ReSound Quattro's + Multi-Mic & Roger X + Roger Pens


Hi all,

Upgraded from ReSound LiNX to ReSound LiNX Quattro’s, and I am very impressed with the upgrade thus far. I chose the user changeable battery instead of the rechargeables (reason being that residency will demand I pull 30+ hours at times without rest – but that’s a conversation for another time! :smile:) The Quattro’s ability to cut through noise has been incredibly significant, especially when considering my degree of hearing loss (severe-profound). I have put it in the toughest environments – terribly loud bars, packed restaurants, hospital wards with beeps coming from everywhere and doctors speaking quietly as we round (along with many side conversations going on), and the most challenging of all - the operating room. So far, my ability to hear in these environments has been markedly improved. Not perfect, but we are getting closer – more adjustments to come.

For the operating room, I have a multi-mic with a Roger X receiver plugged into it, and then 4 Roger pens. I have a Resound remote control hanging around my neck so that I can press through my surgical gown and adjust my aids/multi mic as needed (can’t see the screen obviously but there’s only so many buttons that it’s easy to learn how to navigate). I am VERY impressed by this system so far. I put the pens on the residents/attendings before we scrub in; I hear some ruffling of the gown on the pen but it’s not that significant. The pens ability to distinguish who is speaking, particularly when speaking softly (obviously happens when people start really focusing – which I hope is happening in the OR :wink:). Not only do the pens know who is speaking, but they switch very quickly. I am very impressed! I’ve only been in the OR a short bit since getting them yesterday, so I plan to really put them to the test.

As a side kick, the streaming functions with my iPhone XS is sort of night and day. The reliability in establishing a connection is far greater. It is much quicker to connect and doesn’t drop.

My only complaint is that those who are speaking softly - in of all places - QUIET environments is actually hard for me to hear. That’s usually when I say “What?”. My audiologist put some adjustments for this yesterday, so fingers crossed this improves.

Despite this, ReSound did something right with these updates because these things are slicing through challenging environments like a hot knife through butter. I am hopeful I can figure out the soft speech in quiet environments bit.

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Thanks for the report. Perhaps my open domes are a source of a lot of noise direct to my eardrum.

Just to round things out, I presume that you have a custom mold - could you say what style, what type of material and how much venting?

I’ve read efigalaxie’s posts on how great a Roger Pen (or Select, I think) is with the Quattro’s, too. Perhaps, tremendously boosted by your report, I’ll have to save up my pennies for one (or start shopping eBay!).

Whatever HA you decided to stick with, it’s so great to hear that you found a workable solution in your extremely difficult and complex operating environment. Is your institution footing the bill in the interests of accessibility for you or are you having to pay out of pocket yourself?!


jim… I swithed from domes to molds about 1 yr ago… my audi did the fitting and ordered me the acrylic molds which I hated… they were way to hard and made my inner ear sore… I tried them for only 2 days and sent them back and then got the silicone molds… they are working great I put them in early morning and wear them for about 15 hrs without ever pushing them back in and re-seating them which was a major problem for me… I have 1 vent which measures about .090 in diam. discuss with your audi the specific size of the molds that you want … they will usually come in pretty big in diam. and covers much of the ear… I had my audi whittle the outer part of the mold down quite a bit for a better fit


I’ll throw in several comments: 1) My take is that for people with good low frequency hearing, even closed domes or custom molds will not keep the noise out (reduce it some yes, but not keep it out) In a sense, the good low frequency hearing is the problem. 2)The better seal and hence better at keeping noise out, the more occlusion one will have to deal with. 3) It’s likely that to have occlusion be tolerable, custom molds would need significant venting which would eliminate much of their “advantage.”


Thanks for the great advice from both of you, Ureout and MDB. I realize that playing around with more occlusive domes and molds may not work but just want to try them out on myself first-hand to experience the pros and even the cons and whether even a few dB less noise in some situations will be a noticeable improvement in speech in noise recognition, etc. by reducing open dome leakage just a bit.

I did find the following article, MDB, on the Internet in searching globally:

and then was delighted to find that you noted it yourself a year or more ago and started a thread on this forum about it.

