

Resound Phone Clip+ connects to 2. The Phonak Com Pilot 2, which I have, connects to 2 phones and a third streaming device.

The really good solution is to activate the Com Pilot 2 for the Marvel.

There may not be room in the Marvel for multiple radios, or maybe it’s a power issue.

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I don’t know why people keep calling this an issue or a problem, as if it’s some sort of bug that needs a fix. This is the design of the device. You may not like it, but there it is.



Thanks. Pet peeve of mine. I’ll resist the temptation to go on a rant. :wink:

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Don - thanks for breaking things down. Also didn’t see your thoughts regarding Widex? If other HA brands only connect with one device at a time - then maybe Phonak is being picked on. Also I’m wondering if this issue pertains more to those who are really into multiple connections/high tech versus those who are not high-tech users or don’t have a budget to buy every bluetooth streaming device on the market?.

Case in point when I do start trials on some HA I can see my self (streaming of course to new cell phone). I’d like to think with new aids I can listen to TV directly (currently do with close caption). I also have a 5 year old iMac that I have difficulty hearing utube audio when googling various “how to do things/projects”. So let’s add pairing connection to TV and iMac if feasible. Lastly (like TV) I’d like to think with new HA I can listen to car radio with no pairing connection. But of course if I hear better using bluetooth, then I might want to go that route. Not sure if I will stream music while in house but we do have a Bose SoundLink Mini II Portable Speaker that collects dust in living room. That’s pretty much it. I don’t have a iPad, nor laptop, nor apple watch nor any other devices.

So if I have four different pairing devices at home (say cell, TV, iMac and car radio) are we saying I’m a good candidate for Phonak Marvel (with one device pairing limit) or am I going to find I’m in the group that is some what frustrated by turning HA on and off to pair to multiple devices? Since my old aids are 2012, all the above is some what new to me.



I think the TV transmitter works in addition to one bluetooth device, so that may make it a little easier. I don’t like stopping and starting bluetooth all day so the Signia and Oticon do not work for me. I did trial the Costco version of the Signia, and Signia and Oticon use the same bluetooth device, even though they are unrelated companies.

I think the Roger Pen will be a good solution for many people.

I love the connectivity of the Phonak Compilot 2 and if they had made that available to the Marvel that’s what I would have. I have the Costco version of the Phonak B90 312T and it is is the best I’ve had. I have no complaints but the Marvel does have a new processor and auto sense 3 instead of my auto sense 2, so if I could have that with connectivity I would have gotten it.

I don’t think I’m missing anything with mine so connectivity is more important to me than a slight, maybe, increase in performance. But again, if I could have gotten both I would have.

I don’t know anything about Widex.



Don, what phone do you use?



Samsung Galaxy S6…



I have been trialing Brio 3s for a few months and will convert to the M50s next week for a few hundred dollars more.

The Brios connect to multiple devices simultaneously and the clipping drives me nuts.

Warching tv when an email arrives results in 5 seconds of dead air requiring a lot of backtracking. I now disconnect my ipad and/or phone when watching tv.

Im hoping that eventually you may be able to connect selectively thru the iphone app to the device or devices of your choice.

Looking forward to getting Rogered.



Actually, the Phone Clip+ can be paired with up to 8 Bluetooth devices but only two can be connected at the same time. But unlike the Marvel’s, you don’t have to repair to switch to another device. You simply turn off the one you don’t want to remain connected to and connect to another device that you do (and with Android or a PC, you can use the BT settings on those devices to make sure you’re disconnected from what you want to be and connected to what you do want to be). It works very well.



The pairing issues with the Marvel is a major bummer for me, and I’m hoping they are able/willing to change/fix this in the future. I’ve finally just settled that my cell phone is my paired device and I will just have to hold my office phone up against my hearing aid microphone or use the speakerphone. Watching videos, (work related of course) on my work computer will have to stay muted and pray they have closed captioning so I can follow along as I can’t turn it up loud enough with my speakers without disturbing everyone else. I don’t expect them to make it so they can stay connected to more than one at a time, but their custom implementation of Bluetooth classic has broken some rules in the SIG standard and make it impossible for them to stay paired or even connect with another device will the other one still has Bluetooth enabled.

Barring that fix, a Roger pen would be a solution for me at work as I could pair those other devices with that and have it transmit while leaving my hearing aids paired with my phone. It’s a bummer, but I’d do it.

The TV Connector isn’t all roses for me either. They have limited that two only allow the Marvels to remember 2 at a time. Raise you hand if you only have 2 or less TV’s in your home? They stand to make hundreds of dollars a pop on these connectors. Why not allow 10?



Not sure but I think the Marvel launched Oct. 2018 so its now been on the market for almost five months. Maybe it came out earlier. In any case if the pairing issue were a simple matter to correct I think it would of been corrected by now. You’d also think Phonak by March/April (2019) would give a target date (later this year) to change/fix the pairing issue. I’d hate to think that Phonak would actually come out with completely new HA in late 2019 or 2020 that does pair to multiple devices, thus leaving current Marvel holders in the dust. So I guess the “million dollar” question is has anyone on HT contacted Phonak directly and been given any hope or clue if the company is (1) working on the problem and (2) hopes to have it corrected this year for current and future Phonak Marvel users. And (sorry) I don’t see Roger Pen as the “cure all” for this ongoing concern.

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