Phonak introduces Marvel platform and Audéo M hearing aids


When you get your Pixel 3 XL you’ll be able to see what I’m seeing as the problem with pairing and re-pairing. On my Pixel 3 XL, when I ask for for my R-Phonak hearing aid that is currently “Active” to “Disconnect”, I can see that it actually does “Disconnect” for about 15 seconds. And then to my utter amazement, it automatically “Reconnects” again without my doing anything! I try “Disconnecting” again and 15 seconds later it again automatically “Reconnects” again! I don’t have any other Bluetooth device that exhibits that behavior. I’ve never seen any other Bluetooth device work that way. It’s totally contrary to the way that Bluetooth Classic is supposed to work. That is exactly the problem with connecting to another device with the Marvel. Since it automatically reconnects itself every time you disconnect, and with Bluetooth Classic you can only be connected to one device at a time, the absolute ONLY way you can connect the Marvels to another device is to actually un-pair from the device you are leaving and re-pair with the device you’re going to. The problem we have is with the way Bluetooth is programmed for the Marvels. Until Marvel’s “auto-reconnect” problem is fixed to work the way every other Bluetooth Classic device works, you will have the Marvel’s un-pair and re-pair problem. Period.

I have a great experience with my Pixel 3 XL simply because I don’t have a pressing need to connect to any of my other computers or tablets. I definitely can connect to any of my other devices by going through the time consuming song-and-dance of un-pair from the old device and re-pair with the new device. I sincerely hope that Phonak can get the message that they are doing something totally nonstandard with Bluetooth Classic that is thoroughly irritating their users.

I’ll end with something positive too. I absolutely love my Marvels and I’m not giving them up. I too am positive that Phonak will update their implementation of Bluetooth Classic to work correctly and that they will update the Remote App to work the way it should.

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I haven’t tested it, but the following looks interesting. If it does what I think it does, it allows you to leave the connection between your Marvel and your phone (also useful for Quattro’s and other hearing aids):



And this too:



TraderGary, I’ve seen the same behavior on the auto-reconnect with my Galaxy Note 8. I thought it might be the Dual Audio feature trying to take over, but it’s not that. I use the Dual Audio with other devices and it’s really cool, but the devices need to support and behave correctly. I’m getting good at managing little tricks with the Marvels though. In my shop for example I usually stream music over BT from my phone to my Yamaha receiver. Now that I have the Marvels, I can’t just tap on the Yamaha receiver and start streaming because the Marvels take over 5 seconds later and kill the Media Audio stream. My phone stays paired and connected to the Yamaha, but no music! I’ve found that I can edit the Bluetooth settings to the Marvels and just disable the Media Audio and it works. I get phone calls to the Marvels, and music to the Yamaha receiver and my phone says both are connected at the same time. Ideally they would both connect without me making adjustments to the settings and recognize that I have chosen the Yamaha for Media Audio, but I wouldn’t want it to totally drop the connection either. I’m hoping I can use Tasker to create a widget to quickly enable/disable the Media Audio, but I haven’t had a chance to look into it yet. I just wish they worked like my Bose QC35II headphones. Those pair with a ton of devices, have a priority list of which to search and use and support connections to 2 at a time. I get YouTube/Skype/Webex calls from my PC and Music/Calls from my phone simultaneously.



I was told by my Audi who received this info from her Phonak rep that the major update to deal with the iPhone XS hands-free issue will go public the week on Feb. 25. FYI.



Re Bluetooth versions - that Phonak site says “Bluetooth 4.2 and most older versions”. It did not work well with my older phone which has v4, but did work well on a newer phone with v4.1



It’s a hunch I have that Apple didn’t properly implement their v5 to be properly downward compatible. But it’s just a hunch. The iphones that have been talked about here are using v5.



I was talking compatibility with the app. Are you talking app compatibility or ability to stream?



I don’t have the app, was referring to direct streaming phone calls. At first I thought the problem could have been using the HA mic’s instead of the phone mic, but the Phonak folk in New Zealand reckon the problem was using an older phone. I still wonder if the problem would go away if the phone mic’s could be used but haven’t yet found out if that is possible.



Thank you!!! I can not wait! :slight_smile:
Are there any updates for the SlimTip Titanium? When will they be available? I need them.



Having been an HA user for several years, I like to keep upto date with the latest in technology. I recently tested the Phonak Audeo Marvels. As far as hearing goes they are amazing, clear and crisp. I am very impressed.
I use my HA’s a great deal for streaming and was very interested in how these had managed to move bluetooth forward a step and bring it straight to the ear - no need for a neck piece. As an android user, I was excited when these were created. However, I have one massive disappointment. They will only attach to my phone and, with a bluetooth box, to my TV (they do do this exceptionally well). But what about my laptop? Not making it capable of attaching to a laptop and/or tablet that are bluetooth enabled as well is a huge fail. Most of us these days have at least a phone and a laptop/tablet that we wish to connect too. The only way I have managed to stream from my laptop is by removing the TV box from my TV and attaching to laptop via headphone jack.
I understand that Oticon have acheived this with their latest HA’s although they are only suitable for Apple users.
In spite of this, because they are exceptional in every other way, I have decided to buy some.
Please Phonak can you remedy this and pass on to recent purchasers so I can give you 10/10 stars?



Yes, I have the same objection. I’m at the end of a trial of the Costco Phonak Brio 3, which is the Phonak Audeo B90 312T. With it you can use the Compilot 2 device. I connect to my Android smartphone, office phone, laptops, tablet, and generic Bluetooth transmitter. I will keep the Brio 3s.

The Compilot 2 will connect to two phones at one time and an additional tablet or laptop. I answer whichever phone rings and it pauses the streaming until the call is over.

I understand the Roger Pen will be able to connect to the Marvel in the fall (2019) and the Roger Pen will connect to two devices at one time, and be paired with several. I assume this will not be dumbed out of the Marvel connection.

Maybe there is not enough room for multiple radios like there are in the Compilot 2 device. If that can’t be fixed it relegates the Marvel to niche status and opens an opportunity for a competitor, like Resound, to introduce a full function Bluetooth hearing aid.




found a fix for my older laptop. Tried different USB nubs and more than wanted to spend. But it works on my laptop.



So the Bluetooth issue (only one pairing at a time) is not really big deal for me, but I would like to be able to connect my laptop from time to time. So If I understand what you are saying, when Phonak finally releases the firmware update to enable the built in Roger function on my M90R aids, you think then I will be able to connect multiple bluetooth devices at the same time? You indicate I may need to buy the Roger Pen but I understood the Roger functionality is built into the Marvels and just needs to be turned on???



I’m not really the one to answer that, but I think I read here that the Marvel has a built in Roger receiver. I don’t know if it will work with all the Roger devices, but Roger Pen has been the one I’ve read.



From the first post in this thread:

The new hearing aids are also RogerDirect™ ready, meaning they can receive signals from Roger™ microphones directly and without attaching a separate receiver in the future for better understanding in noise and over distance. RogerDirect functionality will be available as a firmware upgrade in fall 2019.



I’ve been told by an audiologist that the built in Roger Direct in the Marvel will work with all Roger transmitters.



But not all Roger devices are stereo I think



I wonder that too… Is the Roger Pen 1.1
mono or stereo?



Yes I’m aware that once the firmware is updated all RogerDirect devices will be able to connect to the Marvels. The thing I’m not understanding is how this will permit multiple Bluetooth connections to the Marvels to avoid the current need to unpair/repair each device???