The article basically says that you need pretty serious hearing loss, about 70 dB I think, before one should switch to occlusive molds. But if it’s only a couple hundred bucks to try, I’d look forward to the experience.

Sorry to throw mjstew33’s thread on his situation off-topic but since he/she(?) reports such great results in his own personal situation with the Quattro’s and I’m a Quattro user with open domes and I see mjstew33 mentioned in another thread that he has custom molds, I wanted to get the details. I guess silicone molds are attached to receivers by wires so it’s not something you’d be switching out easily if you want to wear open domes most of the time but do custom molds in difficult situations for that extra few dB (or is it easy to swap?). Maybe a Roger Pen (or Roger Select) and a Roger Receiver for my Multi-Mic is the easy, sane approach…

Look forward to hearing more from mjstew33 on the details of conquering noise when time permits in busy resident life


Just something to keep in mind is that happiness with a closed fitting can have a lot to do with one’s audiogram.


So what type of dome or mold do you wear? And @Ureout hasn’t posted an audiogram but maybe he/she could say if it’s more like mjstew33’s profound loss or more like my classic ski slope loss with ~good low-frequency hearing.

I’m used to doing odd things - when I use a weedwhacker in my backyard, I don Kevlar chaps, hearing protection, and a full-face shield (long ago used to get whacked in face and legs by flying objects, twigs, rocks, ricocheting off fence boards, trees, etc.). If I’d hear better in a very difficult noise situation for a few hours, I might not mind thinking I was talking from the bottom of the ocean at least during that noisy outing.


I wear vented click sleeves on my Kirkland KS7s. I inadvertently tried unvented ones and they didn’t really make a difference in noise, but they did add some occlusion. It was at that time, I came to the conclusion (possibly mistaken) that if one has good low frequency hearing, it doesn’t matter what kind of dome or mold one wears, outside noise is going to be audible. Closed domes are for keeping gain in, not really for keeping outside noises out. So, my take is that closed domes or molds are for allowing more low frequency gain (otherwise it “leaks” out), more high frequency gain without getting feedback, and possibly more comfort if one has challenging ear canals.


jim, I have severe to profound loss from working 30 yrs in the auto industry… back then hearing protection wasn’t mandatory… I don’t have an audiogram to post but my loss in the high frequency is severe …


Nice Roger Pen use. I wish multiple pens were generally more affordable and that people were more open to asking their friends to use them. Are these dedicated for the operating room, or can you take them out to restaurants, too?


sorry for delayed response!

I have ultra power receivers due to my loss. I do not have domes. From what I understand, these are completely closed (look like it to me) with a very small vent. They are acrylic, not silicone.

In regards to the Rogers: the institution has helped me make this possible. However, the pens are going for about ~$130-150 a piece on eBay! The Roger X 03 receiver is also available on there. I carry the Rogers with me to and from home, so I could use these elsewhere if needed. Just ask the doctors I work with: I am not afraid to ask people to wear them. Honestly, most people’s response has been fascination and awe of the technology (WAIT! so you mean these are wireless to your hearing aids??!! :joy: )

It’s funny: these hearing aids are working brilliantly in almost all situations, but despite turning on sound shaper and a couple of adjustments by my audi, I cannot hear my wife reliably at home. she speaks softly. there really is no noise except for maybe the furnace being on blowing air through the ducts - but that is pretty quiet. Any thoughts?


Just stumbled upon your posts. I am wearing Linx 2 with embedded ultra power molds. I’m expecting Quatros shortly. I have been using multi and mini mics for many years and they regularly save my life. However, switching between mics with the remote for different people speaking is less than ideal .Many times it’s been better to have people at the table pass one mike around.The multiple Roger pen setup sounds great. I tried two when they first came out but back then I wasn’t a big wireless mic user. Is the directional pattern narrow enough to pick up just the person wearing wearing it? I don’t remember them switching automatically between people speaking. Correct me if I’m wrong.


4 Pens? I would prefer one Pen, one Select and one RemoteMic…


Regarding your wife. Two thoughts: one ultra simple, and one more complicated. 1) What happens if you increase your volume? 2) Take your wife with you to an audi appointment and create a special program for your wife. Perhaps you can do this yourself with the Quattros–I think they have the ability to create programs for special situations? Keep us posted. So glad this is working out for you.


@MDB you never said a truer word. Having good residual is s right royal pain in the ass when it comes to molds. I have awful occlusions, and need large vents. Therefore losing all benefits from both the mold and good residual.


That’s great for you, but not an operating room like my post says. It’s a pretty complicated environment - can’t just put anything anywhere. Sterile field. A select isn’t going to help because if there’s 8 people in the room (nurses, medical students, residents, attendings) and I only want to hear the attending and residents who are actually operating, the select doesn’t know that. The mic has to be on the person underneath their surgical gown before they scrub in. Also we have many operating rooms and the set up of each OR can be different based on what is being done. Clips don’t work well on scrubs, I tried. The lanyards on the pens are one of the best features (for me).


There are three modes, one where you can point the pen and pick up sound that way, another where you lay it on the table and it picks up everyone, and another where it is in lanyard mode which only picks up that person. I override the automatic setting which it normally automatically finds which mode to put it in- I put it in lanyard mode and it works beautifully. The pens know how to switch between each other automatically. Maybe this is a new feature to the Roger system since when you tried, but this is what makes the Rogers so much better than resound’s options. I have two multi mic’s and if I’m only wanting to hear one person they work amazing, but switching between the two for the long haul is not realistic for me (or safe in the OR if you think about it). I would recommend buying them on eBay and not through Phonak. Phonak charges an arm and a leg for these because, IMO, they know they are the best in this specific area (mic accessories).

Thank you!! I did create a new favorite for her and am trying it out. It’s not her normal. She’s expecting :grin:, and the morning sickness is more like all day sickness, and so she’s been whispering unintentionally and speaking more softly than normal because she’s very tired and feeling nauseous pretty much all the time :tired_face:. So it’s possible any hearing aid would have difficulty here.

I am starting to second guess myself on the Quattro’s based on just how many people are raving about the Marvels. I sort of wonder if I should try them out given my extensive use of the Roger system. That being said, I have an iPhone XS and while a fix is coming, Phonak does make me nervous there as steaming and phone use with my aids is very important to me. I downloaded the app on my phone to try out the Phonak option. I put it in demo mode. What a joke! You can’t adjust anything but the program and volume?! I LOVE that I have so much control on my resounds. Losing just how good these Quattro’s work with my iPhone and how much control I have in the app would be a major loss for me.


I wouldn’t second guess yourself. You’ve found something that’s actually working! (and in a complex enough situation that I wasn’t positive it would be possible) If you like control, I don’t think anything offers anything close to the Quattros. I think you’ve found/created a great solution.


Thanks @MDB! I’ve only had these for two weeks, so much more opportunity to test and fine tune. Maybe I’m getting the best of both worlds – ReSound’s control, connectivity, and great speech in noise and Phonak’s wireless mics! If I had to switch to Marvels, I think the only way I could do it would be to buy a Noahlink, get a hold of Target 6.0, and be able to change things as I want.

Will keep you guys updated!


I think, though, when speech is so critical, if you can afford it, that it is worth trying the Marvels and seeing if for your hearing loss and all the other factors you mention whether it’s worth switching. Otherwise you may have buyer’s remorse on the Quattro’s when reading all the great things people say about the Marvel’s. A buying/using decision is more than just speech-in-noise (as the Marvel buyers are finding out with certain iPhone models!!!). Besides the expense, you will be spending precious time (especially with a kid on the way! Congratulations! Life will never be the same, both in very good and somewaht bad ways!, i.e., maybe even less sleep than you already have!). But I think if I were in your shoes, I would try the Marvels to find which one works best for you since your use is a lot more mission-critical than just the better everyday hearing old geezers like me look forward to. Missing something occasionally and asking my wife (or someone else) to repeat occasionally is an option for me but not so much for you. Something better will always be coming along. But in my case the Quattro’s work beautifully fand I can afford to wait until something earth-shakingly better comes along. It’s like deciding when to upgrade your smartphone (for me). But maybe for you, it always pays to find the very, very best HA available and try the top contenders to make sure you’ve optimized your choice via first-hand experience with all that you and your audi(s) think worth a shot.